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  • Just a heads up that many of your walkthroughs have helped me out in the past :) . Thanks for putting them up :D
    Hello. You posted this guide for H-scenes for the game ハルウル "Haru-Uru The Whore Quest of Yuna"
    and it has been very helpful for me, however I have a problem with getting one CG. You have written in your guide that for the 1st CG in Page 4 of the Gallery/Recollection, to get the scene you need to "GoR by last boss" - I have intentionally lost to both that Demon Goat guy (the one Yuna must marry) and the Succubus at the very end, but all I got was a repeat of the scene with Yuna being so full of villagers' cum that she looked pregnant, which is the 6's CG on Page 3, the one that you described as "hscene before last boss".
    What I want to ask is, how to get this 1st CG on Page 4? Is it also for Virgin run, just like the second ending?
    Which part of the forenoon guide to Forget-Me-Not is event 7, the hypnotist?
    your avatar is from highschool DXD good serie
    i have whatched all 3 seasons from it.
    it could be that hongfire maybe is going down i dont know but loading pages not good sometimes err most off the time now its timeout's on loading the pages even yours which you worked very hard for
    hee dude i love how you placed those walktroughs and savegames but are you willing to rebuild them here on ULMF becausse hongfire i dont know i believe its not working properly very very long loading time's for random pages aswhell you pages also

    greet Locomotor79
    and maybe iff you let habisain help its faster done

    you wrote to the passage of this game 女 騎士 リ フ ィ ナ ~ 亡国 の 女 騎士 淫辱 旅 ~.
    But how to get this point.

    New japan, pub talk to man in lower right can go big temple
    town lower left talk to man can buy skill for rogue
    inside temple, entrance talk to miko
    when big temple has red autumnal leaves, insdie temple 1st choice has H, 3rd has fight, after fight miko join

    I miko sitting room on the left, not the leaves turn red and the door does not open
    hi etigoya
    i have a qstion can you send me the glayfloor 100% save plus Walktrough
    and i need some help it crashes even onder Jap Applocal the soundfile

    greetz Locomotor79
    p.s. email is [email protected]
    I did it ! Thanks !!!
    Thank you very much for your helpful advice.
    I'm the only friend he needs, muahahah ah ah... Not really but yeah... I think I was the only one who thought about sending him a friend request.. >_>
    Noticed your only friend is Starke. Sent you a friend request, if you only want Starke as a friend, I do not understand but I will respect your choice. I am not trying to be condescending, mean, evil or sarcastic x.x
    hey thanks for the help the other day but i dont know if u can do this but the game 種づけ孕ませ☆魔法少女~The_RPG~Ver2.11 i read your walkthrough but i just cant enter the mini boss lair and the saves you put up wont work with 2.11 when u have some time of course.
    You are a very nice person. Helping on so many questions about games and getting nothing in return. :)
    hi etigoya, did you by any chance still have english patch and walkthrough for lilim union?
    it seems hongfire already down :/
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