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  • Thanks. I found it on my own but I wasn't sure if that was it. Yea, I could fap to that. Though I'd prefer a bit more action. Not just a bunch of staring contests.

    Got a link to that? There's very little out there that doesn't make me go "yep, I can fap to that."

    Yeah, it does. Though not by that much. We need more Winx porn too. Honestly if every single image of Totally Spies and Winx Club was super high quality it wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately most of them are just kinda average. Or worse.
    ''not so much appealing as inspiration for pornographic content''
    It's hot babes in skin tight suits constantly getting captured by over the top villains. How is that not inspirational enough? You disappoint me, Internet. :mad: :p
    Yeah, I never got the love for Simpsons and Family Guy porn either. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
    I suppose we should be happy we get anything. But it is still depressing when you find out that a certain piece of fiction you really enjoy just doesn't have a lot of Rule 34.
    Rule 34 is always necessary. What's amazing and depressing is that there's so little TS Rule 34. It's not enough. It's never enough.
    Hahahah, damn that's fast :O

    I'm already better, so it's all good. Whenever I get sick I always do everything that's said to be good for healing. I'm sure most of it is superstition, but something seems to work as I get better relatively quickly, so I'll keep that up forevah. But man, 3 weeks is rough D:
    English jokes can loose a lot in translation too. Still, I would compare German jokes on same level as Japanese pun jokes in terms of how hard it is to translate them xD.
    >Implying I can deliver tofu at all.
    >"Sir, where is my tofu?"
    >"I ate it" - Drives away.
    >Best delivery ever.
    German humor is a serious business, not a laughing matter xD
    But, they do have a lot of great jokes and humor in general, it's just hard to get them if you don't know german language :/
    No, I am not German :P
    Because you remind me of him.
    I have no idea what jokes are O_O
    She reminds me of humping robot.
    Hush and go fap to this....
    freeko was banned :)
    To bad you don't know about the greatest anime. :P
    Whatever helps you feel better about it guy. I'm sure freeko thought the same way...
    Protect me? Why would I need protection? I've done nothing wrong, nor am I acting like the type of person that typically gets banned from ULMF.
    Guess who'll be banned either way?

    Here's a hint, it's not me.
    It's been done. :P
    If I'm correct you need to go under [User CP > Settings and Options > Edit Avatar]
    The only thing worth nothing is that it cannot be over 150 x 150 otherwise it flat out refuses to work, is a pretty simple way to scale an image down.
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