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  • No worries, thanks for the heads up :)
    Sent, also my bad, my id was lizard_man123, but my nick is Commander $exy
    Lemme know if you do AIM/Trillian, since I need to add you as well before we can speak to one another.

    Also, issues posting for DnD? Don't be afraid to take charge, most players are pretty passive.
    Yo, if you ever wanna reach me immediately for questions and what not, hit me up on one of these.

    Steam: lizard_man123
    Trillian: lizardman123
    AIM: vincentcmatroni
    Discord (Web browser version if none of these apply to you):
    Hahaha, don't worry about me too much, I was more worried about you feeling left behind.
    Yo, don't mean to be too much of a drag, but will you be able to keep up with the DnD thread once you link up with the main group? I'm worried you might feel left behind if you come back to post a few days later and a lot has happened.
    Sorry about the super long delay, like I said in your DG thread, Payday 2 released 5 million copies for free and I've been jamming on that hardcore with my online buddies and playing with the dlc pack.
    You should probably put qoutes around your character's speech. When you forget to color it, it takes me a moment to register that "she's talking", not thinking.
    I'm finally done with finals! God, so many details go into a 33 page paper :P but I'm finally done with it!
    Mmkay. No real rush.
    Just kindly reminding you that it's your turn in Mal'Umbra's Inner Sanctum.
    Coolio. Just a biit of warning though, I did something similar, but with less escaping and more arena fighting, in Tass' Great Hunt thread. It's liable to take a while, since breaking out won't be easy, as those involved don't make it so.
    Also, I kept meaning to ask you but kept procrastinating because I don't have you on IM. The choice is yours how your enslavement goes, since I kinda want this to be tailored to your enjoyment. Have you ever played/seen the Escapists?

    It's a game where you spend a lot of time and effort into breaking out of prison. I got a bit of enjoyment out of it, and I was about to use it as inspiration for Rebecca breaking out of enslavement. The idea is that she uses tools and such given to her to attempt a break out in a multitude of ways. So it's a multi-directional puzzle, you could say.

    Does that sound enjoyable? Of course, the longer time spent without escaping means more attempts at breaking her will :P. Otherwise, I can have the enslavement process be a one-off and then escape happens either because she gets saved or whatever she tries works right away. All up to how you like it. Since opinions can differ greatly, and I want to play it safe.
    Aaah I see. I was thinking the whole while that overclocking your Spirit Cieling accidentally ruined your mood :P
    *poke* Lizzy's up in the Mal'Umbra's inner sanctum thread.
    *pokes with tentacles and things* :v
    Le gasp. D:
    And phew! Glad to hear it.
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