• Sorry for the delay Tenta. I do not think I can handle more threads at this time, and sadly I do not plan to run for DG4. I do hope you find someone to GM for Karen, she is a BA
    No, I mean, you can't have more than one background. Nevermind the template, that was a mistype.
    You only get one backstory/template.
    No, no clue, poked an admin?
    Funny than a bunnygirl got a bunnytail buttplug, so she cant remove it and must go on?
    does Gyges got a coruption for her defeat? she is free of the slime parasite without any change?
    Hey Tenta Im not familar with the EGG system and at the moment I have a hard enough time keeping my threads I have going. Sorry
    I like the idea, it will be fun see how many dungeons she will meet before get to escape
    Picture not working for me -.-
    Waiting on something to arrive in mail. My current laptop is dying on me. Soundcard is breaking, screen is going. So yea next week monday.
    This is straying a bit far from initial idea. Are you okay with this?

    Also, woo, OC's.
    The male one
    1 is okayish, but seems more aimed at being a subbie and romantic.
    2 is bestish. Cherry boy, might want to mix with 3, if fine with incest.
    3 is err, hard. Can you do the whole light yagami thing?

    Female Ones
    1 - Requires me to have indepth knowledge of all series, something I'm being lazy about.
    2- Just needs to hard pressure environments. Unsure about myself.
    3 - Ditto like 1. Sub sub with tons of domination on horizon.
    4 - Ditto like 1. Except more of a switch btwn sub and dom.

    I rather do all OCs that way no expectations of how characters should act. Allows me to use the setting easy but prolly still need to actually reasearch it instead of half-assing.
    Scratching my head in trying to figure out which one works best.

    Male would be a whole copy and paste of anime stuff.
    Female would be a whole copy and paste of prequel anime stuff.
    I have been lazy in regards to reading up on the Egg System. Not so much on reading those links for Bibble Black, Discipline, and the others.
    yes. Just been lazy + playing video games. GoW4 just finished the campaign with friend and now going to do social lifes.
    Alright. Will take some time.

    I dunno, I just don't have any idea what I'd do with a character like that.
    Sorry, not really up for any threads right now.
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