Magic and races

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Nov 10, 2008
Just a note... our planet's analogue to this world would be the Renaissance. Sorry for any confusion >.> Try and stay that primitive if you can


Magic is genetic.

Meaning that there is a specific gene in all Races that determines the power of the individual, as well as the type of Magic they have. So magic is hereditary. Weres do NOT have magic due to the fact their disease is a genetic one as well a virus related and this interferes with the gene that creates the magical abilities.

Magic is an extension of the will. To cast, all one has to do is will it. HOWEVER, this tires the individual. It’s the same as physical strength being depleted with hard work.

Natural Magic

Natural magic is just what it says. You do various things that Nature can do. Fireballs, freezing water, lightning; strong winds, molding stone, and causing plants to grow at an excessive rate are examples. This Magic can also be used to cause mutations in the genetic record. This is how Lycanthrope came about, and how the races that derive themselves from human stock came about.

Life Magic

Life magic creates it’s power by stealing the life forces of others. It is NOT genetic and anyone can learn. Most people tend to avoid these cults, however and they are quickly stamped out wherever they’re found.


Enchanters are the ones who have the ability to change/charge clothes and weapons with spells. Such as waterproofing, anti rust spells and so on. Their magic is very practical and they are highly sought after by blacksmiths, weavers, and other mundane but important professions.

Reservoir Magic

The people that have this type of magic, cannot do any of the magic listed above. They are simply conduits and reservoirs of power that that must discharge or it will destroy them. Most use them as living storage batteries, harvesting their energy when they themselves are too tired to go on, on their own.

Small Magics

Also known as house magics these are the little things that everyone can do. These include transmutation, heating food, illusions (Used to keep children in line) If someone is very good at Illusion they are recruited for entertainment purposes, Conjuring, teleportation, Telekinesis, and telepathy.
1. Transmutation- changing one material into another material with the same properties. Ex. Red apple into a green apple.\
2. Illusion- weak illusionists can only make flat, two dimensional insubstantial images. As strength grows, so does dimension, substance, and sounds.
3. Teleportation-
a. Weak- can teleport only themselves, varying distances depending on how tired they are
b. Middle- can transport only a few other but they must go along
c. Strong- can teleport others without going along
4. Telekinesis- depends on the physical strength of the user
5. Conjuring- same principle as teleportation, only of inorganic objects.


You have three types of Telepaths
Long range: These telepaths can communicate long distances
Short Range: they can only communicate over a small distance
And “Strong” Telepaths: They can translate other languages and take control over an animal’s mind.

You will pick one area of higher magic (If you pick nature you will pick a specialization) And then you will pick two areas of small (or lesser) magic. I will then roll a D6 to determine the strength of said small magic.

1)Cave elves --- Elves are short (4.5 to 5.5 feet high), slim, and weigh between 90 to 185 pounds. They are all pale skinned and hair ranges in any color of the visible spectrum and are very vibrant. Their eyes also run this gamut of extraordinary colors. They are excellent metalsmiths and miners. They have to live in caves, because of centuries of living underground. Their eyesight has degenerated and their skin burns very easily. If they must journey to the surface then they use enchanted clothes and blindfolds, but they have a distaste of the surface. Lifespan: 500 years (2)

2)Surface elf --- Elf with nearly black skin, the same spectrum of eye and hair color as cave elves, only more pastel. They are unfortunately tainted with an bad reputation due to their fierceness in defending their home (And the insular nature) and distaste of cave elves. They are loyal companions and will defend to the death if need arises. Lifespan: 500 years (2)

3)Human --- Humans are bipedal primates and stand between 5 to 6 feet tall and typically weigh 120 to 250 pounds, with men noticeably taller and heavier than women. Hair ranges from deep black to almost white, styles run the gamut from straight to kinky, and skin color also runs the gamut from very pale to nearly black. Lifespan: 90 years (2)

4)Lycanthrope --- Take on a slight overcast of their animal. Ie, Werecats have greater agility than normal humans. Wererats are nervous and easily frightened. Werewolves have immensely strong Family ties. Lifespan: 65 years due to how virulent the disease is. But one must be bitten as well as have the gene for it to happen. Humans are the only ones that carry this gene. (2)
a) Cat
b) Bear
c) Wolf
d) Rat
e) Shark
f) Dolphin

5)Centaur --- Has the upper torso, head and arms of a human, and the lower body of a large stocky Horse. A centaur at the head is usually 7 foot high full grown, but as with any race there are those that grow taller and those that never reach that height. Their fur can be any pattern and color that a horse can, and their hair matches their fur. Their hair turns into a mane which run their spine until it reaches the equine portion of their body. Weight is usually from one ton to one and a half tons. Lifespan: 180 years (1)

6)Cattaur --- Same principle as a centaur only the lower portion is feline, and they lack a mane. These are generally shorter than Centaurs preferring to be lean and fast rather than bulky. They are typically eight feet long weigh 500 pounds and are 6 feet high at the head. Lifespan: 145 years (8)

7)Spidertaur- Again the same principle as the cattaur and centaur. The lower portion is arachnid in shape and They are the same height at cattaurs and weigh around the same as well. The are a bit longer however, reaching 9-10 feet. Lifespan: 135 years (1)

8)Halfling --- Halflings, are short creatures standing only about 3 feet high, and they usually weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. They share many characteristic with humans with the exception that their hair and eye colors stay within the shades of Brown and black. Lifespan: 45 years (6)

9)Faun/Satyr --- Usually merry individuals, these creatures have the torso of a human with Horns growing from their heads, and from the waist down they have the legs of a goat. Fauns have longer tails than Satyrs. They have pointed ears, are usually between 5 and 6 feet tall and weigh about 120 to 200 pounds. Lifespan: 80 years (6)

10)Dragon (Usually a teacher, assumes a (Generic) human form with wings to betray their heritage) ---A true Dragon resembles a Reptile with a muscular body a long neck a horned head and a long thick tail. Dragons had a relatively short frill starting from their shoulders that runs down their spine to the end of their tail. They have four legs with sharp claws, their front legs ending in Dexterous hands, they fly using two large bat-like wigs (With the aid of a little Magic) and large thick scales cover them. Their eyes have catlike pupils and nictitating membranes to help protect their delicate eyes. The Dragons legs are positioned under the body, much like a mammal or dinosaur. Dragons are also unlike reptiles in the fact that they are endothermic, they produce their own body heat. Dragons can live up to 5,000 years which makes them some of the better history teachers. They are generally 40 feet high and 200 feet long. Their eggs are 1.5 feet long.
a) Blue --- Spits Liquid Acid
b) White --- Ice Breath
c) Green --- Corrosive Gas
d) Gold --- Fire Breath
e) Silver --- Lightning
f) Bronze --- Paralyzing breath

11)Lizardfolk --- Humanoid creatures with a reptilian face and no hair! their bodies are covered in scales, they have a tail, and can be any Variety of colors and patterns. They are about 6 to 7 feet tall and their tail, which drags on the ground, is usually 3 feet long, and they can weigh as much or as little as a human. Lifespan: 110 years (4)

12)Birdfolk --- These creatures look like tall muscular humans with wings and Arms, they are about seven feet tall and weigh about 100 pounds. The face is more human than avian but the hair is like feathers their sight at distances is unmatched and the lower legs are like those of a raptor. Lifespan: 110 years (3)

13)Merfolk --- Merfolk are human from the waist up and instead of legs they have a fish’s tail. Their hair ranges in any color blue or green, and their eyes tend to follow the same trend. Their fishy parts also follow this blue/green trend. They are generally about 6 to 8 feet long and weigh anywhere between 300 to 400 pounds. Their gills are located on the sides of their necks and they also have lungs, enabling them to breath in both air and water. Lifespan: 100 years

14)Selkies --- Selkies are able to change to human form by shedding their seal skins and can revert to seal form by putting their selkie skin back on. They are unable to return to seal form without their skins, though they may only set foot on land once every seven years unless their skin has been taken from them and hidden. Lifespan: 90 years (7)

15)Naga --- Nagas are creatures that resemble merfolk except that the fish tail on a merfolk is replaced by a serpentine one. Naga’s retain their arms and are generally lovely Creatures. They reach lengths of up to 15 feet and weigh in at 200-300 pounds. Lifespan: 100 years (4)

Half-breeds aren’t common but they are accepted into society. However, Halfbreeds are sort of weird. Due to the genetics and the specifications of the gene molders, the child born will always be the same race as its mother, with coloring from the father.

Magical Creatures:

Unicorn --- The unicorn is a graceful horse-like creature with a pearlescent horn. Its body is less like a horse and more like a cat’s with cloven hooves, a horse’s face, and a tufted lion like tail. All are white. Lifespan: 40 years

Pegasus --- This creature looks like a horse with wings, and a feather-like mane and tail. Lifespan: 40 years

Roc --- This is a huge bird of prey. Capable of carrying off a dolphin like an osprey would, a fish. Feathers usually come in reddish tones. Lifespan: 70 years

Griffin --- A creature with the hindquarters of a lion, and the forequarters of an Eagle; The ears of the creature are feather covered lion like ears. Lifespan: 125 years

Hippogryph --- A creature with the hindquarters of a horse, and the forequarters of an Eagle; it’s ears and tall and slender feather covered horse-like ears. Lifespan: 110 years

Sphinx --- There are three types of Sphinx. All three are slightly more intelligent than lions.
a) Androsphinx - body of lion with head of person; Lifespan: 160 years
b) Criosphinx - body of lion with head of ram; Lifespan: 100 years
c) Hierocosphinx - body of lion with head of falcon or hawk. Lifespan: 120 years

Wyvern --- A dragon like creature with the cunning of a lion and only two hind limbs. Acts like a bird of prey. Lifespan: 1500 years

Twisted Unicorn --- A twisted unicorn is a blood red unicorn with a gnarled black horn. Lifespan: 40 years

Dark Pegasus --- A Pegasus with evil glowing eyes, and a mane and tail made of fire. Lifespan: 40 years

Chimera --- Chimeras are lion bodied creatures with a snake’s body for a tail, and three heads, a lion, a goat and a dragon. Lifespan: 240 years

Manticore --- It has the body of a lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth, and a trumpet-like voice. This creature also has a scorpion like tail which it uses to shoot spines at its prey to paralyze and then the toxins digest the prey from the inside out stopping at the skin, making the prey like a juice pouch. Lifespan: 300 years

Pixie --- A pixie is a small winged elf looking creature, standing about four inches high. The queen appears quite buxom with long blonde hair, and the workers are all flat chested with short brown hair. The Drones look like well proportioned men with short sandy blonde hair. They are social animals, quite like bees, they lay eggs and produce a honey which can knock a man out for hours. It is generally harvested and used as an anesthetic. Queen lifespan: 10 years, Worker Lifespan: 5 years, Drone lifespan: 1 year

Elementals and Nymphs are immortal.
Undine --- An undine is a Water Elemental, which can be summoned to lend power to the mage. They appear as beautiful women made of water.

Dryad --- Is an Earth Elemental. They appear as beautiful Women with bark like skin and hair made of leaves.

Salamander --- A Fire Elemental; these elementals appear as giant wyrms wreathed in flames.

Gnome --- Another Earth Elemental, these appear as small knee high men with stony textured skin.

Sylph --- A sylph is an air elemental that takes on the appearance of Pixies, though they appear bleached out. They are colored in shades of pale blue and white.

Nymph --- They are the embodiment of everything sensual and dangerous in nature. They protect their sacred groves with their lives. They look similar to elves but their ears are longer and more pointed. They will mate with humans, but only if you ask nicely and bring a gift. Otherwise you are trespassing and will be killed. They are about the same height as a female Elf, but weigh in as a bit more due to their natural endowments. The Males are a bit more aggressive than the Females and are quite randy all of the time so females beware. They don't need gifts. Nymphs are particular to chocolates; though if you are a man and you wander into the territory of a male Nymph while carrying Chocolate… prepare to be violated. Though they can be reasoned with it doesn’t work most of the time.

Pin Chameleon --- This chameleon is one inch high and two inches long, and covered in spiny protrusions. It’s normal color is green, this creature feeds on small mammals and whatever it can catch.

Greaser Eel --- This eel is 3 feet long and has a fin along it's back that runs from it’s head to it's tail. There are pits lining the eel’s body that produce a greasy slime, allowing it to escape if caught. These eels are grey, and feed on seaweed.

Needler Anteater --- This creature is vaguely shaped like the infinity symbol, with quills all over it’s body, like a porcupine. It has a long snout, and even longer whip like tongue and is four feet long, with a 2foot long tongue. When threatened the spiny anteater can shoot it’s spines out and hope that they land on the victim while it scurries away. Most are brown or reddish colored. This creature is an insectivore.

Downy water strider --- This bird is a foot tall and covered in tiny proto feathers and has short stubby wings. It’s toes are very long and spread far apart, so it can walk on lily pads. It also has a small crest of feathers atop it’s head, that fan out like a peacock’s tail. The normal coloring for these animals is a light blue. This bird is an insectivore.

Shaggy Marsh Wump --- A bear like creature with shaggy brown fur that lives in swamps. It has a pink, hairless, ratlike tail, a flat face, and three slits where the nose would be. This creature, despite its appearance and aggressive nature, feeds exclusively on plants.

Claw grass --- Claw grass is a type of carnivorous plant, whose claw like head is enriched with silica, making it hard and durable. It is a centimeter tall, and uses the claws to slice into prey and use the blood and decomposing remains for fertilizer.

Creeper moss --- is a short fuzzy carpet of moss that puts up different shaped heads for breeding, feeding, and “sight”. The breeding heads are baseball sized pods on a two foot tall stalk, full of spores. Feeding heads look like venus flytrap heads and are used for tearing chunks of flesh out of their prey, and the sight heads are just stalks with primitive eyes on them.

Pit tree --- A tall hardwood with smooth bark and small olive colored leaves about an inch in length with jagged rose leaf shapes. There is a moat like pit which runs the length around the tree. When an animal falls into this pit the roots stab into the victim and drain it of it’s fluids. When this tree reproduces every spring it produces small 3 petaled flowers, and eventually heart shaped red fruits with two large seeds in the middle. Both pollen and fruit are poison. The bark of the tree is a potent antiseptic.

Lust tree --- It isn’t particularly dangerous though anyone under its influence is worse than a nymph on chocolate. The Lust tree is always in flower, but fruits only once every 2 years. The pollen of the star shaped red flowers is the aphrodisiac. The tree appears to be a white oak at first glance. The fruits are an inch long, pink, fuzzy, and pear shaped. They are delicious and produce a mild aphrodisiac. The taste is reminiscent of starfruit and dragonfruit. The flesh is also pink, and the seeds are round and white, and are bad for you.

Crystal lizard --- This lizard is actually a small gecko that is made of living quartz. An experiment gone wrong, they unexpectedly flourished and feed on soils and grow larger.

Golems --- Golems are also another experiment gone wrong, the black magicians accidentally created this creature when they infused the life forces of thirty young men into thirty stone golems. They also eat soil and rocks, steadily becoming larger until they choose mates and takes parts of each other to build a new golem.

Hobgoblin --- This creature is a small ratlike humanoid. The have about the intelligence of a Rat too, living to eat and breed and spread pestilence all over where they choose to make a nest. They scramble on all fours and live in swarms of hundreds.

Also, Things you can major in! Plus some info on the University


International studies


Mental healing
Magical Creature Biology
Elemental Magic (Can specialize but must take all the classes to fully grasp the course)


Foreign language building
Religion/Psychology building
Literature building
Music building
Elemental buildings—water/fire/earth/air
Alchemy Building
Healers Building
Medical building
Military building
Offices building
Food Court
Recreation center: 3 Pools (2 indoor 1 outdoor), football field, Soccer field, basketball stadium, 2 floors 50 rooms, Tennis rooms, rock-wall, Ballroom on the second floor. (I know. Sports, dreaded sports! It's a parallel universe. I had to make something the same)

100 buildings for dorms. Together they contain over 200,000 students. Many are 6-8 floors high. Some are higher.
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