Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Dec 6, 2009
All player characters and the character sheet will go in this thread.


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Jul 16, 2010
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

I will repost Hana the Chosen

Name: Hana

Str: 1
Dex: 3
MD: 2
Vit: 3

Secondary Stats:
HP:6 (2*Vit)
FP:10 (2*(Vit+MD)
Pleasure:4 (2*MD)
MP: 10 (6+2*MD)
XP 0/10


Fight (Melee, Str): 1+0=1
Fight(Bow, Dex):3+1=1

Equiped Items:Iron Short bow (40g) Copper Dagger (10g)


Magic Spells: Healing (Heals 3 HP for 10 MP)

Description: Thin and wirery Hana stands like many of her people, she has an expressive face and wears thin clothes made crafted from hides of the stepp herd animals. Her hair is wild and blond, a sign of power for her people, but is kept short to stop it from passing infront of her eyes as she shoots. she is rough and beautiful, finally she wears the trophies of memerioble kills of beast she made, from both those that are crafty and difficult to catch and those deadly and hard to kill.

Bio: In far away lands there are endless windswept steppes, in these places nature itself scours the thin grass of life, and from these desparate fields harsh and mighty warriors rise and prosper, each tribe battles and wars constantly for gazing land and livestock, where children are taught the bow before as they walk, and to ride a horse even before that.

Hana was the daughter of a tribel chosen, a warrior for her tribe, when killed in the constant disputes she sought to replace him at the cheiftens side, much to the objection of the other warriors in the tribe, she bested three of their best in trials of skill and speed to earn her place and for two years she lived as the only female chosen known to her people. after two years of being the youngest warrior and at her 18th birthday she choose to leave her tribe, tempted by the talk of riches and wealth waiting for skilled champions to take, vowing to return bringing power and skills learned to her people.

Hope I did this right, shes an archer character, if i had to pick a picture that was close I would go with this
Jan 8, 2011
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

The bio is subject to heavy editing still, but I might as well post this up now I think. Let me know if I've done something wrong. For instance, I am unsure if I am allowed to keep the gold I have yet to spend from the original allotment.

Name: Elizabeth

Equiped Items:

Leather Armor
Long Sword


Leather Armor (6HP)
Long Sword

Sword Expertise 0


Elizabeth is a short young woman with long black hair and brown eyes, and is quite pale from spending much of her time indoors. She is quite skinny on account of her poor diet, and is really nothing to write home about looks-wise.


Elizabeth comes from a minor noble family in a country on the far edge of Else. Her mother was a reasonably good magician, and taught her the basics from a young age. Her childhood was a happy one, spent mostly with her parents and with books. However, not long after her fifteenth birthday war broke out, and her parents sent her away to wait until peace returned to the land, and she could safely return. Instead, her country was destroyed, and her parents killed. She wandered Else for four years, begging for food and coin to stay alive, trying to find some use for her limited knowledge of magic, preferably one that would provide her an income...

She is a very timid young woman, and is distrustful of others, having spent too much time fending for herself on the streets. She dislikes killing humans and human-like monsters, and has a good deal of compassion for people in need, perhaps also due to her time spent without possessions or a place to stay.

30 gold
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Sep 4, 2009
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Single, but depending on the company I could consider multi as well

Liliana Linhird

Sword Expertise X | +X to all combat (offensive and defensive) while wielding a sword.

Equipped items:
Iron Greatsword
Copper Armor

Other stuff: None for now

Blah blah bio blah: A daughter from a family of monster hunters from the north, Lili has travelled to the southern lands to prove herself to the other members of the family who have always considered her weak and unfit to the task of hunting the more dangerous things living in the snowy wastelands where they reside. After a particularly heated drunken argument with her oldest brother and father during a feast of drinking and eating, she swore to wander into the foreign lands to hunt and bring them proof of her strenght from the more exotic things living in these lands. Unfortunately for her, the menfolk still remembered what she had promised the next day, and Lili was made to leave for the trip she boasted to go on. "Borrowing" one of her daddy's swords and the suit of armor that was to be her 20th birthday gift, she creeped out and snuck away before they could realize it. Having made her way into the lands of the south, this semi-barbarian girl is about to depart on her first adventure.

Personality-wise, Lili is tolerable, even nice if things go her way. But if things start to go against her, she explodes rather fast. Despite having a somewhat ladylike look about her, she is quite a tomboy, liking physical activities and tests of strenght.

Description: Despite coming from a land of tall and muscular humans, Lili is quite short and small for one of her people. She hides her nice frame under a layer of thick armor whenever possible, preferring to protect it rather than show it off, the only thing in her body not covered by metal being her head where a crown-like headplate is to shield her. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, staying somewhat true to her heritage.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Name: Susan

Bow Expertise X | +(X+1) to offensive rolls, +X to defensive rolls. These bonuses are lost when grappled.

Equiped Items:
Longbow(copper) +1
Leather Armor (6hp)

Longbow(cooper) 40 gold
Leather Armor 10 gold


Bio: Susan come from yadda-yadda...normal warrior girl with a normal family and common bow and magic skills needed to fight and protect herself in this world
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Nov 24, 2009
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Decided to support this game a bit :)

Name: Carlita

Items: Nothing.

Magic level 0


Biography: Carlita is a rare sight to see anywhere in Else. She's part of a small generally forgotten sect of magic users known as blue mages. All other practitioners of magic tend to spend years either studying or praying to wield their power, blue mages take a faster more dangerous route and obtain most of their power through contact with monsters, this affinity for being in contact with monsters a lot breeds an amount of distrust in the people as often where many never return from as sex slaves, blue mages emerge more powerful if a bit stickier than when they went in. When Carlita learned of the strange castle full of monsters that people continued to vanish into it was an easy choice to persue this opportunity to strengthen herself.
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Feb 13, 2011
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Name: Natalia

Polearm Expertise 0| +X to offensive rolls, +(x+1) to defensive rolls

Equiped Items:
Spear (iron) +1
Iron armor

Iron spear


Bio: At a young age her parents died. From there she had to live her life alone, doing odd jobs just to make money, also learning how to fight. She traveled from place to place, doing any jobs she came along. Once she became confident in her skills she started exploring dungeons.

A veteran of fighting, Natalia knows a fair amount of knowledge. She has a soft side for helping people, which came from years of odd jobs. She laid back from a life of living alone, she is also has a slight case of social awkwardness.


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Feb 4, 2011
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Name: Valerie

Escape Artist X | +x to escape checks (Including attacking escape checks)

Equiped Items:
-Maid Outfit
-Torch (as a light source)



Bio: Sarah is a maid in the service of a mighty warrior who bravely stepped up to the challenge of eliminating all of the monsters in the tower who have been abducting women from the town of Sadd. However, a few weeks have passed since her mistress set out on her brief quest so out of loyalty, she set out to the tower to find her mistress.
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Aug 24, 2011
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Either alone or with a group is good with me.

Name: Ella

Ella is a young woman with mousy brown hair, dark expressive eyes, and soft pale skin. She carries a rune inscribed staff and wears a white robe over a set of protective leathers that hide her small slim figure (and breasts that seem a little too big for her frame). She is demure, but determined, if a little naive. She also has a strange tattoo shaped like a magical seal on her chest, but it only appears when she is casting spells... so far.

Growing up in as an orphan in a convent, Ella spent her life preparing to serve as a priestess. She was hard working and studious, but when it came time to say her vows she had a vision of a terrible evil far to the west. She took a few supplies to see her through and ran away in the middle of the night.

She has been wandering ever since, looking for the Great Evil that she feels compelled to confront. And while she is sure that she left everything she knew behind in order to stop it, there is a small part of her that seems to doubt this and wonders if she seeks it out because she wants to stop it or because something is calling her.

Magic 0 | A character can preform magic, depending on rank, useable in combat, adding +0 to combat rolls
MP 3

Free Spells
Light Bolt - Single bolt of light that does holy damage. Attack Spell

MP Spells
Holy Shield - Creates a barrier of light to protect against damage. Cost 1 MP
Mend - Repair damaged items. Cost 1 MP
Heal - Heals wounds. Cost 1 MP
Light - Creates a small glowing light that burns with the brightness of a torch. Cost 1 MP

Staff (wood) +1
Leather Armor
40 gp
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Dec 30, 2010
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)


Name: Kiera

Polearm Expertise 0 (+X to offensive rolls, +(x+1) to defensive rolls)
Leather armor
Iron Guan_Dao

Bio: Kiera's bio is in rough draft
Kiera life started out simple enough growing up on a farm near a large city. She had a loving parents and two caring older brothers and many of her days passed among fields and flowers. Her life seemed perfect that is until the war came. Her older brothers where conscripted right away and sent off to the front leaving her father, mother, and herself with a hard year to harvest their crops all by themselves. The strain and stress of these events proved to much for her father and he grew sick and passed to the spirit realm during the winter leaving her mother and herself alone. The following spring her lead to floods which devastated their crops and left them barley enough to survive. Which is when Kiera's perfect life turned upside down. To make ends meet and to pay the ever increasing taxes brought on by the war her mother remarried. Kiera's stepfather was a merchant by trade and had been doing well in the war goods sector making a fairly large profit from his endeavors. He moved Kiera and her mother to his modest estate in the city and while she missed the fields she had grown up in she knew that this was the only way to make sure her brothers had a home to come to when the war was over. All seemed well during the first few months of their stay until her stepfathers gambling debts reared their ugly head. Unfortunately her stepfather was in between funds at the moment and in desperation and fear for his life sold Kiera to cover his largest debt belonging to the Senival family. After the betrayal of her stepfather Kiera was brought before the current head of the Senival family to learn her fate. Luckily for Kiera the current head of the family had recently lost his own daughter to a rival families violence and so she was spared the usual treatment of newly purchased female slaves but still had to earn her keep. Thus her new life as a personal body guard for the head of the Senival family began. She was trained in the art of using a pole-arm in combat and the art of exotic dancing to entertain her new master for she was still a slave. Another year passed before Kiera earned her freedom by saving the life of her master from a deal gone wrong. With her freedom at hand she set out to see what the world has to offer.

Kiera is a young woman in her mid twenties, standing about 5'9 she has a fit and tone body from endless days practicing her skills with her weapon of choice the Guan dao. She styles her very long green hair in a ponytail that stretches down to her butt. She wears light form fitting leather armor that covers her ample chest down to her waist. Her lower body is covered in a leather armor skirt from her waist to her knees. Her Feet are covered in leather boots.
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Mar 20, 2012
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Name: Rachel

Trait: Dodger X | +X to defensive rolls as long as not entangled

Equiped Items:
-Leather Armour
-Iron Dagger



Bio: Originally a noble woman, Rachel was always seemingly bored of her high up and rich life, her parents sought concern as Rachel started getting a steady stream of reports of stealing, only mitigated by the families high up connections, sick of her kleptomania never landing her in any real trouble and all her tasks being done for her, one day Rachel decided to head out alone into the world, becoming a thief and bandit to sustain herself, enjoying a life of stealth and adrenaline from seducing a noble to steal their riches or successfully conducting a heist of a prized painting without being spotted, her main goal being to return to her life of riches and wealth but having earned it instead of having it handed to her, stumbling on this nearby dungeon, her eyes almost lit up as dungeons usually had monsters and lots of treasure to compensate, she had no second thoughts as she ran inside...


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Sep 7, 2010
Re: Characters/ Character Sheet(s)

Name: Rene

Trait: Axe Expertise X | +(X) to offensive combat rolls, +(X-1) to defensive rolls. Also increases crit chance (Reducing the needed beat score by X)

Equiped Items:
-Leather Armour (Comprised of a leather chest plate, pants, a pair of leather boots and short gloves.)
-Iron Axe (Hand and a half)

Tall, standing at about 6 feet, 2 inches tall, Rene is very much the product of her lifestyle. She has an above average frame with a solid muscle structure, that she does a good job of hiding under her armor. Has short, pixie cut red hair and deep green eyes. She wears a religious pendent as a reminder of her roots and her hopes of redemption.

4th child of a small time cult leader, Rene was very different from her 2 elder sisters and eldest brother. Her father, the cult leader, was assassinated by a local duke in order to protect his interests in the region. This left her mother with the burden of not only raising 4 children but also leading the cult as well. The cult was thankfully small enough to make this manageable. While the first three children worked to further the cult's interest, Rene was not a child won over by faith. She was bitten with the bug of wanderlust from a young age and was constantly exploring the forests surrounding her home. Her family saw the girl as a disappointment and constantly shunned the child. This culminated the day Rene started training with an axe with the intention of eventually becoming a great mercenary. She also tried her best to protect her family from any potential intruders. Despite her efforts, she was still hated by her family for not embracing their faith.

Rene grew up under this constant scorn and criticism until she was 23. The cult grew quietly under her mothers leadership but was never strong enough to earn the ire of the local duke. Knowing her family was safe, she saw this as a chance to set out and redeem herself in her families eyes. She took a pendent bearing the cults symbol, a suit of leather armor, and her trusty axe and set out to find work. Her first job was a rather lofty one, but one she felt she was ready for.
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