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  • vv So I'm guessing you forgot that vv
    Hahaha! You guys are so easy to troll - Toxic
    What the fuck is wrong with you?
    Yes, Lumi presumably did lock yon door. The bartender would tell Melissa which room they got.
    Naya hasn't really maintained a high profile since being released. That supposition, albeit somewhat thin, will suffice for a reason for her being there and looking for Naya, but I don't remember agreeing that Adom and Naya were bound by the same group. That's simple enough to agree on, I guess, but meh.
    From where did Melissa learn that Naya was imprisoned in Artmirst? The only person that actually knew that was Red, and as far as I know she didn't tell anyone.
    They aren't exclusive, no. A character could take both if they wanted to.

    Yes RE: Psyker. You don't need to include it in yon character creator.

    Also, I'm going to PM you something.
    Ahhh, yes. I consider that bit canon, as I think I discussed creating it with he quite a bit.

    Good catch RE: the Manifested Succubus Talents, will need to fix that. And yes, I should probably fix Companion recursion, even though no one has tried it yet.
    I vaguely recall something to that effect happening. Melissa could potentially go to the same place, yes. I might not be terribly consistent since that happened a long time ago, but there would be the same basic idea going on.
    They cleared about half of it. Perhaps a little more than that, but not more than about 70% of it.

    You can stack "Skill with Weapon" on the same weapon.
    Lets go with both parents for now. I need to rewrite the requirements a bit.
    They still work.
    I really should revisit that... Except that Haf just fixed it for me! :p

    Half-breeds don't have a "base race." The resulting race needs to meet the requirements.
    Halfbreeds can be wildhearted so long as they meet the requirements. Cordyrunes can't gain other templates, they're still technically plants underneath the fungus. Angels do count as faeries.
    It is not valid. Things can be Supernatural without being Corruptive. Corruptive is only inherited by pure-breeds, never by half-breeds.
    The character needs to start the game with enough Mutated instances to get 12 mutations. I didn't check xivvix' sheet to make sure, and I probably either shaved off the bit about needing to have so many Mutateds off in an attempt to save space, or I never put it there in the first place like a true derp. All Fallen Angels have Supernatural.
    If you've got the time, paste your old groupings into your last post. Will keep me from having to go and look it up.
    Hooooooooooost. Melissa post wheeeeen.
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