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  • Aw, I can't find you on steam. Guess that means I'll be trying to poke you through here!
    The idea was to allow for expansion in seperate directions, so we'd have space to house and organize whatever the game winds up adding in. You're right that i havent been on pretty much at all of late, ever since picking up that second job i havent had the time for any game with a grind to it. Go ahead and redecorate as you please, I appreciate you having the consideration to ask, thanks.
    The Shoutbox will be the death of us all :P ;)

    I might check it out, once the off season gets here and I'm not so bogged down with work.
    That sounds interesting. Did the old chat completely fail ever, btw? Seems like we all kinda just left it.
    The msn ids were merged into skype though, and using something like trillian, msn can stay alive, heh, and it connects in with skype too. I don't use actual skype though, as it tends to make a mess of my comp and lag the limited bandwith I have. I'll mess with the passthrough tomorrow maybe though.
    No chance on attempts? Technically you're making an attempt right now, ya know ;) :P

    The msn contact in my link still works, through trillian, and kinda through skype. Getting it to interface with skype is a bit tricky and off hand I don't exactly remember how to do it.
    *Sends a hug, because you may need it.* .w.
    Hey, I noticed you posted on the monster ideas thread, definitely go ahead and post whatever you'd like there, I'm very interested to see what other ideas are out there o3o I'm not really able to come up with many atm because I'm quite busy and quite tired, but I hope to update that thread with some more, soon!
    *Sends a birthday muffin with 25 magic candles somehow stuck to it, blazing away. O3O Happy birthing day!
    okie dokie. i'm kinda rolling in plat, so forma isn't really an issue. ran myself dry on materials though, so i figured i'd just keep as many projects open as possible, see what other people will donate before i buy more myself, heh.
    *nods* i been poking at it as well, figured it wouldn't matter if we got it done first. but if it's only days away, we may as well save loads on the costs, i figure. bought out credits and forma anyways, cause i have loads of one, and can get loads of the other XD
    Heard they were reducing construction costs for dojo items in the next update, so in the interest of saving i'm hoping about 200k resources, i restarted the build and dumped a chunk back into it. Not sure how much you contributed, but everyone but us aren't in very often, chances are teh costs will be changed before they can dump it back in, eh?
    You still interested in my new Minecraft server? If so, download the Technic launcher, select the Big Dig modpack, optionally change memory usage in the launcher options, and then once you've logged in use this IP to get onto the server;

    It'll most likely be on near enough all the time in the foreseeable future, though it'll probably be turned off once every six days to give my PC a rest for the night.
    Wasnt planning to, at least not right away. I‘ll take a proper look when i get home
    that pic is awesome, thanks. i actually recognize most of the rooms in there too, looks like my internal picture is going to fit just fine. probably wont have it in such a straight line, at least the pretty areas. they seem to have the same idea i had for starting construction, haha. gonna pop on now and derp around a bit. have a concert to go to in a few hours though, so i'll be on my phone here, if at all, the rest of the day.
    im a big fan of seperating into floors, instead of just wings. as a side effect, because of the way the map system works so far, the mess of reactors will also be off the main map, cleaning it up a bit. and bah, paint. grid paper, probably about 200 sheets of it, in a binder boxed up in my basement. i never throw anything out XD

    EDIT: Just checked, we're going to need at least one reactor on teh main floor, just to satisfy the energy needs. not enough to start a cross corridor off each end to start, so we have to finish the one we're working on first, i fear.
    I already figured on both of those, yup.

    I figured we put an elevator down, and do a floor consisting entirely of reactors, would be simple to use cross halls, reactors to either side, and another hall forward. seems like research could use another floor, or at least area, and the rest of the rooms likely only need one, unless we want to get into RP areas and such, as opposed to original room purposes. if ya like, I can plot out a sketched floorplan for approval, im pretty sure i have a solid map all in my head already that should include everything. Seems kind of sterile, but the reactor floor would be decent for private conversations, or simply forgotten about. I can spread them around as well, try to get a more organic feel to it, if ya like.

    I used to spend my spare time map and worldbuilding for DnD games, can ya tell? XD
    Life, the Universe, and Everything
    Heh, so predictable, though you didn't put yourself out first this time *egads!*
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