Magic: The Gathering, Custom cards and mechanics (adult)


Mystic Girl
Jul 16, 2010
So... some of you may remember this thread:

I certainly do, and am a huge fucking nerd, so a few weeks ago for my own personal amusement myself and a friend made a set of custom cards to play on lackeyccg in MSE

Basically my idea was to make a series of duel decks that would fit together and also fit different fetishes, I made two decks that fit with Bimbofication, slavers, harem, bondage etc.

So the one deck (set code DSC; colored Bant) is all double faced creatures, who nominally are suppose to be a little overpowered for their cost, but when they have too many "Bimbo counters" they transform and flip over into a Bimbo creature, giving either the player a disadvantage or their opponent an advantage. (They don't switch control, but they do stop helping their player and start helping the opponent)

The other deck (Set code Rap; colored rakdos) is all about creatures who ladle on "Bimbo counters" their main ability is "Braindrain" which means you deal damage in the form of Bimbo counters, much like infect. Eventually they get so many Bimbos helping them they steam roll the rest of the girls.

So I was thinking I would move onto a new set, (Not that this one is polished, but as a design challenge) but I'm kinda at a blank spot on what to do, both fetish wise and mechanics to express that fetish wise, so any ideas in that regard would be awesome

Before someone asks, I will post my decks and such, but I'm working on a little polish before I drop it in here, also I will post relevant links below if you are interested in trying your hand at design.

MSE (Magic set editor, aka where you make the cards)

Lackeyccg (A program to play with them, though its like board game simulator, it just simulates the tabletop, you need to do most of the work)

To figure out how to do most of what i did i asked google a lot of questions.

Anyways I hope this makes sense, feel free to comment or ask away