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Apr 22, 2010
Character sheets or derp go here. So far there are three 'systems' in Despair Labyrinth threads; freeform, custom and DG (for combat). Pretty much everything in DG would have to go through GM approval before being thread-ready, but feel free to derp around with the concepts here if needbe. Alternatively, you can also post your existing character sheets from established threads.

Right now I'm currently not starting any new threads, but I may pick up a few more as time goes on.

d6laby rules (WIP):
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Jan 5, 2011
Re: Character Sheets

Chaaanging systems! Now using yon low stat low dice system dealy instead.

Fetish Checker

Original character sheet saved below just in case.
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Aug 16, 2010
Re: Character Sheets

=== Akari ===


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character Sheets

Old DG Sheet

d6laby sheet

Also, Roana
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Jan 8, 2011
Re: Character Sheets


Stats and Such

Calculations and Shit


Change Log:

The OOC section: Tonight. Taki!
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Sep 23, 2009
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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Character Sheets

Hidden Character: Ruby



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Jan 20, 2011
Re: Character Sheets

Ren Yoshiko

Right now I'd say this Bio is pretty crappy since most of this stuff is things I've discussed in far greater detail with the GM over OOC chat. But meh... here it is anyway...


Name: Ren Yoshiko

Appearance: Quick ref: (Hooray for being lazy and not drawing the character myself like I did for my last two...)

: 19

: Kunoichi

: Without giving away too much up front, lets just say she's a "people watcher" kind of person. Quiet under most normal circumstances, but always paying attention to what's going on around her.

History: Ren was originally the daughter of a land-owning family in a rural area that had provided soldiers and warriors to the province's lord for generations. At some point during her childhood (around age 12), however, her father and many other members of the community joined a rebellion for independence with several other parts of the province. Said rebellion was... not successful.
During an attack on her home village, Ren was not killed with everyone else, but rather taken as a political prisoner of sorts. As there was little chance of being able to survive on her own or run away at that point, she was left in the care of the servants at the Lord's manor. For the next few years, this would be her life... however she wouldn't have any spite over it.
In Ren's own mind, any blame or spite over what had happened lied with her parents, Their selfishness had gotten them and everyone close to them killed and left her all alone in the world. Life was fine before, and now living in a capitol city full of new sights and wonders compared to her old rural village, she didn't understand what her parents thought was so worth breaking away for... no, it wall all stupid selfish ideal that ruined lives for no reason. Towards the lord who had attacked her village, she now felt only a sense of gratitude... gratitude that she had been spared, even brought back and cared for all these years, despite her use as a political prisoner having ended long ago.
Though she had no spite over her role in life now, Ren still never exactly fit into it well. The life of a servant was... boring. Safe, comfortable... but boring. Restlessness made it hard to stay out of trouble, and she had a natural talent for getting into trouble. Whether it be slipping away from the manor grounds unnoticed or fading into the background to eavesdrop on important guests, she was good at it... and found such challenges to be interesting. To watch people... to learn things about them without getting caught as intruding, it was like a second nature to her.
Of course her methods wern't perfect, nor did her "habits" go unnoticed forever. However... rather than being seen as alarming, there were those at the manor who saw "potential". Soon after her 17th birthday she was offered the chance to serve her lord as a kunoichi, a spy and even an assassin when the situation called for it. Not only was this a chance to even out the debt of her life she owed, but it was also a chance to stop those who would ruin all the lives around them like her own parents had done. She did not decline the offer...

Skills: As a kunoichi, Ren would have a variety of skills for handling a wide range of situations. Her specialties, however tend to err towards "infiltration"... disguise and playing a role well. The main advantage of kunoichi is that their gender opens doors and creates opportunities for them in certain situations that aren't available to men. Her training for the last 2 years has focused on this fact.
While she does have some combat skill, enough to defend herself plenty well from most normal people and see almost anything as a tool for getting a job done, against trained combatants she's not a match in a fair fight. Surprise is her main advantage, and without that she has neither the skill or the years of strict physical conditioning to match those who dedicate their lives to such pursuits.
***At the start of the RP, she's only been doing this for a couple of years. In fact, I don't think she's ever ever had to kill anyone yet. Anyway, most her skills aren't going to be solidified in with lots of "field experience" yet.

STAT SYSTEM (Not that I've really used stats much at all.)

Charm would be when determining, well, obviously, charming rolls, Magic/Intelligence would help with actual magic-based stuff and knowledge, Body helps with physical feats, Perception is self-explanatory, helps you read events and/or people, and Will determines how cool you can stay under pressure or avoid negative penalties when in a bad situation, essentially.
You get 5 points to distribute however you like, although you have to choose one stat that is -1. 0 is average, 1 is above average. 2 is very above average. 3 is expert. 4 is prodigy. Ect. These are rough guidelines, not strict rules or systems.

: Ren

Magic/Intelligence: 0 (Very intelligent, can read and write and problem-solve pretty well... but no magic.)
Perception: 1 (This is what she's been naturally good at for years.)
Charm: 2 (Specifically trained in this, and very good at playing "roles" just from watching the way people behave anyway.)
Body: 0.5 (Some physical conditioning, but not an extreme amount. Too much would, after all, take away from her charm in certain roles.)
Will: 0.5 (She's aware of the importance of what she's doing and the consequences of it, but being fairly "new" at it keeps this number from being higher)
-5'1” height.
-Finds the growing and study of herbs as very interesting, both for poisons and medicines. Is probably allowed some use of the manor gardens for this.
-Knows how to be formal and proper when it's called for, and usually defaults to this kind of mood around most people.
-Finds most people her own age to be annoying, but has a soft spot for children.
-Was an only child (no siblings). However she might consider some of the people around the lord's manor to be similar to "family" to "siblings".


Now where is the fun of me revealing that up front? GM has a copy of all of this.


*Text is actual dialogue from my character.
*Italicized text is thoughts, not something spoken out loud.
*Other characters may have unique colors for their dialogue.
*Red Text is for OOC edits to any of my posts
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May 25, 2009
Re: Character Sheets

Name: Calina "Kyla" Penrose

Appearance: Taller than average, with brilliant red hair that falls the middle of her back. She has emerald green eyes, and modest breasts on a thin, soft figure. Looks even more innocent than she actually is. She has a tattoo - almost always hidden - below her belly button, depicting a stylized version of her reproductive system in real time. Like this, but with smaller breasts.

Personality: A total innocent in matters of love and lust. A little less so otherwise. Doesn't aspire to be witty, but good at watching people and putting things together. Extremely stubborn when she puts her mind to something, which admittedly isn't terribly often.

Skills: Learned to paint through sheer force of will. Currently quite good, but hasn't decided she's finished learning yet. Knowledgable on a variety of subjects. Knows some basic magical theory, but unable to do magic unaided. Knows some basic self defense, but has never used it.

History: The eldest daughter of an important nobleman in Elynsor and a woman from a rich but unimportant family in Rydale. Raised from birth as an ideal noblewoman, innocent, pure, and gentle in word and deed. Schooled privately and chaperoned at all times, 'sheltered' hardly covers it. Her mother died about two years ago. Her stepmother married her father about one year ago, and got pregnant six or seven months ago.

While Kyla is an innocent, her father is not. His wife was beautiful, but the marriage was political. He is certain Margaret is not his, and has reason to suspect Kyla's legitimacy as well. And now there is a new child on the way - one that he does not have reason to suspect the legitimacy of. So while he has prepared Kyla to be an ideal noblewoman in the event that she inherits, it is his preparations for other plans that now seem likely to pay off.


Here can be found most of my notes on Kyla. It includes: a more detailed physical description, brief notes on each member of her family, the details of her tattoo, thoughts on mechanics, and a section about her (extremely limited) sexual knowledge.

Here is The Duel, a short story featuring Kyla.


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Sep 3, 2014
Re: Character Sheets



Character Image

Fetish Checker

Not using any stat system, at least for the time being.
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Character Sheets

I don't know when or if ever Taki will be able to take more chars but I felt that it wouldn't hurt to put these up here in case :3

Cattleya, the Giant Slayer

Phyrra Angel of Retribution


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Dec 28, 2014
Re: Character Sheets


Character Image:


Nov 15, 2008
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I guess let's make this official?



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