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  1. BluBird

    RPG RPG Maker NTR [AVANTGARDE] 爆乳エルフ嫁と早漏くん ~催眠寝取られ盗み見録~ (RJ248754)

    here is just JS folder, then everything minus img, movie, and audio.
  2. BluBird

    RPG WolfRPG Loli [Hige to Deko] キリエの異界漂流記 /Kirie's Isekai Castaway Tale (RJ228212)

    If that happened during teacher NTR part, I hope you got a separate save from before the whole thing happened. That particular section only lead to game over. I screwed up and accidentally save the wrong files
  3. BluBird

    RPG Patreon Active RPG Maker Guro [Newface] Evil Goddess (堕邪女神)

    still waiting for password here. I guess he went to sleep or something. edit. got the password!
  4. BluBird

    RPG RPG Maker [クリアマナ・プラム] お嬢様の未来のために RJ189188

    Re: RJ189188- お嬢様の未来のために here mediafire(dot)com/file/9orhbmcvwslgg1h/%5BRJ189188%5Dsave.rar can't post link yet. Orz
  5. BluBird

    RPG RPG Maker [クリアマナ・プラム] お嬢様の未来のために RJ189188

    Re: RJ189188- お嬢様の未来のために Might missed something but I will try to list everything important. the story Your ojou-sama got kick from the house by her own father. You are trying to let her live a good life by gather enough money to enroll her in magic school locate in this town. You need to...
  6. BluBird

    ADV [ touhou-marupon-dou] [当方丸宝堂] Kobold's Knight of Livestock / コボルドの家畜騎士 RE188985 RJ188985

    Re: [当方丸宝堂] コボルドの家畜騎士 it's mention that she got disposed 10 years ago when you are about to enter red hair prison room. ( she already broken when our main character is at 2nd stage)
  7. BluBird

    [Complete - Full] Cool JK Crisis

    Re: Cool JK Crisis thank you for the translation !
  8. BluBird

    ADV RPG Maker [ Machinery] マシーナリー City Prison -Brainwashed & Jailed Taimanin- 街の檻 ~洗脳され嬲られる対魔忍~ RE176691 RJ176691

    Re: City Prison -Brainwashed & Jailed Taimanin- After the intro screen, You go into top left building and check all the mark spots. Then go to those merchants on bottom right to buy trap and hire some thugs to attack Asagi. After do the requirement to get trap (either pay money right away or...
  9. BluBird

    RPG RPG Maker [RJ174302]催眠銃でヤリたい放題(気になるあの娘が堕ちた記録)

    Re: [RJ174302]催眠銃でヤリたい放題(気になるあの娘が堕ちた記録) Oldman(?) that siting on bench in park can give her name.