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    [Full Game] [SUGAR STAR] Mega Milk Story [On Sale on Steam Aug 3]

    You could do what JAST does and have a "unofficial fan" patch to restore the missing scenes back.
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    [RPG Maker] [RJ195774] (Acerola) トレジャーハンタークレア~精液を集める冒険家~

    Re: [RJ195774] (Acerola) トレジャーハンタークレア~精液を集める冒険家~ What did you do to get it work? I can't stop the sentences form repeating or it saying the location of the game.
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    [RPG Maker] Princess Knight Alicia of the Ruined Kingdom (RJ155713)

    Re: Princess Knight Alicia of the Ruined Kingdom (RJ155713) When I talk to the the women passed out in the first town I get a black screen but can use the menu anyway to fix this?