• I'd like to wish you a happy birthday. Yaeey. -Lazily huzzahs and blasts a party-popper. Which sets itself on fire. For some reason. And rolls a muffin with 27 candles stuck to it towards you.- Have a wonderful birthday, hopefully, or a lazy one. Ether-or. =3
    ( Since I'm failing to communicate effectively via the shout box... xD )

    It's basically an H-game roguelike kinda thing. Made in RPG-Maker (which initially made me overlook it) but heavily focused on direct gameplay rather than reels of moonrune dialogue/plot. You play a warrior holy maiden of sorts, on a mission to purify some dark force that's fallen over a land. Procedurally generated regions between safe houses, and some really nicely done combat. The game is fairly simplistic on the visual/audio side of H content, but I find it makes up for that greatly via the gameplay driven context. (Eg: Desperately trying to crawl back to safety after foolishly equipping a cursed ranged weapon, for which I had no ammo and now can't unequip. Bad/good times followed.)

    It's got a rudimentary English translation built into the game (you just rename a file), which translates all the most important stuff enough to play. According to my save file, I've put somewhere around 50 hours into the game.
    Well that's good.
    Alright. I hope this works out for you.
    Yeah sorry about that. My life is pretty hectic.

    I've been well though you?
    Oh hey. Sorry been a while.
    Happy birthday!
    Lemme know how it goes, eh? ;)
    Nah, leave it as a surprise, some pleasant news is sure to lift everyone's spirits, save the moment for game ;)
    Hmm. Well, maybe tass could run that for us before game, so we could pop in when/if we're needed. He can manage most days around this time, if you see him on, give him a poke. I'm busy for the rest of today, but available the rest oif the week.
    It may have been a simple personality, but I still liked it, darnit. He was a good person, I have trouble finding those in DnD games. XD

    Speaking of, Tass should be splitting the party into good/bad games soon. Isi is on her own until then, would be a good time to sort you back in, she could find him and bring him back, that would work, yep.
    Why would we do that? Xavier was fun!
    Isidien misses you! *squawk!* (Airmail)
    Hey... Few bits of info. Wedding got pushed back again and my msn account got hacked and shut down so I had to make a new one.
    Oh right sorry
    magic rules have been updated with the initial permanent enchantments.
    I'll do it now
    Actually this time it was merely forgetfulness/laziness.
    whole thing.
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