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Nov 12, 2008
Mostly just reposts here of my monster posts back in the signup thread.

Easterlands - The Dragon Empire Timeline

Here's some information on the races. To note, acceptable races are the following:

Humans - Eastern or Western
Elves - Western
Dwarves - Western
Halflings - Western
Gnomes - Western
Orcs - Western
Half-Elves - Eastern or Western
Half-Orcs - Eastern or Western
Fetchlings - Eastern
Tieflings - Eastern
Changelings - Western
Tengu - Eastern
Kitsune - Eastern
Catfolk - Eastern (Also called Nekugami)
Ratfolk - Eastern (Also called Nezumi)

Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Campaign Setting Information

Some notes on classes.
Acceptable classes include: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard, Alchemist, Cavalier, Gunslinger, Magus, Oracle, Summoner (Called Demonbinder), Witch, Ninja, and Samurai. Also the Artificer class from the 3rd Party - Adamant Entertainment section is acceptable.

Summoners are called Demonbinders, regardless of how they practice their craft. Their Eidolons must have demonic cosmetic features, but is otherwise treated the same.

Druids, Oracles and Witches face some persecution for their divine abilities (Rangers are encouraged to take an archetype that removes or changes their spellcasting ability such as the Skirmisher or Trapper, else they will also face persecution). This persecution is mostly social in nature. You won't get arrested for casting a cure spell in public, but you'll likely have armed soldiers following you for a while afterward and you'll likely be refused entrance to most establishments.

Monks are prevented from openly practicing, and anyone seen showing proficiency in martial arts combat is suspected of being a monk and arrested.

Ninja and Samurai must keep their natures secret. The samurai orders were disbanded following the occupation and samurai were required to turn in their ancestral weapons and armor. Some chose exile instead, finding homes among the bandit groups, finding a resistance group, or simply living in the wilds on their own. Regardless, any samurai that is identified is taken into custody, their weapons and armor are confiscated and they are turned out onto the streets.
Ninja have it slightly easier, as they were already pretty secretive. The ninja clans were likewise disbanded during the occupation, but unlike the samurai, they mostly just moved into secret instead of actually disbanding. Discovered ninja are treated as rebels and either locked up or executed, depending on the situation.

And some other notes.

Arcanotech: A fancy name for magical items produced in the west. They typically look more techy than traditional fantasy magic items, but function the same.

Firearms: Only Early firearms exist. Their possession is restriction to westerners, though they can fall into easterner hands on occasion. The exception is the firelance, which can be found in anyone's hands. Additionally, all firearms have their misfire values increased by one.
Because there's a couple of conflicting pages on the SRD about firearms, this is the one that will be used:

Dragon Powder: A more stable form of black powder. If used in firearms, it reduces the misfire value by 2 (so one less than the value given in the rules), but imposes a -1 penalty to attack and damage rolls. A keg of dragon powder only explodes for 5d4 points of damage (with the same reflex save as a black powder keg). It costs the same as black powder.

Coming soon: Notable locations, notable people (Historic and Current), power groups and some kind of map.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Campaign Setting Information

The Patron list. There's a good chance at least some of these people will become relevant later on, even if you're not working for them right away.

The format is as follows:
Name- (The Patron's name, along with any titles)
Race: (What race, and if necessary, ethnicity of the patron. This is mostly fluff, but it can affect how some people perceive the patron and, by proxy, the group)
Affiliation: (What affiliations, if any, the patron has. These can help build support networks, giving you an 'in' with those groups, or they can cause problems, if you run into rival or otherwise opposed groups)
Goals: (In general, what kind of goals the patron has, that the party would be working towards. Again, at least initially)
Location: (Where the patron's base of operations is at)

Then a bit of background and information.

Race: Human (Easterner)
Affiliation: Neutral
Goals: Peace, Knowledge, Protection
Location: Rockside (Original name: Ishi-ka, or Rockhome), a small village on the road between the Imperial Capitol and the mining town of Fall's Reach. Named for the rocky hillside it's built against.

Known only as Mister Fumei, he is the owner of one of the last remaining Eastern style tea houses in the Empire. Although the tea house has a name (Sojourn's End), everyone who knows of it refers to it simply as 'Mister Fumei's tea house'. Fumei himself is old. Very old. It's said that he built the tea house after a long pilgramage, over seven hundred years ago. Fumei laughs this off, saying that it was his ancestor that built it back then, and that it has remained in the family since then. Even so, it's not hard to see why some people might think he actually is over seven hundred years old; Fumei is a small, wizened man, with a long white beard and tired looking eyes. He is still very active, however, personally serving his customers alongside his younger employees, and it doesn't look like age will slow him down any time soon, though he does insist he's feeling his years.

The tea house is built around a central courtyard with a tree looking almost as old as Fumei himself at its center. The courtyard doubles as a garden and guests are invited to relax in it. A small pond is home to a few koi and a family of turtles.
The lower, ground level of the tea house is the serving area, along with the kitchen. Upstairs, there are a few rooms that Fumei rents out to travelers or others in need of a bed for a few nights, as well as Fumei's own bedroom and office.

Recently, Fumei has been asking adventuresome looking guests questions about their travel plans and goals. When asked, he doesn't hide that he's looking for a few brave souls to help him with a few problems. Rats in the cellar, he insists.

Madame Rouge-
Race: Human (Westerner)
Affilitaion: Neutral
Goals: Protection, Profits, Pleasure
Location: Blackhill (Original name: Kuroka, roughly, Black Hill), a small, but quickly growing mining town off the beaten path, though that path is quickly getting beaten into shape. Blackhill gets its name from the coal found in its hills. Not as valuable as gold, but still creating a small boom.

Madame Rouge, real name Theresa Spence, is a brothel owner currently setting up an establishment in Blackhill, to cater to the influx of miners and the inevitable others that will follow them. The Madame is an unusual character in the Empire, because, even though she is a Westerner, she has taken the time to learn to fluently speak the Eastern language with almost no detectable accent. She also observes some Eastern customs, and is one of the few business people to treat Easterners, human or beastfolk, with respect in their dealings.

She's relatively young, or appears to be, at around mid-thirties. Her name comes from her red hair, and penchant for dressing in reds. Though starting to show a few signs of age, Theresa is still a very alluring woman who takes pride in her appearance, always making sure she's looking her best whenever she expects to meet anyone else. In her prior businesses, she's even taken some clients herself.

Though she states that her reason for coming to Blackhill is because she wanted a change in scenery and because she saw opportunity here, those in the know are aware that she used to be a member of the Silken Sash, a very influential slaving guild, but had recently broken ties with them. It's suspected by some that she came to Blackhill to lay low for a bit and keep from giving them a reason to come after her.

Madame Rouge has recently been putting up posters around the small town asking for able-bodied and 'adaptable' persons to assist her with a few matters, with a fair bit of money being offered for the services.

The Great Itsunen-
Race: Giant
Affiliation: Bandits, Highwaymen, and Dance Troupes
Goals: Wine, Women, Song
Location: Wherever fine wines are sold

The Great Itsunen, is, in fact, a fabrication. A local legend in the rural parts of the Empire, of a giant of a man who harasses Western caravans and distributes the money to the Easterners in exchange for wine and general merriment. It's mostly told as a joke about the Westerners, with The Great Itsunen being something of a clownish figure, making the losses on his account causing the Westerners to look even more foolish.

His name comes from an enigmatic parchment found over the lock of a chest, where only the name 'Great Itsunen' were scrawled, and needed to be copied down in order to open the chest. (In other words, I had to fill in a captcha once, with Great Itsunen being the words. Thought it was an awesome name for a comical bandit character and was waiting for a chance to use it.)

The Black Shaft-
Race: Unknown
Affiliation: Bandits
Goals: Trade Disruption, Rebellion, Anti-Westernism
Location: The forests along the trade-routes between the Imperial Capitol and the gold mines in the southern mountains.

Probably the source of the myth of The Great Itsunen, the Black Shaft has made no secret his hate of the Westerners. Caravans carrying gold to the capitol or supplies to the mining towns are his targets. He has gathered a band of brigands that follow him, and aid him in his endeavors. His calling card, and the source of his name, is the black-shafted arrow that he leaves at the caravans he hits.

Though he hates Westerners, the Black Shaft is said to forgive individuals who prove that they share his convictions that the Eastern lands should be returned to the Easterners. Because of that, his band is filled with people of all races and ethnicities.

No one knows where the Black Shaft makes his camp, indeed, it's likely mobile, but everyone knows that traveling along the trade routes with laden wagons makes it rather easy to find him, though not in the way most want to.

Vorunkl of Krakmount, son of Urgot the Terrible-

Race: Half-Orc
Affiliation: The Vigil
Goals: Justice, Vengence, Law
Location: The Vigil's head office in the Imperial Capitol.

Vorunkl is the son of the great Orc warchief, Urgot the Terrible (who rightfully earned his title), and an unknown human woman. Growing up in the slums of a large western city, Vorunkl had to fight every day just to survive, and he inevitably got good at it. Unlike most half-orcs in the slums, and definitely unlike his father, Vorunkl had a sense of justice. He would pick fights with thugs who would extort those weaker than them. He would burn drug shipments. He would do anything to protect the weak and defenseless of his slum.
Ultimately, he started getting followers, and while he didn't see himself as a leader figure, he eventually took up the mantle and named his new gang, the Vigil. They quickly grew from being vigilantes, to actually being endorsed by the city's watch, who were hobbled by bureaucracy and budget cuts. The Vigil steadily grew until it had grown too big for once city. Vorunkl left a few of his lieutenants in charge and moved on with a small group to another city that needed help. In a few years, most of the major cities in the west had a Vigil chapter.
However, trouble started to hit them. Without explanation, Vigil members started going missing. Vorunkl tried to find out who was responsible, but just as he felt he was closing in on his suspects, the occupation of the Empire began, and he found his suspects having followed the army east. Without hesitation, Vorunkl followed.

Now, the Half-orc still searches for the organization that he's convinced has been targeting the Vigil, while also still working hard at maintaining order and law wherever he goes. He doesn't have any particular prejudice against the Easterners, but in his eye, the occupation of the Empire is a lawful one, and the laws of the land are the laws, which everyone must follow. His foes are those that exploit the weakened Easterners, as well as those who attack Western trade shipments.

Having come east with little preparation, Vorunkl is trying to build up the Vigil's presence here and has sent calls out for anyone interested in aiding him.

Yukiko, Eight-tailed-
Race: Kitsune
Affiliation: Beastfolk Rebels
Goals: Freedom for Easterners, Driving Westerners out of the Empire
Location: Shine to Niru-rui, somewhere in the forested foothills of the Dragon Wing mountains.

Yukiko is currently the only known eight-tailed kitsune in the world. While still one short of the mythical nine, she still wields great powers, and commands even greater respect. While not the founder of the Beastfolk rebellion, Yukiko quickly rose to prominence for her innate magical ability and her talent for leading.

Yukiko leads the rebellion from an ancient shrine to the spirit of the Dragon Wing mountains, lost to antiquity until it was rediscovered by the fleeing beastfolk during the demon invasion. The shrine sheltered them then, and has since become a rallying point for the rebels. Its location is unknown to those outside of the rebellion, but anyone dedicated enough to join them will be found by the rebels and brought before Yukiko.

Yukiko has a great antipathy to Westerners, for obvious reasons, but if one shows that they truly wish to aid the rebellion, they are given a chance to prove themselves. Otherwise, Yukiko accepts all Easterners into her fold, knowing that they'd need an army to drive the Westerners out.

Race: Tengu
Affiliation: Tengu spy network
Goals: Profits, Information gathering
Location: The Tengu quarter of the Imperial Capitol

All other information is property of the Tengu spy network.

Riker Dalmott, the Blackhearted-
Race: Human (Westerner)
Affiliation: The Silken Sash
Goals: Slavery, Power, Money
Location: The Silken Sash safeouse in Hopefalls (Original name: Nijikawa, or Rainbow River), a dreary town on the banks of a river running down from the sourthern mountains. Once a very small village, it has been taken over by the Silken Sash and now serves as their headquarters.

Riker earned his epithet by being one of the most ruthless and cruel slavers in the Silken Sash. It seems like his greatest joy comes from seeing the light of hope die in a slave's eyes. Thoroughly evil, his rise through the ranks of the slaving guild was unsurprising.

After suffering a leg injury while chasing down a slave, Riker found himself stuck in Hopefalls for a while while his leg healed. Bored, he's sent out calls for mercenaries who want to get a few kicks out of tracking down runaway slaves.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Campaign Setting Information

So, came up with a new system today at work. About 70% of it is going to be secret for now, but what isn't I'll detail here.

The system is called, for now, Boons (crappy name, going to rethink it later). Some creatures have a special essence inside them that is released when they are killed. A nearby PC (only PCs, cause they're special!) can absorb this released essence to gain a boon, but only one PC per creature can collect a boon. There are three types of boons, Permanent, One-Shot, or Temporary.
Permanent Boons take effect as soon as they're gained, and, as the name implies, are permanent. They cannot be dispelled or otherwise removed (with a few exceptions), but some of them can be suppressed by magic. Supernatural Permanent Boons are subject to suppression by Dispel Magic and similar spells and effects, as though they were magic items (though they cannot be permanently removed through the Disjunction spells).
One-Shot Boons are held in reserve until they are used, whereupon they are expended. You can only have a number of One-Shot Boons held in reserve equal to your level at any one time. Some One-Shot Boons are expended regardless of the success of the ability, others are only expended on a successful use, this will be detailed in the Boon description. One-Shot Boons can be extraordinary, supernatural or spell-like.
Temporary Boons, like permanent Boons, take effect when they're gained, but unlike permanent Boons, they only last a set amount of time.

When a creature capable of granting a Boon dies, each PC gets a flat d20 roll to determine who gets the Boon. Whoever rolls highest, gets the Boon. Each Boon that a PC gets, gives them a -1 penalty on this roll, hopefully making Boon distribution more-or-less even in the end. These rolls may be done secretly, or publicly, whichever people want.

A Boon has already been awarded, actually. Zurui rolled a 19 to collect the Boon for defeating the ratling in Fumei's cellar. The Boon boon she chose was the permanent one, which gave her a permanent +3 boost to her HP. To show as examples, here are the other options she could have chosen:
One-Shot: Gain one use of the Consuming Strike, Minor (Su) ability. Declare that you are using this ability before making an attack. If you hit and deal damage, you heal a number of HP equal to half of the damage dealt (Round up). Any HP gained in excess of your maximum HP are lost. Regardless of whether your attack succeeds or fails, this ability is expended.
Temporary: You do not need to eat for one day. You still need to drink, and can eat food if desired.

There are going to be grades of Boons, from minor to epic, with the bonuses granted scaling appropriately. Zurui's Boon was of the minor variety. Also, each creature will, generally, give a different Boon.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Campaign Setting Information

House rule, regarding the Realistic Likeness feat.

Here's the new feat:
Realistic Likeness (Racial)
Prerequisites: Kitsune.
Benefit: You can change your appearance with much more control than other Kitsune. You can freely change your form, subject to the capabilities and limitations of the Disguise Person spell, though you are unable to change any worn or carried gear or clothing. The change is not illusory. Also, you cannot change your appearance when appearing as a Kitsune. (What this means is you can't change yourself to look like a different Kitsune or even change small details on your Kitsune form. Non-Kitsune forms are fair game.)
You can remember a number of specific forms equal to your Intelligence modifier, and can choose to forget one to remember another. These remembered forms are in addition to your regular Kitsune Alternate form. You cannot copy another person's form exactly, unless you have remembered their form, or are able to observe them or a suitable likeness of them.
Disguising yourself in this way gives a +10 bonus on Disguise checks. When Disguised as a specific person, you may need to pass Bluff or Diplomacy checks when dealing with others who know the person you are impersonating, in order to successfully pass as that person.

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: Maiko's Game - Campaign Setting Information

So, what if a female kitsune remembered a dude's form. Could she change her form to have a penis?
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Campaign Setting Information

So, what if a female kitsune remembered a dude's form. Could she change her form to have a penis?
According to the spell description of Disguise Self (Specifically: "You could add or obscure a minor feature or look like an entirely different person or gender."), yes.

Also, more fine customizations of the form are possible, so the female kitsune wouldn't need to memorize a male form to take on a male form, or simply add a penis to a female form, if she so wished. Or vise-versa for a male kitsune changing into a female/adding female parts.

Because of magic, and complicated stuff, if it ever comes up, when a person is shapeshifted (regardless of method, unless it's for a very long period, say over a year), they're infertile.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Campaign Setting Information

First, just stating now that I'm not reviving this RP at this time. I'd still like to return to this setting at the very least at some point in the future, however.

Anyway, had a lot of time to think about stuff while on buses and waiting for appointments recently, imagination got to working and came up with some ideas for pinning down the rather vague information I've thrown about regarding demons in this setting. There's still a couple points that aren't addressed here, but I might be able to get them out at some point. Just for scoring, those points are Half-demons and tieflings (touched briefly in this) and the nature of the Shadowlands demons.

So here's some information, presented in the form of a recovered document from Zharid's wastes from that lost empire's golden age.

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