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  • As it turns out, I can only put words to text boxes after 3 AM. So, instead of going to bed like I usually would, I finally finished that post. Sorry it took so bloody long and that it wasn't bigger or more impressive in recompense for the absurd lateness.

    Sorry about that. Every time I try to post in that thread, either something comes up or work has killed me that day. A chunk of it is already written out, I just need to bloody finish it.

    I can move Nelanorah over though, yeah.
    That's so fucking specific. Almost as if you made it yourself.
    Sweet. I'll give your updated swordfaun a look over and mull over some intro ideas in my head. I will probably poke you about it over the next few days.

    I'm not sure how light on smut you want to go but, despite what one might think reading Tamo's thread, my threads typically aren't smut-heavy, especially when I'm GMing, and I have no problem with toning that side of things down further. My interest in Nelanorah is mainly related to the chances her character background and information offers for development and inspiration derived from the very clear goal you set of getting revenge on the seven knights. Any lewdness will likely be a rare side thing or related to defeat (again, unless you'd prefer to avoid that too, which I will happily do).

    I don't know that my material ever necessarily qualifies as great, but I do try to offer depth and I always enjoy derping about RPs and developing ideas within those RPs with people, so hopefully I'll be able to provide a fun thread for you.
    Thinking back on our history, I'm actually really ashamed. When you first came into MGI, I gave you a severe lack of credit. I wrote you off and expected nothing great from you, even made you start your own thread.

    Now, looking at how much I enjoy reading your posts and how excited I am to post for you, I feel so bad for that.

    Sorry for doubting you, bro.
    *Peer pressures into saying yes to Hafnium intensely*
    No worries, I was mostly talking about an opportunity to make descriptions of glorious sword on sword porn from the GM side of things. I'd never get down on you for not being a HEMAnerd.

    If you don't want to play her or just aren't interested in me GMing her that's fine, I won't take any offense. Just thought I'd let you know that I liked the concept a lot and think I'd really enjoy GMing for her, and as such I'm willing if you ever decide you want to get a GM for her. If you do decide that you want to give her a spin in some RPing though then my offer will remain open.
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I am totally interested in GMing for your swordfaun if you're interested in actually playing her and are down with my general GMing style. Delicious, delicious combination of faun, swordporn, and martial arts self improvement journey.
    Someone stole Ryu away and is keeping him from making posts.

    Also physics
    Hrm. Alrighty, I'm trying to remember whether or not I said they had hearts.
    Did you and I ever have a conversation about alraune having heartbeats?
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