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  • belated happy birthday
    I thought about doing it that way, but it felt petty for some reason. Of course if you're suggesting it, it won't be petty anymore.
    I may have written it a bit obtusely but Erzsebet actually wanted Marie to follow her and observe from a distance. That's why she winked when she told you to look after Attila.
    Happy Birtday OAMP!!
    More or less, as I got no idea what happened to Avatar and noone seemed to want to use Ava's barebones chatroom for anything after the Shoutbox became a thing.
    Well if all else fails there's now Hope's chatroom, similar to Rachel's Chat so just like the old days '3'
    Wait, isn't MSN ded now? I am confuzzled :S

    Well ya know my Steam at any rate, but also running around on Skype too, using Gratuitous Lurking over there too
    So, no chance on any attempts at discussing things or talking elsewhere? Maybe via skype or something? Idunno :S

    *Buries in vieras either way though*
    Yeah, I'm still on AIM fairly often. More often than here. sinfuljackiewolf is my AIM tag, and I'll tell ye what I'm doing with the vampires and such. When I talk to Lucien and Dawn (the third writer) tomorrow, I'll let them know you want on board as well.
    Well some arcs can do a lot more universe building, and some can jump straight into the action. I'll have to share some things next time we can chat on a quicker basis, cause... I did some weird tweaks. For bizarre reasons... remember the space vampires we were talking about once? Well... yeah...
    Awesome. New setup of the way I write with Lucien allows for a lot more freedom in creativity too. The way we do it, is we set up a universe, then we each get to handle different story arcs within said universe. Kind of like how Marvel or something would work. I'll let him know yer interested in joining us, which would bring us up to four authors.
    Hey Ampersand. Lucien from HF, the guy I'm writing the erotic fantasy with, wants to do a sci-fi story as well, that's not so sexually focused. Was thinking of using our matriarchal society for it, and also wondering if you wanted in.
    Is there something wrong with your smiley's right eye? :p
    Amp, you're gonna give the lurkers a nosebleed.
    lol. What is an appropriate place to poke pray tell?
    That's rather amusing to be honest with you, they must be reading our minds again I swear everyone does it. If she ends up with an insane, Falstaff-like, Saxon oracle running around we might want to worry though.
    As long as it works out for you I see no problems with being a little OCD, or whatever it would technically be called.
    Your's don't sound that bad,compared to my brother who's more like malkavian insane without the blood or oracular insight. The divisible by 5 part might seem a little odd, if I didn't have this strange habit of trying to stop things on even numbers. It actually irks me that some of the prologues didn't end on an even number.
    Yeah it does sound slightly different from OCD, of course I'm no psychologist. My brother is OCD though, he does things like rearrange the shag at the end of my rugs and arrange my closet by size when he's visiting.
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