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    Also whars mah UBW D:
    lol, well you certainly seem to be an expert on the series. I might check those out once i have some free time, yeah.
    oh? I actually read the manga in most cases, but this time i noticed from looking it up that the anime was made first, and usually the first made of the two is the better -- guess this is an exception. Although if they're both based off the visual novel, i suppose it makes sense that time wouldn't be the factor in which is better. Well, i guess i'll read the manga then, thanks for the tip (probably get to it sooner, too... always takes me forever to start if it's video as opposed to reading)

    and btw, thanks for the link, but i tend to prefer downloading, and then viewing with irfanview or a similar image program -- personal preference, just seems more convenient to me. if you're interested, this site is really good for manga downloads:
    To read Lunar Legend Tsukihime online, check out Mangafox.

    I thought the anime was alright, but if you really want to see what Tsukihime is truly like, you have to go check that out when you have time. ^_^

    Sending this to your inbox too just in case you don't get notifications about this reply.
    The anime is alright but the thing is, for the real true effect you've gotta either play the Tsukihime visual novel or read the Manga, which follows a very possible route of Tsukihime. The Naruverse (this setting anyway, which includes Fate/Stay Night, Kara no Kyoukai, and several other things) has a series of sciences and logics behind it (as much as a fantasy setting can anyway) that make things really wrap up and make sense. There is almost an infinite number of ways the anime has portrayed everything incorrectly about Tsukihime.

    I understand some releases of things alter things to suit a new audience. Which happens with the Manga, but feels very much like an alternate main route. But then there's the Tsukihime Anime which takes all the original plotline and throws it down wrong, as though the animators themselves had no idea what the hell Tsukihime was before they started working on the project.
    I'm totally downloading that anime now that your sig. picture has brought it to my attention. Looks pretty good.
    Heya! Check out my Mystic Eyes of Death Perception'ed album. If you understand what MEoDP is and want to see it thrown onto a picture of your choice, send it to me and I'll slap my template on it!
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