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  • Wouldn't be the first time I had to do that either :)
    Hey, working on your Mermaid post, but waiting on clarification on something from Tass. I'll get it up tomorrow night if I reasonably can.
    I'm fairly certain 'no heavy rape' means you don't want Ryona based on the rest of the sentence that followed. Did you mean anything else by that? By default, any rapey enemy belonging to a group that takes prisoners will capture Jade as well for the purposes of gang-banging and such. It's not truly clear what 'heavy rape' means due to what I consider heavy (fucked by a Nightmare Lord horse cock and cum inflated while being injected with lust drugs) and what a more dainty person would consider heavy (regular everyday bdsm rape with one human).

    Such a scenario would include implications of (temporary) enslavement at worst. Best you make that clear now before it's too late and Jade is locked into a pillory for public use.
    Works for me.
    Latexar the Bondage decepticon! or Stuffles the Filler~! Of what you don't know properly yet!
    You have survived the BEEHIVE OF JUSTICE!!! Next problem.
    MOAR GEOGRAPHY! Also, Lucky's luck is godawful >.>
    well, it's kind of hard given the difference in our posting speeds, and given that both characters are doing something else, Joey getting chairfucked, and Qara gathering shrooms for a wild party in the woods.
    working on Geography post. Work keeps me busy during the week.
    Yes... Yes~! My dark plan comes to fruition soon... SOON THE WORLD SHALL KNOW MY LEAFY GREEN JUSTICE!
    I have no idea how Joey is going to be impregnated at this point, but Cayla is in for a ride unlike any magic chair she's ever had >.> Be forewarned, any seeds Cayla bears, and there will be PLENTY, will be Alraune, Only Joey can produce shorns.
    Alright, just the description pointed in that direction. Thank you for the notice.
    lol, also, O crap XD You drugged Joey didn't you.
    Been quiet for awhile... Am I screwed? XD
    And it's right next to the brewing stills, and she has no customers, and her last statement sounded very very "Something something darkside" hahahaha
    I think if Joey really tried to break the Chair sturm, the Chair would be broked. She's not fighting, because she trusts Cayla. Just startled her is all. Also... why do I get the feeling Cayla is evil...
    Just a quick clarification: is the elemental carrying the one in the doorway back to the room, or the one Amber hit with a paralysis spell halfway down the hall?

    Edit: Actually, it doesn't terribly matter. Assume the elemental followed your orders correctly.
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