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RPG Maker [62studio] 62号ちゃんの挑戦状

Mar 26, 2018
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Game links:
The thing about this game is that it's available for free, but only on June 2nd of each year. Fortunately,
TheeSonus over on F95zone has the various versions of the game available on Mega, here's the post with the links: https://f95zone.to/threads/lustgrimm-again-v2-09-62studio.97914/page-15#post-8259372
Translation thread: https://ulmf.org/threads/62studio-62-channo-translation.14090/

(Name translates to "62-chan's Challenge")

This is a very short game by 62studio, originally posted in 2020 and then updated with new content in 2021. It's basically a bizarre game where you can very easily get a game over. There's no real story to speak of. The expected playtime is 1-20 minutes. Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

In the new content, you can now enter the front of 62-chan's mansion and play a minigame, and you get a breastfeeding handjob scene for winning.

Controls are RPG Maker MV standard: arrow keys to move around, space to confirm, X to cancel or access menu, etc.

Fetishes: Shota, Monster Girl, Succubus, Big Breasts, Reverse Rape

There's also a side game that falls under the same name, 62-chan's Challenge ~62-ZERO~. It's a racing game with a similarly short playtime of 20 sec-10 min. The recommended OS for this is Windows 10 64-bit.
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I've now translated the new content for the game, so feel free to start playing.

The new content is in the mansion basically a four-stage bullet hell minigame where you dodge bullets coming from the top of the screen. The difficulty comes from 62-chan being at the top of the screen and obstructing your vision. Later stages are naturally harder. If you're finding it difficult, you can talk to 62-chan and turn on Assist Mode to increase your HP. Clearing all four stages lets you get a new H-scene by talking to 62-chan.

Also, 62studio has released some cheat codes.
If you examine the shelf in the top left corner of the first area and enter the code 5108, this will take you straight to the mansion in front of 62-chan. But note that the resulting H-scene will be pixelated.

If you examine the telephone inside the mansion and enter the code 595962, you can get a different H-scene by talking to 62-chan here. This one isn't pixelated from using the cheat code.
I think it was only available for one day, so you'll have to find it somewhere else or wait until next year.
62-chan's Challenge ~62-ZERO~ has been released ( ). This isn't an update to the existing 62-chan's Challenge but is apparently a separate game made in 1 day. The existing 62-chan's Challenge will be postponed to next year's June 2nd.

As for the game itself, it can be downloaded for free like usual. The recommended OS is Windows 10 64-bit and the expected play time is 20 sec-10 min. It will be available for 2 days instead of just 1.

And to celebrate June 2nd, Baobab provided a short animation of 62-chan (below is just a static image, I wasn't able to download the actual gif).

I need help i have finished the new challenge and was trying the old challenge (2021) but when i started New Game and skipped or watch the introduction i got this error.Please help


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I got an error message from the 2021 version when they rereleased it today


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I need help i have finished the new challenge and was trying the old challenge (2021) but when i started New Game and skipped or watch the introduction i got this error.Please help
I got an error message from the 2021 version when they rereleased it today
Were your computers in Japanese locale when you unpacked the game? That's usually what causes this "Loading Error".
Okay, i've been wandering around for an hour and 20 minutes and am at my wits end. Is there anything important in the bar's basement, and how do i get through the sleepy bookstore?
A number of people have been asking for links to the game. Since the game itself is free, just available for very brief periods of time, I've decided to add those to the thread OP. Credit goes to TheeSonus over on F95zone for these links.
Might want to remove the direct links since we don't have link masking and f95zone does. Uploader could elect not to restore them if they get taken down.
  • As it's June 2, 62-chan's Challenge 3: Succubus in Wonderland Academy is out now, along with past iterations of 62-chan's Challenge.
  • Per the synopsis, Academy is set on the final day of exams at Succubus Academy, and Reto needs to answer the strange questions correctly to advance to the next grade. The estimated playtime is 5 minutes.
For those not yet aware, the password to skip to the end of this game is ごほうびはよ, input when 62-chan asks for your name at the start.

EDIT: Not long after I first made this post, I finished the translation of the game, which you can find in the translation thread (https://ulmf.org/threads/62studio-62-channo-translation.14090/).

Also, here's a guide on how to answer the game's exam questions. Not sure how useful it is, when each question has a 10-second time limit that makes it hard to search for the right answer, but it's there for those who need it.


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