Re: The Temple Character Creation

Mamono Assault Force

Coon Tamer
Jan 1, 2009
Name: Penelope
Apparent age: 24
Physical description: Pic
Personality: Possesses the voluptuous body of a fully grown woman, while having the mentality of a young girl, Penelope is a carefree, happy-go-lucky girl with a kind, and innocent disposition. She is not a stranger to the lewd, or sexually suggestive theme, and despite her nice behavior, is often on the dominant end of her relationships. Though she can just as easily be put on the other end of the bondage. Honest, carefree, and lewd are what best describe Penelope.
Clothing: An ordinary looking bra. A sexy set of 'V' line panties, and an exquisite set of stockings meant to boost her sexual appeal.

STR= 5
CON= 10
INT= 5
AGI= 10
STA= 15
LUK= 15
Life Force= 16 (16.25)