A little bit of help to identify these games is appreciated.


Demon Girl
Apr 10, 2014
First of all, happy new year, hope ULMF and all members have better year than last year.

Anyway, I have a small favour and I really appreciate any help since I have tried all known method and stumped.

I was playing two games when my laptop gone kaput and I lost both the game and data. Since I just bought a new laptop and interested in getting the two games again yet I totally forgot the full name in Japanese. I will try to list as many information that I can remember so hopefully will be easier to pin down which game I am looking for.

The first one.
IINM, the title of the game is Guildtown and the circle is Meimito.....or something like that.
The gameplay is roguelike and you can actually bring one of the girl as partner while dungeon crawling.
Every other night, you can meet a succubus that have been stalking and you can give her your lvls (goes back to lvl1) and get special currency to buy goods from her.
The main girl is purple-ish hair alchemist and her best friend is a blond nun (loli IINM)

The second one.
IINM, the title of the game is something like how to properly use your slave. I have zero recollection of the circle's name.
The gameplay is like a hybrid of Civilization and RPG.
The main girl is a silver hair girl where she can change her costume on the fly with each costumes have different specialization.
In game you are one nation with 3 other nations which you can convince or subjugate to join and from each faction, three new girls (except the third faction where two girls and a dude with a gun) joins your team. IIRC, the girls are
First nation - A blondie magic knight, A mage (who at first tried to revolt before joining you) and a fighter.
Second nation - A blondie mage, a demon lord and a necromancer (zombie?)
Third nation - black haired sword and gun user in a kimono, a spear fighter and a dude with a gun.

Both game was released last year and yes, my laptop gone kaput on December 2016.

Thank you very much in advance for reading and hopefully, someone can nail the game down for me.


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Mar 14, 2014
1st game ring a very faint bell, can't remember it however.

2nd game, I got two candidate : [h=2] - ダンジョンタウン ~遺跡の森と夢魔の薬~ or Dungeon Town[/h] http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ182003.html

-正しい性奴隷の使い方-暗黒大陸開拓記- or The proper way to use sex slaves




Demon Girl
Apr 10, 2014
Ah, you found both of them. Thank you very much.

And ugh, Dungeon town, not guild town. No wonder I never could find it. How silly of me.