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    [Complete - Partial] ハメゲー!-ゲームセンターのあのこ-

    also stuck at this, looks like you you need to get medal number 11 which i have no idea how to get
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    ACT [るしまる堂/rusimarudou] 魔界私立怪物学園 (RJ228681)

    she doesn't really get raped by the tentacle in the chobit video just gets restrained. i seriously doubt it's gonna be a R-18 game considering it's gonna be 600 yen, but oh well let's wish there is also a R-18 version.
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    RPG Ci-En Active [クリメニア | Clymenia] 蒸気都市の探偵少女 (Detective Girl of the Steam City)

    you need to have 75 of mind something in the stats, then just go to the brothel and talk to the woman you saved
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    ACT Shota [ダメージ床の上で ] アユラクライシス! / Ayura Crisis! (RJ228815)

    well, now it's really out
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    ACT Shota [ダメージ床の上で ] アユラクライシス! / Ayura Crisis! (RJ228815)

    so, it looks like english version is out edit: yep, my bad, still not out, but it will come soon
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    RPG [るしまる堂] ダンジョンオブエロチックマスター / Dungeon of Erotic Master (RJ209600)

    is there any h scene with the female npcs like the blacksmith or the elf lady on the labyrinth?
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    RPG Fantia Active [raredrop100] Dreameater

    there are also event for the other 2 outfits
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    RPG Fantia Active [raredrop100] Dreameater

    new dungeon in a crystal on the city
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    [るしまる堂 / rusimarudou] ゴブリンウォーカー/ Goblin Walker (RJ212641)

    btw, the author posted a "guide" image on where to find each girl
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    ACT JSK工房 Hgames Thread

    happens to me too
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    RPG Fantia Active [raredrop100] Dreameater

    looks like a new version is up
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    RPG [dorgel] KNIGHT SLAVE ~堕落の黒きワルキューレ~ (RJ176026)

    going through the game assets i only saw one pic i don't remember seeing and that is one with the main girl holding a baby with the words True End, so yeah, i think there's probably nothing new H wise. on the other hand can you confirm for me what that monster from the combat rape scene is?
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    RPG [dorgel] KNIGHT SLAVE ~堕落の黒きワルキューレ~ (RJ176026)

    so is there a point in doing that follow up story? i mean, i think it's basically the same assets for the scenes. btw does anyone know what monster am i missing of the combat rape scenes?
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    RPG RPG Maker [AVANTGARDE] バニーガールはくじけない / Bunny Girls Don't Give Up (RE213979, RJ213979)

    here you go