DG4 Rules (Beta)

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Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
Figured I would make it a bit easier to find this. Will possibly eventually edit this into a thread like the DG3 rules, but don't expect that to be soon. Keep in mind that this is incomplete, bereft of lore for the most part, and still subject to a lot of change both mechanically and depending on how a number of active threads end up going.

A document of suggestions that may or may not be implemented later.

General Rules including the character creation guide, which I will probably copy and paste below anyway.

The Character Sheet and a rundown of the stats and how they are calculated.

The Change Log

Status Effects




Templates which are now actually important


Spell List

Mage Feats



Succubus Powers


Trades which are basically like ye olde dnd skills.

Gear and various gear related stuff a lot of which still needs a bunch of work. It will eventually be consolidated into a single much easier to read document... Hopefully.

Super Talents which are basically expanded Talents that need to be bought with XP

The Psyker Table

Mechanist stuff will come... Eventually. It has had some work put into it, but it is nowhere near finished.

Even though it's incomplete, I prefer to run DG4 over 3.5 at this point because the dice swing makes it more fun and it accounts for more things. I wouldn't necessarily call it balanced, but it is less lopsided and alpha strike-y than previous editions.

Character Creation Primer

I maaay be running a mud-wrestling esque testing area at some point in the near future, but on that I guess we'll see.
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