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  • No, I'm not going to have more NPC senshi. But other characters that are more related to her story at the beginning might be good. Think of the other thread as The Avengers and your thread as Spiderman. All existing in the same universe, but not meeting right off the bat.

    And noted on all the e stuff.
    Awesome. So yeah, figured I would just get into it with Hikari so I've given her her own thread. Was thinking of possibly keeping her apart from other PCs for a little bit, in order to establish her own crew of NPCs. Any preferences that you'd like to see with her, plot or ero wise?
    Any reference pics for Hikari?
    Heya. Feeling like getting back into our sailor moon game?
    Can you clarify how fetchlings come into existence in your setting? The SRD says they're humans who were trapped into the plane of shadows, but you mentioned something about being related to demons.
    *pounces on while you stalk Outerlands*
    Oh god. I'm torn between "Turning minecraft into an AVG is a bit excessive" and "The ULMF server absolutely must have this". Shame it doesn't seem to currently be multiplayer compatible, though.

    ..And also that, if the comments are to be believed, it's rather memory intensive.

    ...Actually, I just saw Game and Bertie Chap on a multiplayer map purportedly with the cute models installed, though I doubt they also had mod talker. The mobs themselves didn't show up in the first video though, so I don't know if it's working. Also, the lag potential is still a factor, and I've no idea if it's server or client side or what.
    At the very bottom of our volcano is a path leading to a reactor chamber. You should see a ladder on the wall near the door, it'll lead you to the ice generator. Just take down and put away the world anchor, and turn off the ice generator. There's a lever on the far side of the room roughly opposite the door to the ice generator room, that'll turn off the snowball generator.
    Bart and I may know of a reason why it could be laggy. We have a world anchor to keep our snow generator active. If you can somehow go in and remove that, that may stop some of the lag.
    Maaaiko... the seeerver... I'm getting shakes!
    Just wondering; Once the server is back up and if I create the items and then give them to you, would you be able to give me a quarry and two steam engines for use in the latest world? I want to start my own project but I want to do it in a world that's untouched, and without having to slog through several hours needless work.
    I've used wireless redstone, but only on the very original world, and I've not done anything with it recently.
    Hi. Yeah, sorry about the Bermuda triangle I've created. The lag strangely seems mostly localised to the actual location as far as I can tell, but the others have mentioned it affecting them whenever I visit the site. Didn't expect this.

    It's only the top layer of water that needs removing. The bottom two thirds is just space that the quarry has hollowed out. As far as I understand the issue its that large lower "flow area" that is causing the lag. Not certain, but think what else could cause it.

    We had intended to pump it all out, but it turns out that BC pumps don't co-operate well when used in large numbers and are taking far too long. Gravel/sand wouldn't work very well I think, simply due to the depth and size of the hole. But I think if I could get some sponges, then I could remove the problem with a little work. It would at least remove that lower flow zone whilst the pumps did their work. It is a 64 by 64 pit though, so I would need several stacks of sponge to do it best.
    Damn, I've got no real ideas either aside from filling it in with sand/gravel. Though Squid has put a cobble wall just above the sea, so perhaps you could use creative mode to use that as the edge to drop in a whole square of sand/gravel and then let Squid quarry it out.
    We've got a problem on the server; North of my place you'll find Squid's oil rig, and then a little north-west of that you'll find a quarry that's causing quite a bit of lag. Is there any way you can fix the water flow in it so it doesn't cause any problems? Also, diamond pipes are suffering from a rare glitch which, from what I've read, can only be sorted with a server restart.

    EDIT: The diamond pipe glitch seems to have gone, but the ocean problem may still cause lag issues in the future.
    *Turns into a raggedy orphan, holds up a dog-bowl with a scrap of paper saying 'minecraft server' on it*
    Oh, is that the issue. Okay then.



    Fucking hell, maiko, quit screwing around. It's up against the screen! I'm. poking. it. against. the. screen.!

    Not to pester, certainly given my own implausibly bad ability to stick to reasonable timeframes... but the last post in the Minecraft thread said you'd probably have the server up sometime last week. Did something happen?
    There is no need for overtly dramatic stuff. If you could manage to get a post per week going, the thread can carry on like normal. And hint Tass to NPC when you can't. I'd still prefer to go through this thing like normal, as the events here will serve as the character foundation for DG3 Tomoe. I'm not feeling too great about having to give up on this, but my patience is not endless
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