Hali Barnes (Hali)


King of the Impossible
May 5, 2009
Somewhere in Nevada...
A helicopter lands in what appears to be a barren desert, and out comes Hali Bernes, a fresh recruit for program that doesn't exist. She'll be staying at a base that was never built for any reason, and will be regularly a passenger on planes that never fly anywhere, to fight enemies that don't exist.
As she takes he spartan belongings out of the helicopter, a door opens out of the side of one of the hills. A man in a dark uniform and aviator sunglasses walks over to the disguised tarmac, and waits for Hali to approach. She would recognise him as the Commander that recruited her.
As the helicopter is flying away, he speaks. "Hello, miss Barnes. I'm glad you could make it after all. I would lie to you and say that everything is going smoothly out there, but the truth is that we need all the help we can get. However, the base is quite accommodating. There are a few people I need to introduce you to before I can let you mingle with the other field operatives, and I implore you to be ready for a shocking revelation."
Hali: "Of course Commander, thank you for your offer for the transfer, I do really appreciate it." She took the time to pull her hair back to a pony tail to keep it out of her face clear as the wind from the helecopter as they stepped towards the base that didn't exist. "And I assure you I'm prepared for whatever revelations you have for me. Its my job after all." She said with a smirk, pulling her pack tight to her shoulder as she followed the man.
"Excellent," he says as he leads you to the hidden entrance. Inside is a room with what is obviously a platform that will lower at the push of a button. You don't see the commander press one, but it descends as soon as Hali is safely on it. "This is the vehicle elevator which will take us to the first basement level. There you will find entrances to the Command Center, the Barracks and the mess hall. On the same floor is the Residence for our engineers, as well as an Armoury that has all the gear you will be issued on your missions. There is another level below, but it currently being excavated."
When the elevator stops, to Hali's left are large double doors with Command Center labelled above. Out steps a very thin woman, walking with a cane. She doesn't appear old, but doesn't look healthy either. "This is Doctor Ingham. She is the head of our science department, as well as chief medical praticioner." The woman walks forwards and introduces herself.
"Hello, Miss Barnes. Glad you could join us."
Hali: "Wow, this is honestly a lot more extensive than I imagined." Hali admitted. She smiled as she looked around the view from the elevator. Once they landed, she eyed the ill looking elderly lady... "Doctor, its very good to meet your acquaintance. I hope I never have to take full advantage of your medical services." She said with a smile, reaching out to shake the woman's hand.
Doctor Ingham grips Hali's hand. They are cool but dry. Her grip isn't very strong. "And I'll work hard inventing ways to keep you out of my capable hand." She looks to the Commander. "I need to speak with you later concerning the new specimens coming in." He simply nods, before she turns back and enters the command center. "Well then, that's we're headed.
he says, leading Hali in.
Hali: She bid the doctor a curt farewell, and a head nod as she followed the man further into the base. "Much obliged commander." She says, taking the lead to to command center, her eyes eagerly washing over the room, taking in the details of it as she moved.
Just past the doors are a few offices, most of which are dark. The last of the right, however is lit. The inside has been converted into a makeshift medical lab of somekind. On the gurney is a huge serpent, approximately the size of a small horse. It's head is conical, has a large bone plate and four beady eyes. It doesn't look like the creature's mouth articulates in anyway. It's body is covered is large segmented plates of boney tubes of armour.
Hali: Hali's eyes opened wide, examining the snake beast, "One of the things we're fighting I take it? What the hell does that scale mail snake do?"
Hali: She shook off her surprise, realizing there was likely much more to see, but the creature had come as a bit of a shock to her. She looked back to the commander to examine his reaction to it to get an idea of what she was supposed to do.
"Indeed," he replies calmly behind his sunglasses. "We aren't sure how yet, but these things intend to colonise our planet. Being some sort of swarm species, they won't recognise our current inhabitation as legitimate and will consider us a threat and food source. The other species are less of a problem to the world, but just as dangerous." In the middle of the Command Center are numerous consoles down in an indented floor. Hanging above that area is a huge globe, partially transparent and occasionally flickering. A 3d holographic projection that doesn't use smoke or glass. Hali has never seen that level of technology before.
Hali: She pursed her lips. Whatever she had gotten into was obviously something pretty special... And more than likely lethal if his description of the situation where correct. "This is unbelievable, but I suppose you hear that a lot." She caught herself. Hali looked at the people working the huge room and tried to see what it took to keep this place running, what was this command center outfitted for? "And this is all to fight those snake things?" She asked curiously.
"I'm sure Doctor Ingham would appreciate the praise," he chuckles, but then gets more serious. "There's a bit more than that, but they are the source of all our problems at the moment. We have another species that is taking advantage of loopholes in galactic laws to cause trouble of their own. The Zhetans are a technologically advanced race that had no interest in us until these creatures landed. Now they somehow have permission to visit us with their superior technology and use the opportunity to shoot up any soldier or these monsters at will. This is the state of things we have to deal with until we can communicate with someone out there with authority. To make matters worse, we discovered the presence of extraterrestrials through espionage against a criminal organisation involved in weapon smuggling and two-bit warlords."
Hali: "So help me straighten this out. Galactic law, okay, extra terrestrials, got it, but help me get this espionage thing straight, what exactly does that mean?" Hali was just a hair confused but wanted to make sure she had the story straight before taking on responsibilities regarding combat against two alien races she didn't know existed.
"I wasn't the given the details of which government agency was running the operation, I just know that a mole managed to get into what was believed to be a weapons smuggling ring's warehouse, and instead found a laboratory running experiments on these creatures. You can imagine what sort of response he called for."
Hali: "Vast." Hali suggested curiously, continuing to take in her new surroundings, "What exactly are we up against Commander?" She asked, popping a hip to the side and looking up at the man with a curious expression.
"A Zhetan isn't physically imposing, however their technology makes up for it. While their weapons area comparable to our own, each warrior will be equipted with advanced power armour and will be accompanied by a number of automated drones controlled by a combination of slave AI and the Zhetan itself. Each warrior will show up alone, but they won't be the only target. We know that they have personal energy shield technology, but we don't believe they will field it against an inferior species such as us. Too costly."
One warrior, four or more drones."
Hali: "Well thank God for that." Hali mused, swaying back and forth. "What will my role be Commander, why did you offer me this reassignment?" The young girl asked, fresh out of training from the Teams...
These aliens here, what we're informed are called Boorus by the rest of the galaxy, are considered little more than pests of excessive size. The other civilisations are easily able to handle them with their advanced technology. We're not them. Each one of these things is capable of eating any plant or animal it comes across, assuming it can kill it. It is also capable or reproducing aesexually, which means we need to kill all of them as we find them or we will be overrun with them quick quickly. They also have the ability to change their physiology, apparently, though it is yet unknown how quickly or how often."
"Your job? You're here to fill out the ranks. We lost an operative on mission last night. He got cocky, got too aggressive, and his luck ran out."
Hali: "That sounds a little more intimidating than another parasitic species coming in to loot the spoils of the vermin's labor." She shook her head. She took a step to the side to turn to look at the Commander straight on, "Well in that case I'll take a lesson from him. Who will be my CO Sir?"
He sighs. "Right now we don't have enough personnel to warrant an elaborate hierarchy, so you'll be answering directly to me for the time being. Out in the field I expect you to work with your team mates to figure out who the squad leader is."
Hali: "Got it, no chain of command." She nodded, it was unusual, but she could adjust to it. "Where do you need me now Commander?"
"One last stop. Follow me." He starts leading her down another hallway lined with offices. Through another door and left another hallway is the cafeteria. There are a number of stainless steel tables with cushioned benches, and to the right is a counter with currently empty food trays. One woman in an operative's jumpsuit is talking to someone past the counter Hali can't see. At the far end of the room is a group of other operatives Hali has met yet. Just at the first table however, is a technician with a clip board in front of a pile of fresh vegetables, and small grean homonid of some sort, sitting front of a pile pastries. "This is Mizrin. Our guest and primary source of enemy strategy and tactics."
The small green... man? Whatever he is, he barely waves his hand in greeting over his shoulder before grabbing another cream puff and begins biting into it.
Hali: "Mizrin? Am I pronouncing that right? My name is Hali. Its very good to meet your acquaintance." She repeated her greeting but was largely ignored. She reached out a hand awkwardly to shake, a brave smile on her face, unsure what the appropriate accords were for interaction...
The technician merely smile apologetically and shakes his head. "He's normally friendly and talkative, except when he eating. If it's not a specially prepared food paste, his brain goes into overdrive analysing and calculating his nutrition and health." The commander grumbles next to you, before turning and leaving. "Right, I have a meeting with the Doctor, and several phone calls to some hard to impress people. I'm sure you can find your way around from here on out."
Hali: "Of course, thank you Commander." She nodded as he walked off, leaving her in the [CAFETERIA].
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