• Hey. Are you feeling up to taking up a DG thread? I have two ideas in mind. One is a feral, escape slave wild woman Oni and the other is trying to pick up Karen for DG4. If you dont think you can manage it though, I'll ask around of the other gms or members. Thanks in advance.
    Ok will keep looking then :)
    Would you be up for gming an egg thread for me possibly?
    Are you booked out on threads? If not would you care to gm for my h scientist in DG?
    Sorry these last few posts have been such a long wait for small posts, I just recently got Fallout 4 and it's been eating my time haha
    Heh, posting in freeko's thread... Maybe a little pointless.
    Gahhh now I need to finally finish Lucia's character sheet, and come up with stuff for Elizabeth...(shakes head in despair) oh well, I actually enjoy making them! In the meantime I will just kind of fudge their stats, which will probably work in your favor ;)
    I think once Sara hits her sixth mutation and gets warped I'm going to give her the lustful flaw too, at least for women. She's probably overdue for that honestly haha
    The plot thickens! :D
    How does yon WIP character have 18 Body from Talents when Exceptional gives 8 per instance? Gotta make them records clearer. Also, a human breeding with a part demon would only be another part demon, not a half-breed, as by the time the demon blood thins enough for the human genes to become dominant they've basically become fully human again.
    No problem man, that group does a lot of good pics I think.
    Ah my profile pic? I got it from here. > I call her Hazel.
    I did take a while to get a post out, I admit I haven't gotten quite back into regular posting yet. Though I think Shrike really might be dropping out at this point, but I can't confirm that yet as I've yet to contact her.
    Had to check its e for equipment
    What does the "+10e" mean in Chloe's Resistance stat?
    Yeah, I know, I know. Recovery of my ass is going well, but I've hit a slump I'm having a hard time pulling myself out of. I really, -really-, want to get back into posting but it just ain't coming for me.

    I'm sorry for the huge delay and grinding halt I'm causing here, but I too want to get things back on track. I just don't know when I can make it happen.
    Not even surprising anymore... sigh
    *throws knight thread at*
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