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    RPG RPG Maker NTR [聖騎士] セリス 探索型 / Knights of Messiah (RJ246166)

    Hope someone shares it, and time to play bug catching all over again~!
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    RPG RPG Maker NTR [聖騎士] セリス 探索型 / Knights of Messiah (RJ246166)

    Trail available, right here~
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    RPG RPG Maker [毛玉キューブ] 春孕ノ巫女リゼット (RJ238972)

    The author has posted a walkthrough to getting all the events, but they are not in sequence. If any kind souls could re-organize the flow of events, that would be great.
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    RPG [アンコクマリモカン / ankoku marimokan] 鉄刃少女ブレイザーRPG / Metal Edge Girl Blazer: RPG (RJ220443)

    Browsing through the gallery, there seems to be variation for her genitals that I can't seem to find. It's the one where her vagina have tattoo and a hook up her ass. Anyone know what's the event that lead to those?
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    RPG [ダイジョビ研究所] -堕ちモノRPG- 聖騎士ルヴィリアス / Phantom of Naco's magic and purity (RJ126642)

    Probably have to wait a little more for some kind souls to upload v1.02 Strangely, there are no request for v1.02 on the major chinese sites...
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    RPG [Osanagokoronokimini] ぼくのひみつの夏休み (RJ202893)

    Re: (Osanagokoronokimini) ぼくのひみつの夏休み I was hoping for more gameplay content due to his post that include the zombified/petrified/frozen sister :<
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    RPG [Osanagokoronokimini] ぼくのひみつの夏休み (RJ202893)

    Re: (Osanagokoronokimini) ぼくのひみつの夏休み Just skim through an azny site, it turns out that to unlock the other girls (Not shop lady, your aunt and her daughter), you have to play through the bug wars thingy. The fishing rod is only obtainable by defeating the first guy through the 2nd battle...
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    RPG RPG Maker Loli/Shota NTR [ダイニホケンシツ] ママショタ・キングダム (RJ193696)

    Re: [RJ193696] ママショタ・キングダム Sorry for necro-post, But, could someone post a detailed guide in regards to the two main path? (As in, either passing the exam and get locked out of beach events or fail and get beach events) A guide was posted on the artist dlsite blog, so if someone could...
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    RPG RPG Maker NTR [聖騎士] セリス 探索型 / Knights of Messiah (RJ246166)

    Re: Gyu!【聖騎士】セリス 探索型 /Destiny Fantasia When I read his messages on the AVs thingy, I seriously hope that one of those endings aren't similar to that of Mai's lol
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    RPG RPG Maker NTR [聖騎士] セリス 探索型 / Knights of Messiah (RJ246166)

    Re: Gyu!【聖騎士】セリス 探索型 /Destiny Fantasia Gyu updated his dlsite blog recently on the 20th. Based on my understanding of mandarin and their japanese kanji counterpart, I only kind of grasp that he had been receiving quite a number of mails from overseas gaijins, and that updates on the new...
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    RPG RPG Maker [ Doujin Circle Gyu!] [ 同人サークルGyu! ] Assassin Sara: The Chaos Reaper / アサシン【乱世の死神】サラ 探索型RPG ~宿命の姉妹~ RE119127 RJ119127

    Re: アサシン【乱世の死神】サラ 探索型RPG ~宿命の姉妹~ [RJ119127] I believe I am doing it right. On a side note, I wish Gyu's new game would come out asap... Edit: Oh damn, someone beat me to it. In any case, mine is from google drive, for those who can't use mega for some reason.
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    RPG RPG Maker [ サレンダーミルク ] 誰にでもできる村の復興計画 RJ179531

    Re: 誰にでもできる村の復興計画 I do hope this has no content that isn't allowed, yes?
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    RPG RPG Maker [ Ressentiment] [ ルさんちまん] Go!! Narukami Occult Club / 行け!! 鳴神学園オカルト研究部 RE168737 RJ168737

    Re: [RJ168737] Go!! Narukami School's Occult Research Department 行け!! 鳴神学園オカルト研究部 Squark, I have just PM'd you the previous 2 rpg game by this group. Whoever wants it, please try to bother him before coming to me for I am lazy as hell. Thanks >_>
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    RPG [ dieselmine ] [ ディーゼルマイン] The Counterwar of Queen Ilyss / 魔王イリスの逆襲 RE176175 RJ176175

    Re: 魔王イリスの逆襲 Has anyone tried using CE 6 and above to trying changing lewdness and the development values? I tried the same method someone provided in the zombie island thread, but it doesn't seems to work. Any ideas?
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    [Shoku] 少公女騎士みるく / Girl Knight MILK (RJ171384)

    Re: [Shoku]少公女騎士みるく It is a new dungeon that you unlocked after defeating the holy knight. You can access it by using the teleporter device in your inventory and choose the new location that appeared on the list. If I recall correctly, the choice should be the 3rd or 4th option.