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  • Nooo! Maria's lost in limbo!
    Indeed, although after I'm done with Tass and Tent's threads and maybe yours if you ever finish I'll probably let it drop. Got other stuff to occupy my time, now.
    Your character already had her in a submission hold.
    Clarification: Yes, there is an open slot. Just post your character sheet along with a brief introduction.
    I think so. If there aren't three posts in the thread right now, you're free to claim one of them.
    Hey, how about some clarification on the extent of the Alterations? I'm assuming that most of Maria's limbs are cybernetic as well as her back and the plating that frames the edges of her face. I'm also assuming there's some kind of armor they can wear to protect the bits that haven't been converted as well as a helmet, but what about the other details, like hair? And what about her ass? Normally I'd think it would be converted at least partially to attain maximum effectiveness, but Maria's ass is a galactic treasure. It cannot be touched!
    I don't know. I think I figured out how to continue, the key is "less is more." I'm not too keen on having Maria go all alien on Alyssa, but she will be pinned and flipped onto her back. If there's anything else you'd like to add then go right ahead. Hopefully I'll be able to finish tonight once I have time to sit down and write.
    I'd imagine they'd dream just like anyone else. Although if she were to have bad dreams constantly, that'd likely require another specialist in dream magic to investigate the cause. (Most likely another Nightmare)
    It usually takes me a while to set up a thread, unless the character sheet pretty much sets it up for me. As well, improvements are always welcome. And suggestions for what you'd like to have happen are welcome as well. Not necessary, but I'm not going to refuse such things in any case.
    Popping in to let you know that I'm having a hell of a time trying to write up a response the way I want to. I keep getting hung up on the beginning, but after I get past that I should be set. May take a little longer, though.
    With no future plans for the two, I suppose a quiet little visit to a plain ol' village would be best... It may help you get an understanding of the universe, as you said.

    Although, the hunters mentioned in the backstory, don't have them remembered as basic humans in hunter's cloth, or poachers dressed in leather, since such things would hardly exist, due to the immense monster population, and small human population in comparison.

    If you've read of them in any of the threads, then you'd know that pretty much the only 'hunters' in MGI are, in fact, the Magi, who act as a sort of 'resistance' to the monster girl's natural domination over humankind.
    Sometimes it's good to discuss character ideas, before tossing them out there...

    Just reading the character sheets, I can't tell what you might want from the game. Such as things like the story, the amount of sex/kind of sex, etc. And, for players who don't have a firm understanding of the RP's lore, when they make their characters, they can make mistakes on things such as mistaking the fact that Monster Girl Island does not take place over the entire globe of the world, therefor, monster girls don't exist anywhere outside of the island.

    Discuss with me on the matter, would ya kindly? :3
    While I'm here I might as well warn you that I may be a little too busy for the rest of the week to post here.
    Re: Pace
    The way I see it you're setting up the scenario and the challenges, and it's my job to react as best I can while in character. You can set whatever pace you want.
    You could always ask Kathy or LH or maybe even Phoenix what they thought of the layout, but I'm pretty sure the high Tech didn't help any.

    As for Zaphron, Maria went through hell there, and she's not gonna let him go with a simple shot to the head.
    Hehe. I guess you weren't counting on a techie pushing their way through to the end, but it should make the last encounter interesting.

    And if Maria does make it through I'll happily throw her at the sequel.
    Heh. I thought the Doctor was going to be a miniboss, actually, and that Maria would get cyber-tentacled into submission.

    And I shall post...sometime tomorrow. (later today?)
    She can use it. She just can't use it in direct sunlight, or if someone has a light spell right next to her or something like that.
    You can only bring up one per turn. You can use extra energy to make a summoned tentacle more powerful though,
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