Project 108



The year is 2014. Animals have been cloned by way of machines to survive the devastation. Unfortunately, all instances of non mechanical animal activity had perished, causing each breed and species to live in different societies and kingdoms. Peace was finally achieved and all was well, save for a few obvious bad eggs here and there.

It went on for years. Then, the king of the human kingdom held a meeting. Only known as Highroller. A greedy king in search of power among the entire world. He cares none about the animaloids, yet promises a golden future. Lying about the humans conspiring against them. One person, a child prodigy named Don is the only human to have remembered when this occured. The humans and animaloids are now at war with this lone boy having nothing left to do but find those with the sense enough to believe him.

He invented a robotic suit, backed with a silent alarm, and a tone distortion function. It was simple. Go out as a beta product of the animaloid period, and convince a team of humans to try to make peace with them. The plan didn't seem to work at first. Lin Chung, an artist and a martial artist that believes in peace as a firstmost priority.

Lin Chung and Don, who is now known as Biosapien, have since tried to make peace with the animaloids. Each casting them down and having them both almost killed. Eventually, they both decided to form an army, a refuge of sorts called Big Green, both to rebel against Highroller, and to figure a way to convince the animaloids that humans bear no malice to their kingdoms.