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The Adbot's Revenge!


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Nov 21, 2008
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The Internet. A place where people can be themselves, without being hurt physically, and able to be anonymous. This was a wonderful creation, which lead to the creation of Internet Porn. Later, Flash Hentai Games begin to circulate. This was the dawning of our story.

First, there was a forum, dedicated to Linemarvel. He had created a wonderful game, and it was loved by many, fapped to by others. It was known as Jungle Girl. Everyone loved his next creation, Demon Girl.

But, when that gathering place was decimated by an unknown cause, a new gathering place was created. This was known as Tentacle Haven Forums. It was buggy and hard to cope with, but it was still a nice Hentai community. It still exists to this day. Then, one of the Admins, Aika, created a new place, payed for and supposedly safe from Adbots. This was known as ULMF, the Unofficial LineMarvel Forum. That is where our story begins.

It was a normal day in ULMF. People going about their perverted lives, discussing Hentai and other matters. It had been almost a month since the last Adbot attack, and everyone was enjoying it. But, that all went to shit. A massive army of Adbots had been sighted moving towards ULMF, and a handful of Forum-goers were asked to help defend ULMF. This is that story.

((Okay, Okay, Okay, this is where everything goes down after I open everything for posting. Don't post until I open posting, which will be announced in the OOC thread. I will be posting my character as well, but only when I have opened posting))
Re: The Adbot's Revenge!

((K, pardon double post, but I have to to get this thing rolling))

The main front, outside ULMF's main gate. Specialy Anti-Bot defenders had been assigned to defend the gates by the people who owned the land ULMF was situated on, vBulletin. But that would not be enough to defend against this onslaught. That is why the ULMFDF had been called on, and was recruiting people. Their battleground was half a klik away from the main gate, trenches and bunkers set up to defend ULMF. Here it begins.

A man dressed in what looked like heavy greyish-black armor crouches in one of the trenches, looking around at the other defenders, his shotgun in hand, waiting for the adbots to show themselves. "Get ready, boys and girls, the Adbots will be here in a few minutes" he says, checking his shotgun and loading a set of shells into the modified NS2000, before closing it and cocking the gun
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Nearby was a large hole in the earth. simply looking unobtrusive. "Tell me when, I think I dug too far this time..." an insectlike voice echoes out.
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A man in red armour stands nearby in one of the trenches. On his back are two sheathed katana, a holstered shotgun and a large metal hammer, and hanging from his belt are numerous kama and a kusarigama. In his hands, he carries a large nail gun. He is grinning and staring at the approaching Adbots.

"Let them come... They'll eat burning metallic death a million times over before I let them reach this gate! And a million times again before they break through it!"

The man's scalp bursts into flames. It burns for a while before going out.
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"Well, looks like I'm not the only one with a hot head!" Burrito yells, looking over at Bartnum a few meters away "And where is that voice coming from?" he asks, looking around and noticing the large hole "They'll be here in a few minutes. I'll direct you to them." he says, standing and resting his shotgun on the edge of the trench, preparing for the oncoming attack
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SiphonTalvesh stood nearby them all, a heavy duty M249 strapped to his backside along with what appeared to be a needle thrower already aiming at the area where first of the bots most likely would come from. He seemed to be ready to open fire the second the order was given to.

"This will be quite interesting to behold."
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Re: The Adbot's Revenge!

As Siphon finished his sentence, things began to fly overhead, small things, barely visible at first, but one could tell they were ads

"Pop-up ads! The bots are here! Open Fire!" Burrito yells, his shotgun still aimed at where the bots were, wainting for them to get within range, looking at the hole ahead of the trenches and close to the enemy lines "Whoever is in that hole, get to work! they're heading your way!" he yells, waiting for the adbots to come closer, the massive wave of them breaking into a charge
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Bartnum sends a jet of fire out of his palm toward the popup ads, before turning his attention to the approaching bots. He opens fire with his nail gun, spitting iron spikes into the enemy front line.

"Come on! I'll shred you all to pieces!"
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Re: The Adbot's Revenge!

As the Adbots fell, one by one from Bartnums nails, Burrito begins firing his shotgun at the adbots, causing them to shut down as they are hit "Damn, there's too many, out of the trenches, use your swords!" he yells as he puts his shotgun on his back, drawing his sword just in time to block an Adbot from punching him in the face "Not today, bitch!" he yells, kicking the adbot in the stomach and jumping out of the trench, then charging for the enemy front lines
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"Fuck YES! It's about time!"

Still grinning, Bartnum jams his nail gun into it's holster. Grabbing his hammer off his back, he raises it up above his head as he leaps out of the trench, bringing it down on an approaching adbot's head mid flight. He begins smashing through them one after the other.
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Burrito stops as the adbots surround him and all begin to aim their guns at him, the adbots numbering in the hundreds, slowly multiplying "What the hell? Bartnum! Careful! They can replicate themselves!" he yells, slicing a couple of adbots, causing them to instantly shut down "Dammit, these things keep coming!" he yells, fending off as many as he can as they punch and kick at him
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SiphonTalvesh started shooting a few of them with his needle thrower before letting loose a barbaric warcry, and out came the big gun from behind his back. Seconds later, a rain of bullets from the M249 started quite nicely carving a swath of destruction.

Since he had no close range weapons, this was his method of choice for "close quarters combat."

If he was lucky, some of the infected bots would "share" their disease with the others.
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A burst of spikes erupt from the earth, a moving line that created a tremor soo hard, it may have knocked someone over. Low-flying addbots would find themselves impaled and eliminated before they knew what happened.
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As the adbots are slowly dwindled by Lurker and Siphon, one fighter is slowly being overwhelmed, and that fighter is Burrito

"Dammit! they just keep coming!" he says in anger as he slices away some of the adbots, but for each one he destroys, two more appear "Damn you all!" he yells, twirling in place, his sword held out in both arms, slicing any adbot unlucky or stupid enough to get near him
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Unburrowing from his hole, the crablike zerg beast noticed the overwhelmed fighter. "Dammit, air creatures. Bane of my tower defence games..." he hissed, trying his best to leap and slice with his bulk.
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Siphon turns and tries to clear a few of the adbots away from Burrito, but has to turn away and clear himself a path after only a few moments. He also barely manages to stay upright from the earthquake.

Not sparing a look he mutters loud enough to be heard, "fucking Graboids!"
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"Everyone, plug your noses!" Burrito yells, plugging his own nose and falling over on the ground, a rumbling able to be heard from inside his stomach "This is the big one!" he yells, his voice changed from him plugging his nose as a massive fart is released, a large gas cloud covering a half-mile diameter and shutting down all the Adbots in the area as Burrito manages to barely stand, the stench making him vomit and shake "Holy shit, that stinks" he says, falling over backwards and sighing "But I feel so relieved now"
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Bartnum wades through the bodies back to the others. He'd gone quite a way out into their ranks. He approaches Burrito.

"Next time, I get to do that."

An idea suddenly forms in his mind.

"Everyone, take cover! I'm going to clear up the trash!"

Waiting until everyone was in the trenches, he ignites the gasses in the area left behind from Burrito's fart. A giant fireball incinerates the bodies of the adbots.
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SiphonTalvesh stops to plug his nose with one hand, the other remaining free to fire the weapon, despite it's size. As the bots shut down from the stench, he sets the weapon over his shoulder and lifts his shirt up, using it as a filter.

"Holy gods man, what the fuck did you EAT today?"

At Bartnum's words, he dives into one of the trenches like an Olympic diver, the heat of the fireball slightly singing his hair.

"Shoulda seen that one coming."
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Burrito quickly stumbles back into one of the trenches, managing to avoid the fireball "Gotta hand it to Bartnum, he does damn good work" he says, laughing as he looks around for his blade "While you're up there, Bartnum, find my sword! It should be laying around"