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Nov 9, 2008
Kansen Inyoku no Rensa

Themes: Schoolgirls, rape, corruption, big breasts.

Now, the first thing I'll say about this is the files I got were quite small in resolution. But it doesn't lose too much quality resizing the movie player to a large size.

The interesting this about this particular movie, is that it's done in the style of a zombie apocalypse horror film. A virus that causes an extreme aphrodisiac effect breaks out in Japan while a group of students are staying overnight in their school as the film club's camp. The entire cinematography of it is done in the style of a zombie horror and takes itself very seriously in that regard; there is no throwaway humour or silly anime jokes like in many; which in my opinion only made it funnier. The story, thus, isn't particularly original in and of itself, but was still somewhat refreshing and done reasonably well. It should be noted that while there are two episodes of this, each episode is a stand alone story; the second episode follows the same cast, through the same plot, and merely changes how events unfold; it's really more a retelling of the same story than its own.

My first disappointment with it is the size of the female character's breasts. I prefer a more realistic, natural size, and all of them have a bust that is unrealistically proportioned to their frame. Many people like this, I do not, so in my book it loses points there. And let's face it, the main difference between the female characters, visually, was their hair length, colour and eye colour; they're all schoolgirls with the same uniform, same size, same body shape etc. Another drawback in the actual characters is one of the male characters is rather overweight. So while points for diversity and all that, it does somewhat detract from the aesthetic appeal of the characters. The character in question is also an absolute dick and one of the first to be infected, so at least you're expected not to like him.

The voice acting was done masterfully, as one tends to expect from the Japanese, with characters portraying a wide variety of emotions; they do not simply go straight into raep mode the moment the sex begins as is so often the case. Characters are left scared, confused, frightened, panicked as the events unfold, and those infected give off a creepy demeanour with both their dialogue and tone of voice. Of course, the dialogue, when taken out of context, can often be quite amusing. I still remember one particular line from the second episode, where one of the infected characters declares to his victim as he takes her virginity: “That makes the both of us rape friends”. The music and background sound effects add to the horror atmosphere where-ever they can; never switching over into a sleazy one, creating a contrast between the moaning of lust infected girls and the horror atmosphere. Which I guess means some people will feel guilty getting off over what is clearly rape, and others will find it all that more enjoyable.

As far as the actual scenes go, if you're looking for monsters, tentacles oversized penises and milking, look elsewhere because this is simply vanilla hentai. While there is a variety of positions and combinations throughout the two episodes, there is very little exploration into more unusual fetishes. Perhaps disappointingly, there is very little in the way of yuri action; there threatens to be some in the second episode, but there is only a little fondling at the end of the scene, most of it being simply masturbation in front of another girl who is bound. Perhaps the biggest disappointment for myself was that despite there are a moderate number of characters that progressively get infected, all of the sex more or less remains in pairs; rather than groups. Most scenes that involve multiple people tend to be simply two separate pairs, and although there are one or two exceptions to this I feel opportunities were wasted.

Another thing to note is that, yes, it is censored. So if you love the sight of a roughly penis shaped blur, there'll be plenty for you to get off over. I personally can deal with censorship to a point, but I know there are some to ragequit anything with it, so be forewarned.

All in all, despite its flaws, Kansen Inyoku no Rensa is something I've come back to a few times, if usually only for specific scenes. The atmosphere was amusing, if slightly creepy the first time. If you don't mind vanilla hentai, are a fan of rape and corruption or avidly love the zombie horror genre, I do recommend checking it out.
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Jun 24, 2012
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Great review and thanks to you I now know what vanilla hentai means :p
Nov 16, 2015
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good review, thanks for posting it.


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Thanks for the review.
Love me some vanilla ;)