The Temple Character Creation

Nov 12, 2008
Apparent age:
Race: (human, elf, for example.)
Physical description:
Sexual Orientation:
Stats: (see rules below)

Strength - Physical Combat (How hard your attacks hit)
Constitution - Sexual Prowess (Using your natural "gifts" to solve issues)
Intelligence - Problem Solving (Using your brains to avoid traps)
Agility - Reflexes (Ability to dodge attacks translated into increased HP, as well as navigate tricky rooms)
Stamina - Toughness (How long until you succumb to the rigors of your trial)
Luck - How well the gods/fate/FSM look after you (Affects all encounter rolls in some way)
Life Force - HP (when this gets to zero, you lose. HP=20+.5*STR+.5STA+.25AGI+.25LUK)

You will get a total of 60 points to put into each of the top 6 stats with a max of 15 in any one stat. Life Force does not get these points, as it is mathematically computed, rounded to the nearest whole number.
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Jun 23, 2010
Re: Character sheets

(So, I'm assuming that since elf was an option that a fantasy style thief is kosher. Lemme know if you would like me to change it.)

Name: Elizabeth

Apparent age: 24

Race: Human

Physical description: Elizabeth is somewhat short with an athletic build. Her most striking feature is her short hair which has been dyed to be a light purple. She has brown eyes and fair skin with B cup breasts.

Personality: Elizabeth has an impulsive personality and tends to act on a whim rather than consider the consequences of her actions. She has a natural disdain for authority and rules and makes her living stealing things.

Clothing: A brown leather jacket over a white shirt with rugged pants and brown leather boots.

STR= 15
CON= 5
INT= 5
AGI= 15
STA= 10
LUK= 10

Life force= 39 (38.75) (I hate math, I hope that's right.)
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Jan 1, 2009
Re: Character sheets

Name: Penelope

Apparent age: 24

Physical description: Pic

Personality: Possesses the voluptuous body of a fully grown woman, while having the mentality of a young girl, Penelope is a carefree, happy-go-lucky girl with a kind, and innocent disposition. She is not a stranger to the lewd, or sexually suggestive theme, and despite her nice behavior, is often on the dominant end of her relationships. Though she can just as easily be put on the other end of the bondage. Honest, carefree, and lewd are what best describe Penelope.

Clothing: An ordinary looking bra. A sexy set of 'V' line panties, and an exquisite set of stockings meant to boost her sexual appeal.

STR= 5
CON= 10
INT= 5
AGI= 10
STA= 15
LUK= 15
Life Force= 36 (16.25)
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Nov 12, 2008
Re: The Temple Character Creation

(FYI Raptor, your Life is 36, you forgot to add 20 ^.^)


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: The Temple Character Creation

Might as well. I was in the last two. Made a new character though. And she only bites if you ask for it. :D

Name: Natalie
Apparent age: 20s (Actual age unknown)
Race: Vampire (Of the more traditional Hellsing variety. Fuck Twilight.)

Physical description: Standing at about 5 foot 6 inches and weighing just over a hundred pounds, Natalie isn't exactly physically imposing. She is highly voluptuous, however, making some wonder how she'd managed to fit all of her "assets" onto her thin frame. Her skin is obviously extremely pale, and her build is fairly soft, with little apparent muscle. Her raven hair falls almost to her waist and is as smooth as silk, and her red eyes glow softly even when she is in brightly lit areas, unless she is attempting to hide her supernatural nature.

Personality: Domineering, arrogant, and power-hungry are the three best words to describe Natalie. Though she's become fairly powerful over the years, her temper and tendency to rely on her perceived superiority to those around her tends to get her into trouble.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Clothing: She wears black skirt that falls halfway to her knees, beneath which are red see-through lace panties. A black bra contains her impressive bust beneath a thin, long-sleeved black shirt. White stockings that come up to her thighs cover her legs, and she wears simple slippers on her feet.

STR= 12
CON= 15
INT= 9
AGI= 14
STA= 8
LUK= 2
Life Force = 20 + 6 + 4 + 3.5 + .5 = 34

Closing statement: Luck is for pansies.
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Nov 11, 2008
Re: The Temple Character Creation

i'll join if you will have me.

Name: Tremalie (or just Tremmie)

Apparent age: 20

Race: Human

Physical description:

Personality: inquisitive by nature but not one to back down from a fight always being eager to test her prowess in the things martial. being unable to turn down most fights will get her in over her head more often then not.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Clothing: skin-tight bodysuit and soft soled boots for making as little noise as possible. very little and pretty much ineffective armor plates just at fragile joints of the body.

STR= 12
CON= 14
INT= 5
AGI= 12
STA= 12
LUK= 5

Lifeforce: 20+6+6+3+1 = 36


Nov 24, 2009
Re: The Temple Character Creation

(*Attempts to sneak in after missing out on the last two versions*)

Name: Mina

Apparent age: 28

Race: Half-Succubus

Physical description:

Personality: Mina is a calm calculating person always carefully weighing what options she has against her own strengths. She's difficult to fluster but is weak for a pretty face.

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (But not above using her sex appeal to manipulate men, just her personal preference)

Clothing: Provacative dancer wear, though she keeps her hair over her right eye always to hide it's red tint betraying her other bloodline.

STR= 6
CON= 12
INT= 12
AGI= 12
STA= 10
LUK= 8

HP: 33

(Mina's lifestyle as a dancer has kept her body nimble and well capable to dance for hours at a time, she has also picked up a lot of knowledge by just listening to the hundreds of people who come to her shows)
Nov 12, 2008
Re: The Temple Character Creation

I'm going to cut it here so I don't overwhelm myself. If you want to play still, put your char sheet down and I'll start you once someone else finishes.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: The Temple Character Creation

Name: Carerra
Apparent age: Early to middle 20's
Race: Succubus
Physical description:

Personality: Carerra is a dominant, lustful, sadistic woman who enjoys sexually toying with and raping young women. She enjoys sex and power but not in any particular order. She is also very arrogant and cock sure of herself. She does not like being taken by surprise.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Clothing: As in picture only wearing purple thigh high boots, a purple thong, and a purple bra-top that shows off her breasts.
STR= 8
CON= 12
INT= 8
AGI= 8
STA= 12
LUK= 12
Aug 15, 2010
Re: The Temple Character Creation

Name: Kaylynn
Apparent age: 21
Race: Human
Physical description: 5'5'', around 120. Long blonde hair, blue eyes. Athletic build with a B cup.
Personality: Bubbly, outgoing. Physically unassuming, but can have a mean streak.
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Clothing: Loosely fitting black t-shirt, and soft, khaki shorts. Matching pink sports bra and thong underneath, with a pair of dark brown hiking boots.
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Jan 4, 2009
Re: The Temple Character Creation

Name: Marie
Apparent age: 22
Race: Half-Elf
Physical description: With a dark blue waist length hair, her slightly pointed ears sticking our from under them right below her hat, a somewhat petite but curvy body even though she only has B cup breasts, Marie is quite attractive, though she never felt like used it to her advantage in many things.
Personality: Somewhat naive, indigent when she's called on on being naive, and a bit to curious for her own good.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Clothing: A witches outfit. A purple outfit, including a cute witches cap. A blouse with a slight midriff reveal and short sleeves. Her skirt is a pleated purple with a black trim, small pair of black shoes, with black thighhighs. Though her clothes aren't standard, her underwear is, a plain pair of white panties (with a pink bow) and matching bra.
Strength - 6
Constitution - 10
Intelligence - 15
Agility - 14
Stamina - 15
Luck - 0
Life Force - 34