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Alicia Langray (Mindflayer88)


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Nov 10, 2008
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Character Name: Alicia Langray
Character Race: Atlantean
Character Class: Rogue (Ranged/Amazon)


The war was finally about to take a turn, hopefully for the good guy side. Intel had come in regarding a strategic point on a world that had once been known as Valko Prime. Now, it was time to strike, and with any luck, learn more about the whereabouts of Thembrihkal. The planet still had it's beauty, a planet with a diverse biome, but brimming with demonic life now. Still, a base of operation had been set up near a spot known as the 'Rolling Hills', and quite a number of women had gathered to prepare for the offensive. No longer would they be on the defensive, now it was their turn to attack.

The briefing had warned them of everything known about their foes and enemy movements here on the planet, and now it was time to break off into two woman strike teams, for now at least. And so begins this story!


1: Select an NPC to take with you and move on.

NPC Options:

Victoria Lopez - Mathosian+Elf Hybrid Holy Warrior
Yiwen Ding - Human Holy Warrior
Aribeth Ditylmarande - Elven Holy Warrior
Alaisha Tejadasdottir - Norn Holy Warrior
Paige Vanzant - Mathosian Holy Warrior
Christina Romanes - Atlantean Holy Warrior
Alicia was preparing to be dropped off on Valko Prime and after reading over the briefing, she ended up deciding on asking Aribeth to join her on her strike team, and hoped that nothing bad happened as she went to meet up with the elven woman she was going to be fighting alongside.

For years Alicia had been training, after "father" Elise had been rescued after managing to deal a lot of damage to Thembrikal's forces and war machine when she awakened from her stasis pod many years before. It was part of the stories she grew up listening to, and her mother had been an Atlantean named Adelle, who was among the crew of the vessel that rescued Elise and Brianna. She knew how bad things were really, and also knew that she wanted to help end this cruel cycle of evil that Thembrikal was attempting. She also remembered Elise telling her about how there were some small fringes among Thembrikal's forces who didn't want to keep following him, and wanted to make peace, and were working in the shadows to rid the universe of him, and had mentioned a few such beings that she'd run into with Brianna, and was told to keep the an eye out for them.

"Mmm... let's get ready to go then," Alicia muttered to herself and began to head for Aribeth's room to find and inform her that they would be traveling together.
Aribeth and Alicia stepped out onto the planet, and quickly found out this was going to be tougher than they had thought. Minutes outside of their landing point they encountered a pack of foes, but before they could even set themselves to fight them, they were both suddenly siezed by powerful energy restraints as a pair of Devil Snare traps captured them! The two women were quickly restrained, with the Spider Host Male and the Drayne Female deciding to tag team Aribeth and rape her, while the Female Oni started riding Alicia's cock mercilessly! With both women completely helpless, their foes took their time raping them, enjoying their bodies to the fullest.

Over the next 10 rounds:

Alicia can only shudder, writhe and cry out as the Female Oni's pussy rides her vulnerable dick to paradise, an unrelenting ride of sexual pleasure inflicted upon her body. Despite her best efforts to try and hold fast against the incredible onslaught of pleasure, Alicia can feel her stamina whittling away slowly, even as the movements of the Oni become more and more intense, it's own orgasm rapidly approaching. Still, she fought with all she had, but it just wasn't enough. In round 8, Alicia knew she wouldn't be able to hold back any longer, but to her shock, not only did she finally explosively ejaculate her pleasure in her first raped orgasm, but the Oni's pussy clenched tightly around her at the same time! Alicia could only stiffen and get utterly cock milked as the tight pussy orgasmed around her dick, intensifying her own pleasure and the sensations of her own orgasm even further. The intensity was incredible, and Alicia couldn't help but give up her seed right then and there, instinctively knowing she had impregnated the Oni! Her adrenaline began to pump through her, but to her horror, even that wasn't enough to allow her to break free from the trap helping restrain her, and she could only gasp in constant pleasure as the Oni continued to ride her dick, aready working the two of them towards a second climax. Over the 10 round period Alicia loses 140 HP, suffers 7,700 Pleasure and gains 9,800 KP. She has 2,300 Stamina Left, and has Adrenaline for 8 more rounds. Her foe has 3,600 Stamina left and is pregnant for 18 more rounds.

Aribeth meanwhile was being utterly dominated. It wasn't bad enough that she had her dick being ridden inside a tight alien pussy, no, she was also being raped from behind by the grotesque Spider Host Male on top of it. Aribeth could only scream as she was double teamed, unable to do anything but accept the pleasure forced upon her. As her rape went on and Aribeth could feel her own orgasm approaching, she became desperate, letting out repeated cries of "No!" Just before she finally lost her battle to avoid an orgasm in Round 5, the Drayne silenced her cries of "No!" with a kiss, while telepathically projecting a laugh into her head and saying "Yes!"

Aribeth was shocked to say the least, but didn't have time to dwell on it as suddenly she was climaxing HARD. The Drayne's pussy ... well ... DRAINED her of her pleasure, feeling incredible and intense. Somehow though, Aribeth managed to avoid giving up her seed despite how much she ejaculated out. Still, she was in trouble and they all knew it. The two continued raping her even as her adrenaline began pumping, but just like with Alicia, she was horrified to discover even that wasn't enough to help free her! Aribeth began to pant around the kiss silencing her, realizing that very soon, the two of them would rape the adrenaline right out of her, and that worse, the two were soon to have their own orgasms! Her struggles were for nothing though, and a few rounds later in round 8, the Drayne climaxed around Aribeth's cock. The pleasure massively intensified, and nearly made her orgasm again right then and there, though for the moment, Aribeth barely managed to hold on. Unfortunately for her, the Spider creature reached it's own limit at the same time, and her eyes bulged out, her body convulsing wildly as the creature thrust home into her. Aribeth tried to avoid what she knew was coming, but there was no stopping the thing as it rammed deeply into her pussy, feeling like it was thrusting right into her womb! And then, to her horror, the creature released it's seed inside of her, flooding her womb with it's hot, sticky liquid. Aribeth would have screamed loudly if she could have, but instead she could only let out a muffled cry as the grotesque beast impregnated her.

She didn't have long to dwell on the fact she'd just been knocked up though, as moments later in round 9, her own stamina ran out. The two continued raping her, and once more Aribeth ejaculated into the tight pussy riding her dick. Somehow she managed to avoid giving up her seed again, but it was a small victory considering she now had gods knew how many spider babies growing inside of her! Another round of pleasure went by before there would be a glimmer of hope, and when all was said and done, Aribeth had lost 360 HP, suffered a massive 17,600 Pleasure and gained 20,800 KP. She had pnly 1,950 Stamina left, but she had lost her adrenaline, and knew the two rapists were using it to intensify her pleasure with their attacks. She was pregnant for 18 more rounds as well.

Things were looking very grim for the two women when suddenly a glimmer of hope arrived! Two of their other allies suddenly came charging into the fray, looking to assist them!

Elena Kaleda and Jenna Meyer had come across the area by chance, and noticed two of their friends in serious trouble. Without even questioning it, the two women charged into the fray, hoping they weren't too late.

Elena launched herself at the Female Oni that was raping Alicia, managing to end it's attack on her, while also freeing her from the Devil Snare trap, causing it to go inactive!

Meanwhile Jenna did her best football tackle move as well, lowering her shoulder and using her size to her advantage, tossing both the Spider Host and the Drayne Female off of Aribeth, while also freeing her from the trap holding her down!

Their foes quickly recovered though, and seemed to be less interested in the two new girls, at least for now. The Spider Host immediately went after Aribeth again, managing to take her down once more, raping her yet again. Aribeth screamed in anger and frustration as once more it's cock thrust into her, forcing her to suffer another 1,400 Pleasure and gain 1,500 KP more, while losing 10 HP. Moments later though Aribeth managed to shove the thing off of her, well and truly pissed off now. The Female Oni tried to attack her, only to miss as Aribeth side stepped it!

Meanwhile the Drayne now attempted to go after Alicia, who was able to react quickly and make it regret that decision, getting off a counter attaxk and dealing 4,000 damage to it!

With that sequence out of the way, it was time for a chance on the offensive!


1: Attack the wounded Drayne Female.

2: Attack one of the other foes (which one?)


Enemy Encounter:

Female Oni: HP: 40,000. Stamina: 3,600/4,800. Pleasure: 600. Pregnant 18/20.

Kunoichi: HP: 50,000. Stamina: 6,000. Pleasure: 750. (50-50 BJ or Pussy, releases at birth.)

Spider Host Male: HP: 45,000. Stamina: 3,500/5,600. Pleasure: 700. (3 birth at once, 50% spider survives and must be fought). 5/10 Adrenaline (Double Damage)

Drayne Female: HP: 31,000/35,000. Stamina: 3,300/4,400. Pleasure: 550. (65% Pussy, 35% BJ). 5/10 Adrenaline (Double Damage)

Devil Snare Trap: 'DEAD'.

Alicia: Atlantean Amazon (Rogue). HP: 4,860/5,000. Stamina: 2,300/5,000. KP: 9,800/50,000 (KL 0). Adrenaline: 8/10. Damage: 6,400 (25% Stun Chance). Interactions: +100 Pleasure vs. Pussy. 5+ Pregnancy.

Aribeth: Elven Holy Warrior. HP: 6/130/6,500. Stamina: 550/6,500. KP: 22,300/50,000 (KL 0). Pregnant 17/20. Damage: 5,500 (Can't miss). Interactions: +200 Pleasure vs. Jabberwock and Tentacles, +300 Pleasure if Spiders or Plants. 7+ Pregnancy Normally (4+ if vs. Jabberwock, Tentacles, Plants or Spiders).

Elena Kaleda: Human Assassin (Rogue). HP: 5,000. Stamina: 5,000. Damage: 6,200 (1,000 Poison per turn for 4 turns extra). Interactions: If closed up inside a rapist, will always give up her seed and suffer +100 Pleasure. 9+ Pregnancy.

Jenna Meyer: Norn Fire Sorceress. HP: 3,000. Stamina: 3,000. Damage: 7,500 (20% chance of +2,000 burning damage and missed turn). Interactions: If impregnated or made to give up her seed, solely focuses on whatever did it to her. +300 pleasure when fully restrained. 50% less KP from all sources. 8+ Pregnancy.