• Continuing my tradition of belatedly wishing you Happy Bday!
    Thanks RP! ^.^ *huggles*
    Oh yipes I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday! *hugs to make up for it*
    Moving conversation here to avoid clogging the thread. Don't worry about it, hard to be informative without sounding like a know-it-all, i understand. Can't really think of a nicer way you could have put that anyways XD
    Raptor, why did you change your name??

    Termite, no, can't say that it would, sorry >.<
    Hey, if I were to say Rappy Rapture would that mean anything to you?
    We must clear this depressing garbage from the messenger box. Gator is among us once again.

    (I'm Raptor Jesus. Name change.)
    Rest In peace. I didn't know you as well as many of the others here, but nevertheless I got to know a you that many others, probably, IRL did not. Good Bye
    You will be missed. Dearly.
    It's still very appreciated. Thank ye kindly.

    On the one hand I kinda doubt you read manga frequently or at all, but on the other hand i thought you might like this one. It's a story about bondage, nothing hard core but because of that it concentrates more on emotions and feelings about the people involved. Anyway give it a try for a chapter or two, could be fun.
    Hmm...3 months and 20 days older than not Happy B-Day
    Happy birthday!!!
    well it also depends what sort of character you enjoy playing. do you want to be a bit of a douche? a mighty hero?

    at the end of the day they asked you to be a paladin because all your abilities buff them. so how would you like to fight as well? its easy enough for me to dump my little character (and he is little, one reason kobolds are cool is there 2 and 1/2 feet tall) but i can help drum up something that is more you pretty easily as i have recent internalised all the books.

    as usual i lament the lack of 3.5 ed as you can do so many cool things. like the arseplomancer, who can hid in peoples arses and cast spells out of them or the ability to throw people into the sun.
    well this makes it harder to wraught, but i do have one conceptualy quite powerfull character. all that is fairly mundane but he has the coolest picture of any character ever:


    I present to you my kobold rogue, Mizer. he practicaly teleports around combat backstabbing everything.

    but regardless 4th ed doesn't really have any ways you can go wrong because everything is so samey, so whatever you choose otherwise is bound to be good.
    Nunu can offer Dnd advice, moreso if you dont mind play as a kobold.

    what version of Dnd are you playing 3.5 or 4th (if anyone is talking about at will, per encounter or daily powers its 4th)
    First, I'd like to say, good luck on your work project. And second, whenever you get back on here, any chance for a pit update someday? Pweeeeze?
    Yer welcome.
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