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  • I'm guessing that weaving the magic into a blast of flame rather than force was impossible?
    Mamono Assault Force
    Mamono Assault Force
    The source it's coming from is important. With skin contact, you'd burn yourself alive.
    GPU problems have been messing with my PC a lot, it's difficult enough to run the browser alone at times. The more shit is running, the less stable everything is.
    I'm not questioning the mechanics or IC reasoning. I am just saying my brain doesn't process it as sexy, regardless of the reasoning I try to apply, so I am not particularly inclined to roleplay it if I can avoid it. Doesn't seem particularly avoidable now, I'll admit.
    Just noticing a pattern with her when it comes to that. Personally I just don't get the appeal of it. Somehow, my brain just doesn't think of it as sexy.
    That adamant about that particular fetish, eh?
    And what I'd like to know is why I can only see your last post now and not before. Fucking Aika.
    Mamono Assault Force
    I don't have either of those, but I have had a little trouble finding you on Steam. lizard_man123 doesn't come up when I search for it. Mine is Bob The Arctic Wanderer

    As for DnD, I just feel like Eva is a fish out of water right now, and should be a little more passive with the group right now. She's starting to go with the flow much easier as she is around the group more often.
    Sounds good! Ill hit ya up if I need anything.
    Yo, RJ. I can understand items being removed from stash as a set, but with cash I imagine people would prefer to split it between party members. So your rule effectively forces someone to take everything then divide it anyway.
    I have a question!

    How much is known about Naznia's earlier fall? Heaven was obviously kept in the dark, but would there have been knowledge of that in Hell? I imagine there would be so she could gather what resources she needed for her research, but I want to make sure.
    Now that the morning shifts are over, I wont be dying any more! I feel like Ill be able to catch up.
    Also because of that I can do more back to back posts to catch up
    Yah I should be able to, as starting this week I'm not working mornings anymore and Ill be able to stay up like I use to. I'm most productive at night, also sorry about the delay.
    Happy birthday!
    Happy B day raccoon tamer. >:3
    ...Well, they're going to need better arguments than that down the line once Cynder starts getting impatient.
    So they basically intend to keep the female half on lockdown for the time being. Lovely.
    Alright, I'm a little confused. When Cynder asked if he can shift between bodies, the answer was first a no, then an implication that there's no interference with the link. So which is it?
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