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    JSK工房 Hgames Translation Thread

    Just wanted to pop in here and say thank you for all the translation efforts going on! Just grabbed Miyui and plan to enjoy the hell out of it! Edit: Just wanted to say, loved Miyui, thanks so much for the tanslation.
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    [WIP - Full] Virgin's Protection Magic Translation (v 0.82 released 23/07/2017)

    This isn't a hugbox. There are SO many examples, here on ULMF of projects dropped and entire translator teams that have decided to never translate again because of self-entitled brats like you. Look at what happened with Young Wife Souffle. I haven't seen Lonerprime pick up ANYTHING since, and...
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    RPG RPG Maker [とらいあんぐる] くノ一椿 / Kunoichi Tsubaki (RJ221304)

    I just got this game from DLSite today, and it is fixed in my version. For anyone who hasn't figured it out, the sparkles on the ground in the 3rd dungeon, requires you to have the Monkey-Jump'n Kunai equipped and THEN jump the gap. I'm pretty sure the Kunoichi Bought and Sold is from...
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    [WIP - Full] Virgin's Protection Magic Translation (v 0.82 released 23/07/2017)

    Dude, you keep being you. Personally, I love it, and I can't wait to see how this turns out. Even better, I can't wait to see what you do next. Thank you again for all your hardwork!
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    [WIP - Full] [RJ210220] Young Wife Souffle| 若妻スフレ (NTR)

    Not necessarily. Lonerprime is working on cleaning up the final translation, and there is a released version of the final translation that isn't cleaned up. It has typos and some bugs, but is fully playable and translated. Hopefully Lonerprime will give an update soon, but honestly, this whole...
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    [WIP - Full] Virgin's Protection Magic Translation (v 0.82 released 23/07/2017)

    I wouldn't say that "I'm cumming" is completely unheard of in English. While fairly uncommon I suppose, I've been with someone who pretty much just repeated that over and over and over. That said, it was kinda obnoxious, so I'm definitely not going to complain if you change it. I also wouldn't...
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    ACT JSK工房 Hgames Thread

    Anyone able/willing to apply the partial/unc to the updated Irina/Irene, and/or the partial/Unc to the updated Reimi? I wish I knew how to edit swf files. Edit: Nevermind, I guess the unc was easy enough to figure out, but I can't figure out how to move over the partials for either of these. I...
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    RPG [SUGAR STAR] Mega Milk Story (Steam) I thought Steam wasn't doing this anymore. That they had clearly and definitively stated they were not censoring games or game creators... Is there some other issue going on, or is this push back because of game...
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    [Complete - Full] [RJ218349] Banquet of Sadism ACT

    ROFL... This made me laugh because I did the exact same thing!
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    [Complete - Full] RJ204640 - Magical Girl Sarah

    Thank you, looks interesting, and is definitely an interesting concept.
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    [WIP - Full] Virgin's Protection Magic Translation (v 0.82 released 23/07/2017)

    Lol, let me start with I love the spoiler! More to the real point though, thank you again for your hard work. This font selection process is exactly why I'll never complain about how long you are taking, because you aren't merely translating. You are doing everything you can to bring a game you...
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    [WIP - Full] Virgin's Protection Magic Translation (v 0.82 released 23/07/2017)

    Uncial Antiqua, Astloch (Bold) - These 2 are my vote. I really like the UnifrakturMaguntia, but it is really hard to understand, especially if English isn't your native language.
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    [Complete - Full] Exile of Summoning Princess Pristella

    Late on answering this, but I usually wait for the complete translation. I don't like to get to the middle of the story then have to wait.
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    [Complete - Full] RJ165659 - Naedoko Demon's Ground v1.1

    I'm not quite done yet, but for the life of me, I can't find the Floating Stone Jar, and it is the last one I need... I must have missed it. Anyone remember where it is? I just need a general area Edit: Nevermind, figured it out... that was annoying. For anyone else who wants to know, Hint...
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    [WIP - Full] [RJ210220] Young Wife Souffle| 若妻スフレ (NTR)

    This is so great, I was hoping this would get picked up and translated, I'm so glad it did, and so quickly too! Between this, Fallen, Naedoko's Demon's Grounds, and The Spirit Master of Retarnia... I've got a full plate and it's wonderful! Actually makes me glad that Habisain is taking a while...