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Jan 7, 2009
This thread will serve as a one-stop for all rules related questions and answers and information. Attached is a zip file which contains both the Maid RPG rulebook PDF and the official errata, which most importantly affects the Crisis Adrenaline maid power.

In addition, any and all houserules that we may employ will be listed here for easy reference. Due to the design of the game being originally for tabletop or larp style roleplaying we may need to make adjusts from time to time to enable it to better suit the pace of play by post.

Character Creation Process



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Jan 7, 2009
Re: Maid RPG Rules Thread

Alright, so the following is specifically related to my game coming up. Use the rules above except as otherwise noted:


Step 1
Ability scores; Unlike above, you will roll six sets of abilities and choose where to assign them. There are no available re-rolls however.

Step 4
As before, we'll roll 4, pick 2, however there's also an additional roll on a special table which helps to determine your race/background and the reason you're serving in this dungeon.

Step 5
No maid roots.

Step 7
Complex. You don't have one~

Step 9

Each player will have an important job within the dungeon, they are written below. At the start of each day, you'll each spend a period of time doing your job, this will be handled by simply choosing an available "daily action", or choosing to slack off and doing something else; either way, this period of time will be skipped over quickly. Daily actions consist of a glory option, normal option, efficiency option and replenishment; the glory is dangerous but earns twice as much favour as the normal, your efficiency determines how difficult it is to succeed at your actions and decreases over time, and replenishment is used to replace lost minions.

Glory Action - On success, gain 2d6 favour, lose 1d6 minions, uses primary job attribute
Normal Action - On success, gain 1d6 favour, uses primary job attribute
Efficiency Action - On success, increases efficiency rating. Uses skill.
Replenish Action - Recover minions, uses skill.

Captain of the Guard (taken)






Archmagus (taken)


High Priestess (taken)



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