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  • Oi. We're waiting on you to frag the building in AtV.
    Ruri's the new Medic who Emily will quietly be blowing in the mess while no one's looking.
    Emily and Ruri are going to have sex. I'd be more aloof about it, but I already can see it happening.

    Also, Occam's right. I've tried to get your attention in the shoutbox a few times.
    You should try the shoutbox at the bottom of the homepage. It's good stuff, good chat.
    Hah, I wasn't expecting her to be shoved THAT much by Nanako... but I promise she'll survive.
    Aye. But we'll manage.
    Honestly? Very cool. and adding in the little MP3 sound effect for him sharpening the blade was.........Brilliance, to say the least.
    So yeah. Across the Void has started.
    Eh. The reason we use the lighter version is it uses the same ammo as all the other guns most soldiers use, so if one guy's low on ammo, someone with spare ammo can pass him an extra mag.
    Eh. Just dropping this by, you're only allowed one primary weapon. So take a pick between your M249* or your M16. M16's gonna give you accuracy and range, while M248 is gonna give you power.

    *I say M249 because the M240 is generally a mounted machinegun, and is actually incredibly hard to fire without first setting up, while the M249 is designed to be carried and fired on the go by a single infantryman. Not trying to infringe on your creativity, just saying it'd be hard for a regular human being to lug a 240 around and fire it without first setting it down on a bi-pod.
    Look at the sheets.

    There's two choices: Conscripts or Soldiers, and a brief explanation of both. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.
    No. Just taking a lot of time to make.

    I uh... may have jumped the gun with character creation.>.>;
    You're so lucky.

    If you had just described emily getting in the shower, there would have been a slime battle.
    I enjoy the clusterfuck comment. XD
    That works for me! I don't mind if you guys roleplay; I actually love seeing what you come up with.
    For your first question: I try to run open ended games. So if there's something you want to do, let me know, and I'll reply if it's possible or not and what stats it will use. However, with what I just rolled... Emily may not be around for the next turn.

    For your second question: No. Orange is Asari specific, mostly for storyline purposes.
    *highfives for being awesome and replying*

    ...I also asked because, even if you're out of EP, I like to see responses to current situations.>.>
    Anything you want to say in The Colony as Emily? It won't take up any EP (since you have none)... but I figured she may have a response to Azog before I post as him attacking.
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