Incomplete Mana Maze (Retro Styled Maze Runner)


Demon Girl Pro
Nov 15, 2014
Hello, we've just published the initial demo for our first release as a game dev group. Please check it out:
You can download the demo from here:


Long story short, the core concept is a pac-man esque game; collect enough mana to clear a stage while avoiding capture. If an enemy catches you you get a cg scene. If you are defeated, you have to trek back to where you 'died' to recover your dropped mana. It's not implemented in the current demo (Hoping to add it to the next demo) but you'll ALSO be able to get scenes of the protagonist topping the monsters instead by turning the tables on them. I hope you enjoy our game and I'm looking forward to any constructive feedback we can get!

1st demo is still pretty simple but I'm hoping to create some more interesting gameplay for the later levels, especially once I add in the last couple missing mechanics.

[I apologize in advance if this double posts, had my connection drop in the middle of posting]


Demon Girl Pro
Apr 28, 2010
A game developer who didn't put a patreon Link in the OP? I thought those went extinct!

On a more serious note, the game doesnt look bad at all. It would be interesting to see how you can build up on the Pac-Man formula. I'll give it a try! Good luck!


Demon Girl Pro
Nov 15, 2014
Not sure I wanna open up the can of worms that is the 'Patreon debate,' but hey game devs and artists gotta eat too! I'm paying the artists out of my own pocket right now, so finishing the game is gonna set me back few thousand, but If I can live off of cheap ramen for a while so they don't have to that's just the sacrifice I'm gonna have to make!

Seriously though, I didn't feel the patreon revenue model was a good fit for this project. I do plan to sell the final product where I can though, for the record. Not expecting to make the big bucks, but hopefully enough to make back the development costs and maybe get some seed money for a bigger and better follow-up project.

We're doing a maze game because of the fact that it's a simpler less ambitious project that I KNOW we can finish in a reasonable timeframe instead of one of those huge sprawling projects where the devs promise the moon and drag out the development for years without getting very far. This is a part-time project for us, so even for a simpler game progress will be a bit slower than it would be for full-time devs.

As for the game itself, not much to the demo yet but I hope we got the basic idea across. Instead of pac-man's 'power pellets' there are elemental powerups that will have both a passive effect and active "spell" you can use which will enable you to defeat certain enemies or open up new paths and shortcuts. For example the earth power's passive effect hasn't come into play in the demo yet but it'll make you extra 'heavy' so stages with things like gusts of wind won't push you back. And then the spell effect gives you an attack that breaks rocks to open shortcuts and will let you stun or slow down some of the ground-based enemies.

I tend to personally prefer games that require more strategy and planning than full actiony twitch reflexes, but my own team-mates have some mixed feelings about the current pace of the game and the tile-grid based movement I'd implemented so we may or may not change things up a bit more depending on what kind of fan-feedback we get. It's a bit slower paced than Pac-Man since it's not designed to force constant unending movement, but still being a bit faster paced than Bomberman since the field isn't quite as flooded with obstacles. I was tryng to hit something in-between the feel of those two games.



Demon Girl
Apr 4, 2010
Spiffy, I like the art style. Nicely different from the usual anime style. Any chance of a male protagonist in the future?