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  1. Fmokou

    Labyrinth sluts (Plmnko/Aust_Nailo/ Ranger9000)

    You barely know the other to, but you know that you've got one thing in common, being captured for various reasons by slave traders and sold as cheap slaves. The slave master deemed you unfit for training and sold you as working slaves, the woman who bought you was madam Maika, a woman that...
  2. Fmokou

    Red Snow (Shortbus) GMed by Fmokou

    After the skirmishes with the elves stopped, Tilda's life turned incredibly dull. Day after day, Tilda spend her time teaching both elven and human recruits how to fight, and thanks to Tilda's lithe body, at least lithe for Laugar, she was the perfect candidate to teach the elves how to fight...
  3. Fmokou

    Demonic Desires (theguy09) GMed by Fmokou

    After enduring a life of suffering and enslavement, Makayla was finally able to enjoy her freedom to the fullest. Although there were many hardships along the way, Makayla could easily remember the hardships she went through from the past, and convince herself it wasn’t all that bad. Makayla...