Internet IS SAVE!!! (for now)

Jun 10, 2018
July 5, 2018 h 12.30, glorious day for the freedom of the Internet, the European parliament rejected (with a little margin I did not expect) the proposed copyright law, now in September there will be a negotiation to change the rule in way that does not CENSORED internet or that relies on a machine or other (ie without articles 11 and 13). It 'right that you have to protect the artists with their creations to get something in return, BUT IT IS NOT A JUSTIFICATION to entrust a filtering machine (could remove more than 99% legal uploads) or makes the skippers pay in other words a complaint .
Thanks Wikipedia Italy without your protest we will be in a few months we would be worse than Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.
But when Italy was suppressed in my country, thanks to its stern opposition, it changed the fate of a vote that seemed certain, and instead the dignity of a man is stronger than the big companies. I am proud to be Italian.
As I mentioned before, in September there will be a negotiation to make the law more human (without articles 11 and 13, the most contested) even if they will find a compromise they will talk about it between 2019 or 2021 because of the European vote. Whatever decide on the reform the important thing that there is a filtering machine that does not recognize my ass, not those of a movie star!
Internet (for now) is SAVE !!!!



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Nov 17, 2010
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Jun 10, 2018
Sorry, but I had a lot of commitments and I had to better inform the question.

As I said, the European Parliament rejected the copyright law, because it could drastically limit the freedom of the internet (especially with the most criticized article 11 and 13).

To be precise, the law is dead, but the proposal is not.

In September there will be a meeting for amendments (probably without article 11 and 13), also because it does not make sense to re-propose the same directive or similar.

But even if a compromise is found, it will be discussed for many years, because:

1) in 2019 there will be voting for the European parliamentary groups.
2) after the bullshit of the deputies who supported this law of censorship I doubt that many will be re-elected. (anti-European parties will likely win).
3) will realize that now all the European people now that they know this thing will keep an eye on them without any truce to say "no filter or censorship press or other".
4) if this directive had been approved, other than a reduction in piracy increases it.
5) in September 10% of the debuted will have to make the amendments and fortunately they are those who voted against.
6) I think it is spoken between 2021 and 2025 if not later.

And this I have examined but if you have other information set up please, the more we know the better anyway, whatever happens will not be worse.

I say one last thing: Those who wanted the law, be ashamed !!!

Do not accept the defeat, which discharges your guilt on the people, on Google, on Wikipedia, etc ...

The only thing that I give reason (if it is true), I do not accept the threats of death, the few idiots are unfortunately there, but fortunately they are a small part.

But you say you have been threatened, then since we are talking about this because you do not say that those who voted against the directive with the threat "we will have you arrested" were threatened, and you do not say it?

Here's what would have happened if the law had passed, but fortunately it's over (at least the big danger) but not everything.

I will keep you updated, but I think I will not find almost anything.

Greetings and live FREE INTERNET !!!!

Jun 10, 2018
I know but there is nothing that, apart from what little I knew the environment parties do not agree is the possibility (hopefully) that even the proposal will be discarded permanently due to the European elections (they do not have a long time), and there will be many anti-EU seats.
I understand that you are anxious (me too) the only thing that I know of course now the whole European population is on the breath to the neck those who want the proposal (probably other signatures).

I will keep you informed, but we continue to pressure Members (cleanly).


Nov 10, 2008
Thank you, but we do have a news thread for news like this, please use it
Nov 17, 2010
We have a news thread, please use it.

Like, the fuckin title is: In Today's News. How could you not know? I think you're just of the opinion that you're shit is better than everyone else's and you don't need to even do the common courtesy of posting in relevant topics.
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Jul 5, 2010
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