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Jan 7, 2009
This thread will serve as a one-stop for all rules related questions and answers and information. Attached is a zip file which contains both the Maid RPG rulebook PDF and the official errata, which most importantly affects the Crisis Adrenaline maid power.

In addition, any and all houserules that we may employ will be listed here for easy reference. Due to the design of the game being originally for tabletop or larp style roleplaying we may need to make adjusts from time to time to enable it to better suit the pace of play by post.

Character Creation Process
First and foremost, please speak to a GM about generating a character, so that we can supervise the process of rolling dice. The character creation process is perhaps annoyingly randomised but therein lies some of the fun.

Step 1
Ability scores. You will receive a set of ability scores tied to the attributes as printed in the book. With these, there are two options to modify your scores. The first is to swap any two scores and accept that as your final result. The second is to discard your first set of numbers and reroll up new scores. You may not do any swapping with these. If this second set also is not to your liking, you may discard them and reroll a third and final time, however you must accept these scores even if they are worse than previous results.

Step 2
Maid type. We will roll up three options, you will select two of them. Please bear in mind that the maid types are a broad concept that you need to take some from, but they are not required to be the absolute definition by any means. Also, Lolita does not necessarily mean Loli, as noted in the errata PDF; in our case, Lolita does not mean Loli, period. Try to be more open minded with your maid type, Boyish does not always mean you actually look like a boy, you could simply be overly energetic, such as Excel from Excel Saga as an example. Likewise Lolita could simply be a cute/sweet character, such as Mili from trigun.

Step 3
Maid colours. You get what you're given. If you're gonna rage about your hair, eye or clothing colour, reconsider your priorities.

Step 4
Special Qualities. We will roll up 4 options on the charts, you will pick 2. Simple. At this point, you should be getting a feel for your charcter.

Step 5
We roll your maid weapon maid roots and stress explosion. These are subject to rerolls only when the option is too debilitating(explosions) or doesn't suit the game(weapons). Players with high will and thus high spirit, for example, may understandably not be too keen on a stress explosion that effectively removes them from the game; however such explosions are still appropriate for lower spirit characters.

Step 6
Maid power. Fairly simple, we roll one up. As per the rules, if you have equal highest stats, you may choose which table. You get what you roll.

Step 7
Lastly, your maid has a complex. This is something she doesn't particularly like about herself and others gain an advantage over you if they learn of it and use it against you. You might not like the shape of your body, you might be ashamed of a certain behaviour you exhibit. It's not necessarily a bad trait, but it's something your character considers a bad trait about themselves. You may choose to roll on the physical or mental complex table. These tables can be found on around page 77 of the PDF.

Step 8
Background. Write up one based on your character thus far. Have fun with it, show off your writing talents etc. The more interesting and detailed your background is, the more likely the GMs will come up with ideas involving things from it to affect the game.

* Whenever the rulebook refers to real life minutes, note that we will be treating 12 hours as one minute.
* The favour cost of increasing your attributes will be 10 * (value you're buying up to). So buying a score from 2 up to 3 will cost you 30 favour.


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Jan 7, 2009
Re: Maid RPG Rules Thread

Alright, so the following is specifically related to my game coming up. Use the rules above except as otherwise noted:


Step 1
Ability scores; Unlike above, you will roll six sets of abilities and choose where to assign them. There are no available re-rolls however.

Step 4
As before, we'll roll 4, pick 2, however there's also an additional roll on a special table which helps to determine your race/background and the reason you're serving in this dungeon.

Step 5
No maid roots.

Step 7
Complex. You don't have one~

Step 9

Each player will have an important job within the dungeon, they are written below. At the start of each day, you'll each spend a period of time doing your job, this will be handled by simply choosing an available "daily action", or choosing to slack off and doing something else; either way, this period of time will be skipped over quickly. Daily actions consist of a glory option, normal option, efficiency option and replenishment; the glory is dangerous but earns twice as much favour as the normal, your efficiency determines how difficult it is to succeed at your actions and decreases over time, and replenishment is used to replace lost minions.

Glory Action - On success, gain 2d6 favour, lose 1d6 minions, uses primary job attribute
Normal Action - On success, gain 1d6 favour, uses primary job attribute
Efficiency Action - On success, increases efficiency rating. Uses skill.
Replenish Action - Recover minions, uses skill.

Captain of the Guard (taken)

It's a pretty good job to be in charge of the soldiers. The master's not too interested in the troops as long as long as the place remains safe, so there's plenty of freedom.

Most important attribute: Athletics

Important pieces of uniform

Weapon: -2 if removed
Shield: -1
Breastplate: -1
Helm: -1
Greaves/Skirt: -1
Cloak: -1

Minions: Soldiers (20/20)

Daily Actions:

-Raid the countryside (glory)
-Patrol the dungeon (normal)
-Train the troops (efficiency)
-Recruit new soldiers (replenishment)


As the Overseer, I'm in charge of keeping things running smoothly. Boss doesn't much care how, as long as things keep working. Everything from food stores and supplies to maintenance work falls under my to do list. It's a tough and at times a dull job, but I've got the most subordinates under my command of anyone.

Most important attribute: Skill

Important pieces of uniform

Pencil behind the ear: -2
Blouse/Top/Shirt: -1
Utility Belt: -1
Pants/Skirt: -1
Socks/Stockings: -1

Minions: Workers (30/30)

Daily Actions:

-Expand the Dungeon (glory)
-Maintenance Work (normal)
-Complete Paperwork (efficiency)
-Recruit new workers (replenishment)


As the master's consort, I am his favoured pet. As long as I please him, I have free reign of the dungeon. While officially, my authority only extends as far as his harem, my political influence within the dungeon extends much further.

Most important attribute: Affection/Cunning

Important pieces of uniform

Tiara/Crown: -2
Accessory: -1 (to be specified by player)
Accessory: -1 (etc.)
Accessory: -1
Accessory: -1

Minions: Harem Slaves (20/20)

Daily Actiohs:

-Host an Orgy (glory)
-Please the master (normal)
-Practice with slaves (efficiency)
-Seduce new slaves (replesnishment)

Archmagus (taken)

As the head of the master's mages, I'm in charge of all things magical. And while I may not have a lot of minions, every one of mine is worth ten. Anything magical is my domain, meaning I get all of the important jobs.

Most important attribute: Will

Impotrant pieces of uniform

Magician's Hat: -2
Robes: -1
Blouse/Top/Shirt: -1
Skirt/Pants: -1
Stockings/Socks: -1

Minions: Mages (10/10)

Daily Actions:

- Blood Rituals
- Enchanting Items
- Arcane Research (efficiency)
- Entire New Mages (replenishment)

High Priestess (taken)

'These other servants claim to be loyal, sure. But only I am the master's true servant, only I truly believe he will be our salvation. We shall bring the light of the master to the world, so that all may know his touch.'

Most important attribute: Cunning/Will

Important pieces of uniform

Unholy Symbol: -2
Headdress/Cowl: -1
Robes: -1
Accessory: -1
Accessory: -1

Minions: Acolytes (20/20)

- Ritual Sacrifice (glory)
- Prayer Services (normal)
- Indoctrinate (efficiency)
- Convert new Priestesses (replenishment)


'I have created over 1000 faces... unknown to life, nor to death. My agents and I sow misinformation in the master's enemies as well as provide warning of their movements. If something's happening, I'm always the first to know.'

Most important attribute: Cunning

Important pieces of uniform

Sunglasses: -2
Beret: -1
Cigarette Holder: -1
Blouse/Top/Shirt: -1
Skirt/Pants: -1

Minions: Spies (10/10)

Daily Actions:

- Assassinate enemy rulers (glory)
- Gather information (normal)
- Create new cover identities (efficiency)
- Activate new agents (replenishment)
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