GM ads and Player character sheets


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Mar 12, 2011
In this thread, GMs looking for player, or players looking for GMs can post ads.

Try to be as detailed as possible, and include these informations:

  • What are your favourite and your forbidden kinks?
  • Are you actually looking for players right now?
  • Do you prefer story-driven or sex-driven roleplays?
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Player ads

Yuka Shiratori

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Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Mar 12, 2011
Re: Player ads

Not looking for the moment

Character sheets
Sandra Lorelli


Favourite kinks: Non-con, ovisosition, tentacles, soft-vore, heavy bondage/encasement
Forbidden kinks: piss, scat, gore, character death
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Feb 6, 2009
Re: GM ads and Player character sheets

Name: Iris Nightgale
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Physical description or picture: (link since pic doesn't seem to show up)

Mental description:
A reserved young woman, somewhat introverted. Intelligent, prefers to solve problems without resorting to violence. Deep down has an interest in sex, including some less than usual stuff, but has troubles with realizing it. Does not make friends easily and tends to be a bit paranoid sometimes due to bad experiences with bullies. Uses sarcasm to cope with less than ideal aspects of her life. Emotional, but tends to internalize her feelings rather than express them, slightly melancholic. Tries to be a good person even if she has problems with connecting with others sometimes. Likes to eat sweets and junk food. A cat person. Knows a suprising number of insults and curses that get used on the very rare occasion she actually loses her temper.

  • Physique: 30
  • Intellect: 70
  • Sexuality: 50

  • Resistance: 4
  • Libido: 6
  • Sanity: 5


  • Weapon: Whip
  • Top clothes: hoodie and shirt
  • Bottom clothes: skirt and thighhighs
  • Bag:
    • (empty)
    • (empty)

Favourite kinks: mind control, corruption, bondage, latex, mummification, petrification, slavery, vore, impregnation, asphyxiation
Forbidden kinks: guro, scat, watersports, gender change, breast/ass expansion
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Dec 13, 2013
Re: GM ads and Player character sheets

Name: Lorelai Aglia
Age: 28
Gender (put starting gender in parenthesis after the current gender your character is.): Female

Physical description or picture:
Mental description: Lorelai is cool and focused, more interested in her work than the extravagance of living. Focusing more on logic over emotion, she nevertheless has a heavy selfless streak, going through hell and high water to fix something she considers her problem now. Usually medical, but a good healer favors prevention over the cure in all things.

(150 points to distribute between these 3 stats.)
Physique: 50
Intellect: 80
Sexuality: 20

(15 points to distribute between these 3 stats.)
Resistance: 5
Libido: 3
Sanity: 7

Weapon: Dagger
Top clothes: Breastplate
Bottom clothes: Skirt
Bag (can hold up to 2 items):
Item 1 Medical Herbs
Item 2 Bandages

Favourite kinks: Futa, Impregnation (Normal and "odd"), birth, Beast, transformation, unbirth, size diffrence
Forbidden kinks: Char Death, watersports, scat


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Sep 21, 2011
Re: GM ads and Player character sheets

Character sheet template

Name: Ariyana
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Physical description or picture:

Mental description:

Ariyana is a thief, only out for her own gain. Not to say she doesn't have a conscience, since she doesn't believe in kicking the weak while they are down. She isn't going to give her gains to the poor, but she's not going to rob them either.

She's a survivor through and through, and is not above using her ample body to make an opening for escape or for profit. Sometimes, a good bit of 'persuasion' is all you need to open up a blocked path and make a fortune. Though she doesn't favor killing (it makes people too upset) she will do so if forced into a corner. As a beastkin herself, she has a special weakness for male beastkins, as their mating musk does actually effect her.

Physically, she isn't very tough, so she tends to avoid direct confrontation whenever possible.

(150 points to distribute between these 3 stats.)
Physique: 35
Intellect: 40
Sexuality: 75

(10 points to distribute between these 2 stats.)
Resistance: 3
Libido: 7

Weapon: Natural Claws, Daggers
Top clothes: Kimono top
Bottom clothes: Plain panties, stockings
Bag (can hold up to 2 items): Thieves Tools

Favourite kinks: Gangbang, furry, size difference, rough sex (NOT BDSM, blood or beatings)

Forbidden kinks: BDSM, Bathroom stuff, pregnancy (Creampies are OK, just no pregnancy), gore, death, etc.

NOTE: I don't see anything about Sanity listed on the main template. Was that removed?


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: GM ads and Player character sheets


I like ROR roll games, filled with tentacle monsters and few sentient creatures :3

Character Sheet
Gabrielle Izumi