• The knight called for the stalkers that were hiding in to bushes to grab Irena and leave. Two stalkers are currently lifting up the woman in the red dress from among the demons and carrying her off, though only Lily and Laena have seen it. You do the math.
    The boss didn't win no matter what, the dice just decided that she didn't get hit this round. I didn't fudge any of the rolls, Lily was 3 away from hitting her which would have essentially ended the fight. She's a demon knight enhancing herself with magic, so she's not going to be a pushover.
    You didn't make the change to your sheet that I told you about, so you won't be getting any bonuses during this combat that you might have gotten otherwise if you'd chosen your other Aptitude. For future reference in case you didn't understand it the first time: Harmful Spirit should be in a section labeled "Aptitudes" located over "Powers." In the Talent section, replace Harmful Spirit with this; Skilled Wielder: The character gains a Wielder Aptitude and increases their Spirit Ceiling by 2.
    And make the necessary change to Garrett's sheet for that, including picking one other Aptitude from this post.
    There are a ton of attacks in DnD that you can't declare as nonlethal, all damage dealing spells that don't explicitly deal nonlethal damage being one of them. Holy Fire can be fluffed as nonlethal.
    That's what I figured. Also, I should note that demonic lightning isn't exactly viable as a nonlethal attack.
    Okori didn't come out of a door, she was standing there waiting for the group. Just something to note.
    Mkay. That means you get a total of 2 Aptitudes, so you get to pick another in addition to keeping Harmful Spirit.
    More accurately, you're replacing the Talent slot that was once used up by Harmful Spirit with something else, and may either keep Harmful Spirit or pick something else from the list of Aptitudes, which is near the bottom of the character creation thread, in the same post that has Succubus Powers. You may use the freed Talent slot to take the Talent that grants another Aptitude as well, if you want.
    You should add Garrett's Aptitudes, which are a new mechanics developed for Spirit Wielders. You get 1 of them for free, and Harmful Spirit was turned into one of them rather than a Talent, so in your list of Talents you should switch that to something else.
    No problem. Ill try to update over the next couple of weeks, if im longer then that just just poke/pinch/slap me over visitor message or PM. ^__^
    He had updated your thread, but you hadn't responded to it so I put it into the archive. I'll put that back then.
    I didn't see the need to reply to their conversation, thought I'd just recap her thoughts on it after the next Tass post. She doesn't have anything to add.

    In case you missed it, Lily just explicitly told Garrett that she's NOT royalty.
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