• I know Discord and ponies when I see them. Applejack is the very best of them all!
    Pinkie Pie, you are so random!
    Merry Christmas! :D
    looks good so far
    Im here for a few hours
    Sure. If youd like, thatd be great. Ill just make it the same time frame as before. Two-three weeks, but Ill understand if shit comes up and you take longer. :)
    Okay. I was just wondering. :)
    How is the request coming?
    science girl is pretty much done now, just need to check all the noises are in order and to add the credits... and im all done
    5th March 2012: For the queens blade stuff I asked for I would like either Elina/Leina wincest or Clawdette/Elina/Leina wincest; or something with Risty and Melona or maybe a Funikura/Nyx tentacle smutting. For the Wincest, consensual would be preferred. Thanks in advance.

    Probably why I didnt remember. It was over a year ago. I this is what I think you are talking about... :p
    I dont even remember.
    Sounds like college life, I'm still living through that.
    I think your friend that was making that Unforbidden game got hi by a bus or something, no updates for a while.
    helo there... i can see u enjoy drawing, and im interested in giving u some tips or watever to help u get ur drawing better, don ask why, im just feeling random all of the sudden, and its free of charge of cuz,and no im not trying to show off,i kinda enjoy teaching as well and i know id hav to show some of my works first to you first, but i don really hav any now, so y don u giv me a topic and ill sketch a quickie and show u asap...
    Personally when I do DM rps I make shit up as a go along but I tend to be fair with the RPers. Though I do have a little pool of monsters I got in the back of my mind but thats a whole 'nother story.
    I got my own tastes. A CYOA sounds ok but its a hell of a lot of writing.
    Hmm..not really into lesbians or hermaphrodites, I think they're an abomination. What does CYOA stand for anyways?
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