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  • Happy B day.
    flowercat havent log in after the new server change, so only ranger9k need to post at the maid thread. But if needed we can try to wait for flowercat
    Mads sleeps much, and the aim app on her kindle doesn't notify her.
    Heh. I've been shown that a few times. It reminds a lot of people of Sin. :P
    Ha. I did that after only a few attempts. Kind of felt silly shouting at my TV. But yeah, 10 hours ain't bad, I've probly put about... 3-4 into it so far. So another rental should be good.
    Good to know. Is it very long? Cause it's a seven day rental at Jumbo Video, and I think that should be long enough, especially for a shooter.
    \/ What he said!
    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Do I even want to know what that is?
    No. We just don't run in the same circles anymore.
    The one in front of me, between Meaghan and the cultists.
    Yeah, not so much. For some reason, I'm on a bit of a block for it. Did a bit of a lead in to it, just to post something for the game, but for the most part, if I'm out, just concentrate on the other three. No sense waiting on my smut, heh.
    In what point of said example would make the task of a Succubus (To collect semen) "implausible". And another fault is Succubi are not "Created" they are born like every other Demon, which ironically is why they are purposed for collecting semen.

    "I believe I'm right when I say the sun will rise in the east tomorrow" Lets use as a good example then shall we?
    Ignorant comment: "No it won't"
    Intelligent question: "Oh? How do you know?"

    Pretend members eh? So when you talk to "Pretend member" and you get a reply, you shoot her down. I see why I'm not that active on this site with people like you around. I have no desire for conflict, you however seem all to eager for your opinion to be right while declaring mine to be "Moronic".

    IF your looking for a reasonable conclusion to this debate, I shall be ready for it.
    Amusing, you truly wish to continue this? Very well. A fact by someone should always be followed by a question if your trying to be constructive, not a question followed by another question, that would defeat the point. But to give a statment like "THAT CAN'T BE SO" or "Not really. An actual true succubus wouldn't "ew" men." is as constructive as cancer, Your just going to cause problems.

    Since you wish me to be more direct, the Succubus is the living embodiment of lust and desire that's the way they were born and that's how they will always live. Now say for arguments sake a Lesbian Succubus was making love with another female being, say a man was watching and was pleasuring himself to said activity. The Succubus could quite easily collect that semen and store in, say a container and pass it on to an Incubus to impregnate a host thereby continuing the Demonhood. (Second part on its way)
    Oh? Is that why you instantly assumed what you believed was right? A sight of ignorance is a comment, a sign of intelligence is a question.
    Then do not waste my time with you pointless ignorant comments. If one makes such a comment, expect a return informing you of the fact. If you do not wish for them, do not pester.
    A True Succubus' job is to retrieve semen, how is up to her. Though her entire being is one of sexual pleasure. So theoretically, a lesbian Succubus could still collect semen indirectly.
    I don't have to buy any Stunts at character creation, right? Also, can I use Elemental Binding for my ritual magic?
    Peace on earth, pie for everyone and "All You Need Is Love" as a world anthem.
    Happy birthday.
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