• Hay your tentacle thread has tragically fallen! :(
    Anyway to reup or fix the files?
    The Anime being a poor representation of the source material doesn't particularly help either(they tried to force the plot of the 4th game into a single episode if I recall correctly. And alot of details were left out in general.)

    I don't think the Art being terrible is a viable excuse though, because even Higurashi by the same creator is far more popular. Yes the art still is kinda mediocre there in the VN itself, but most of it's popularity was gained through it's anime.
    Interesting find, especially since I don't seem to see too much stuff on Umineko in general.
    I kinda went back to lurking like a zombie, I'm still around, just not posting too much.
    I'm confused...
    What's Ergo Proxy? Is it a type of waffle?
    Hey! Just thought I'd let you know I have your old avatar in my "Cutesy, Silly, and Sexy" album in case you're wanting it.
    Hey is everything alright after scanning? You didnt get a virus I hope?
    @@ It's actually been quite a while since I've played the first four episodes, but I still remember the endings of each of them. I would talk about ep 4, but it's just one of those things that's hard to talk about without accidentally spoiling anything,
    hey man you still have links to breed station? I would really appreciate it if you could share it with me. Thanks in advance!
    Ahh, that explains [email protected]@ Oh well, I can only just continue to wait, I still have a few other VNs to finish anyways before they finish translating ep 8.
    Huh, I've been following Witch Hunt for the translation. I already knew something obviously wasn't right when they started translating some time earlier this year and they still haven't finished.
    Speaking of the Tales games, I've only played Symphonia so far, I don't got a wii so I can't bother with the sequel to it.

    and they're technically still not done translating Ep 8. They finished the First Part of it but they're not done with the 2nd Part. I'm not touching it until the translation's fully completed.
    Nope, it's just Furudo Erika from Umineko. That, and I'm pretty sure the character you were thinking about was blonde, I'm not sure since I haven't played Vesperia.
    Hey, got it to work! Thanks a bunch and be my friend! I thought the scenes were good, but was kind've disappointed that there was no 'game' component to it. Oh well.
    I just kind of felt like changing it, for some reason, it's kind of a bad habit I have, changing avys alot. I'll go look for another pic of Belphegor to change to instead, if I can find a decent one, otherwise I'll just change back to my old one.
    Glad you do.
    That I did, the general shoutbox consensus is that I'm the lion from Narnia.
    Legend of Lynn

    And my more popular... Candyland CYOA
    It's a "Choose Your Own Adventure " story. There's an entire section of them on the forum. Basically, one person types out a part of a story, and then gives the readers a list of options as to where the story goes next. Then the writer continues the story based on popular vote. I am currently doing two of them at the same time, but one of them no-one is voting in...
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