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Nov 24, 2008
Name: William Croaker.
Apparent age: He was embraced around 24, but looks older than that due to harsh life.
Physical description:Black hair contrasted by pale skin and green eyes sunk deep into stark features looking as if carved with axe, wearing non-descript clothing and carrying a dagger at his belt.
Backstory: Once upon a time there was a happy family. The father worked at the cemetery - hard work, but there isn't any other kind - and the mother tended home and helped out in a nearby tavern to make the ends meet. They had a child and they were happy. The child had a way with words and the priest liked him well enough to teach him to read and write and would have even sent him to school, had that been possible. One day, the baron's handsome son walked into the tavern and the tavern burned down. The mother was disfigured and could hardly take care of the home anymore, work even less. The family wasn't so happy anymore. The father continued working, and worked even more than before for the sake of his family, for he truly loved them.The child had little time for the priest's teachings, and not even a thought for the school. The mother started getting sick. The father's work finally became too much for him and he started drinking, without bothering to even keep it secret. He still worked, but the work he did was not enough to keep the family warm or well fed. Then came a day when the child saw his parents arguing and the father started beating the mother. It was too much for the child, and he simply left, figuring he was better off finding his own fortune than looking at what was left of his parents. He walked out of the door, with none paying attention to him, and then he walked down the street and just kept walking until he was out of town.

Years later, Will Croaker is a beggar on the streets of London. He still has a way with words and that keeps him a little better off than most beggars, but he still counts himself lucky the days he gets enough to eat or a warm place to sleep. One night when he's telling tales in a street corner a stranger in fine clothes stops to listen and eventually offers him a dinner. The next few weeks go by as he is given enough to eat and, as importantly, paper and pen to lay his stories on writing. And as he finishes writing down one of the last tales he can remember, he is Embraced.

His sire, a toreador, was suitably impressed with his storytelling to decide to embrace him so that he might be able to continue it forever. The sire was a harsh master, but fair as they come, and he indeed did teach Will things of use amongst the kindred. Eventually the sire grew bored and threw him out, with promises of future visits to hear more of his tales and to share some art of his own.
Aptitude: Mental social physical.
Clan: Toreador.

I'm somewhat drunk as I'm writing this and I'm sure I'll need to fix/add some things later, but it's already been over a week without anyone posting here and I finally got inspiration, so here you go.


Nov 28, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Anabelle "Nabe" MacLoyd

Apparent age: 25

Physical description: Woman of average height, but broad shouldered and well muscled from years of war-fare. Close cropped light brown hair and half her right ear is missing. She often wears bandages tightly wrapped around her chest to conceal her breasts and therefore womanhood, and often travels in tunic and breeches with a ratty cloak, but carries a chainmail tunic in a pack she took from her time in the army. A scar across her neck that nearly killed her also makes her voice low and hoarse.

Backstory: When a raiding party stormed her village in Scotland, Anabelle's husband was killed and she was raped. She managed to kill one of her attackers and for the act they slit her throat and left her for dead. Miraculously surviving, Anabelle pledged a vow to God and traveled south to England to both redeem herself for her sin of murder, and to thank God for sparing her life through the Crusade.
Hiding as a man amidst the army, she traveled to the Holy Lands where she fought against the heathens and through losing friends and shedding so much blood, began to lose her faith in the church. When she helped take the great city of Jerusalem she thanked God that it was over. Her ship home however, capsized in a storm in the Mediterranean.
Stranded in Northern Africa it has taken her 11 years to finally return to the island of her homeland. Now in London she sets her sights on moving north to her home, and hope that her family still lives...

Aptitude: Physical, Social, Mental

Preferred clan: Gangrel

Read: Pictish and Gaelic
Spoken: English, Pictish, Scots and Gaelic

Animalism: 2
Fortitude: 1
Protean: 2

Blood Pool: 15/15 (3 per turn)

Will Power: 4/4

Health: [uninjured]


Experience: 3

Background Points: 1
Contacts - Jourdain
Domain - Space in which to feed and rule.
Herd - Mortals willing to offer their blood regularly.
Influence - Authority and status among mortals.
Wealth - Property and other sources of value.
Retainers - Personal assistants both supernatural and otherwise.

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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Meister Mikalis von Daphni
Apparent age: 31
Physical description: Mikalis stands at a short 5' 5", and he wears a very dark red beret styled directly backwards when he is out on the street. He often wears a pair of black wool pants that he blouses inside a pair of black boots, and wears a white wool shirt underneath a red wool coat.
Backstory: At the age of eighteen, Mikalis was living in the town of Athens, Greece, when, upon trying his hand at it, he discovered he had a natural talent for mosaic arts. He began painting mosaics of many different subjects, but one that began to catch on to him were paintings of The Lord, which he began to hold dear to him. Eventually, he was commissioned in 1100 to paint a grand mosaic in the temple several miles outside of town. When he finished, he found himself hungering for more, and decided to take what he could and travel the world, searching for inspiration for his new paintings, or at least find some new ways to paint his old paintings. He began to set out northward across Europe, crossing Albania and then into Macedonia, before heading westward into central Europe and getting lost for some five years before finding his way to Belgium, and hearing about a wondrous country across the sea. He spent all of his money in order to arrange for travel over to England, where he began to search for new ways to inspire his paintings.
Aptitude: Social Mental Physical
Preferred clan: Toreador
Dec 14, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Jocelyn Holder
Apparent Age: Early 20's, 24 at most.
Physical Appearance: Short and slender, with chest-length Raven-black hair and pale skin. Wears a rugged dress that looks like it used to be quite impressive, but has seen far too much wear and tear.
Backstory: She's a Malkavian, you really want to know, try asking her about it sometime
Aptitude: Mental Physical Social
Clan: Malkavian


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Jan 7, 2012
Re: Character sheets

Name: Geoffrey de Beaumont
Age: 30
Description: Tall, broad, muscular, dark haired and dark eyed, Geoffrey appears noble in both physical build and social demeanor. His eyes are sunken deep in his skull and gleam with the mocking fire of a passionate, ambitious young man. His lips are thin and appear to be always smiling slightly. He dresses in black wool clothes and wears a fur coat against the cold, in the style of the Norman nobility.

Back-story: Geoffrey was the younger son of a minor noble at the court of Duke William, with no hope of gaining lands or a title unless he seized it for himself, and that was precisely wat Geoffrey set out to do. When Duke William raised a host to invade England, Geoffrey was amongst the many eager knights who rallied to the Duke's banner. He was there when they sailed across the channel, fought in the bloody battle of Hastings and participated in the march on London, to stake his claim of the spoils.

Geoffrey had caught the attention of the Cainites, however, and they manipulated the mortals to deny him his share of lands and titles. Even more determined to carve out his name, Geoffrey followed King William the Conqueror across England for four years, crushing rebel armies where they sprang up, increasingly desperate by the fact that his efforts were not properly rewarded. One night, wounded and weary from battle, a man approached him and asked him if he was ready to claim his reward. With it, would come great responsibility beyond imagination, but the reward would be far greater than he would ever achieve if he turned the offer down. Exhausted, Geoffrey gave a silent prayer and thanked the Lord for finally rewarding his patience.

Aptitude: Social, Physical, Mental

Preferred Clan: Lasombra
Jan 16, 2010
Re: Character sheets

Name: Eliza Guiscard
Apparent Age: 22
Description: Standing a 5' 6 inches tall, Eliza is curvy and fair skinned with snowy blonde hair reaching mid-way down her back. She wears long flowing dresses of dark colors like green, blue, and red. Her eyes are a deep shade of green, and her lips, which scowl most of the time, seem to show her disdain even when she smiles. Only with great effort, does Eliza appear genuinely friendly.

Back-story: Eliza is the ninth and forgotten child of Robert Guiscard, a famous Normand Duke and crusade hero and his wife Sikelgaita, a former Lombard princess that fought beside her husband in his campaign against the Byzantine. When her father captured the Republic of Amalfi in southern Italy, Eliza traveled with her brother Guy and became a Duchess of Amalfi alongside him. Amalfi is where she stayed for the rest of her mortal life.

A product of her family, Eliza is vain, decadent, and conniving. Since Guy often went off to wage war campaigns to further his glory, Eliza was quite content and pleased to stay in Amalfi, having the Duchy all to herself. Her rule in Amalfi was designed to suit her and her alone. The Duchess Eliza had little use for the Italians living in Amalfi other than to work as servants, of which she had quite a retinue, and she was certainly not known for her generosity or compassion. Eliza used her Norman protection and connections to cement her rule, extracting resources from the people to expand her estate and cracking down on any opposition with brutal force. It is said that those with the misfortune to have been dealt with personally by the Duchess experienced far worse fates than from that of any of the most brutal guards. One night around 1081, Eliza vanished from known history and never returned. Her death was never confirmed, and the rumors served to totally wipe her name from history. However, the real story began on that fateful night when the Duchess of Amalfi was taken by one of the Lasombra and became something far greater than she had been before.

Aptitude: Mental, Social, Physical
Preferred Clan: Lasombra

In-Game Stuff

Read: Latin
Spoken: Italian, Norman, French, English (Not sure about this, but I guess the game wouldn't work well if not!)

Dominate 1
Obtenebration 3
Potence 1

Bloodpool 12/15 , 3 points can be spent per turn.
Willpower 3/4.

1 experience point (spent 9 in Obtenebration)
1 background point

Health: Uninjured

Contacts - Mortals who provide useful information.
Domain - Space in which to feed and rule.
Herd - Mortals willing to offer their blood regularly.
Influence - Authority and status amongst mortals.
Resources - Money and other sources of wealth.
Retainers - Ghouls and other servants.

Generation - 8th Generation Lasombra (Caine 1st, Irad 2nd, Lamech/Lasombra 3rd, Montano 4th, Constantius 5th, Narses 6th, Adria 7th, Eliza and Jourdain 8th).
Mentor - Jourdain
Sire - Adria

Status - A characters standing and reputation amongst other vampires of a domain.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Eve Vosmus

Age: 18

Description: Small with shoulder length curly red hair and green eyes, she looks as if her parents had come from Éire. She's about five feet tall and very very skinny. In the past she's worn peasant dresses and rags but she's slowly getting used to the better designed and better fitting clothes (dresses and the like) she's recently acquired. Her new employer has dressed her as a boy on a few occasions, but these have been rare.

Back-story: She doesn't remember much of her childhood, though she knows she spent it dirty and hungry. Her parents died when she was very young and she's not sure of the relationship of the man who raised her. When she came into her first Menses he decided now that she was a woman, it was time for her to earn her pay. She spent the next few years whoring herself out to pay for her place in his home, however that time came to an end when a very good looking gentleman swooped her off the streets, vowing that he'd never see someone this beautiful entertaining trash. He said, "When I'm done with you girl, you'll be a feast for kings!" So she spent the next few years of her life training with other beautiful women to be a Courtesan for nobles.

Aptitude: Social, Mental, Physical

Preferred Clan: Torrie, derp

Anything I need to change, Ronny?


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May 18, 2010
Re: Character sheets

Room for one more, eh?

Name: Lexwyn

Age: 18

Description: A young redheaded woman who looks like she's recently been living a bit of a hard life. Her eyes still have a lot of drive behind them, even if they're slightly dull colored.

Back-story: Lexwyn was the only child of a low level noble in Wales who fled into the woods during the Norman invasion. Though desperately wanting to stay and fight in defense of her father's small fief, he sent her away, so that his line may continue.

She had always been something of a tomboy, especially as her father had no male heirs, so she survived the long winter, albeit barely. Even for someone as tough as her it was hard work, basically living in a hole in the ground where she could, scavenging and occasionally catching a small animal. The exact opposite of how a noble should be living. It was during this time that her anger and resentment started to build...

One day early in the spring of the next year, Lexwyn found a small cottage in the woods. Desperate for food and longing for shelter, she decided to risk breaking in and stealing what she could. She had no idea that this would be the start of what some might call a grand adventure...

Aptitude: Mental, Physical, Social

Celerity 1/Potence 1/Presence 2

Preferred Clan: Brujah
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Nov 10, 2008
Old character sheets

Character sheets for the original chronicle, just let me know if you want it moved back to continue play as an original character.
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