Vescin Klaes (Zilrax)


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Nov 10, 2008
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Vescin was greeted at the door by the training academy's CO, as well as one of the Doctors. She'd been summoned here for what had only been described briefly as some sort of simulated test she had to take in order to 'graduate' and move on out into the elite defense/rescue team world. As she entered the building, the CO introduced himself and the female doctor with him.

"Welcome to Arcturus Base Academy. I know you've been here before for various training, so I'll dispense with the usual introductions. I am Colonel Maybourne, current commander of this facility. This is Dr. Samantha Abrahms. You'll mostly be seeing her after we reach the preparation room. Now I know you weren't given too much detail regarding this test you need to take, so I'll fill in what I can, and then the good Doctor over here can fill in the rest."

He paused as they passed a checkpoint, heading deeper into the facility, before starting up again once they were moving.

"So as you know, or should from the training classes, a number of years ago we had a bit of an incident regarding ... let's just say overly frisky alien hostiles. They over ran one of our outposts, and it was some time before we found out what was going on. Eventually a small group of survivors, including the rescue and recon team sent to check in on the outpost, returned. What they shared with us was nothing short of a perverted nightmare. Unfortunately, we also know there is a good chance these aliens know, or have a rough idea of Earth's location, hence the creation of this facility. It's goal is to teach you what we do know about these creatures, their tactics, and, in the end, the simulation you're about to under take will give you first hand knowledge of what they can do without actually truly facing one of them. Now granted, it's only a simulation, but it's the best we can manage given these creatures ... unique abilities to directly manipulate body processes and even the DNA of their victims. However bear in mind that how you score on this will determine any future assignments you may have with this program/initiative, so I expect you to treat this as if it were a real mission with lives at stake. That said, I'll turn things over to the Doctor so she can explain the more medical and technical aspects of this device. I must return to my post now, good luck."

After a quick salute, he left her with the Doctor, who for her part turned and spoke softly.

"OK, so I'll tell you as much as I can about this. Basically, you'll be undergoing a simulation of the very first encounter we had with these creatures, reconstructed from the surviving members of that doomed planet. Now the first thing to remember is that these creatures are beasts of lust and sex, and in both simulation and the real world, they won't stop trying to mate with you until they are dead. Now we've been able to make significant advances in technology since we created this simulation, so we can actually simulate the effects these creatures would actually have on your body should they come into contact with you. This will allow you to learn what they can do, and with any luck, figure out how to steel yourself against their attacks should you ever encounter them for real. Now, there are two methods for the simulation. One essentially allows you to put on a headset, and play it out all in your head like a video game, only you're actually in a form of stasis. In this state, your mind will still process everything I mentioned before. The second option is something of a live simulator. Basically you enter a holo-grid, and duke it out there. This has the benefit of actually allowing you to physically train yourself on top of the mental aspect, though it can be a bit more taxing. Which of the two do you think suits you better? I'll make the arrangements once you've decided, and if you have any questions, now is the time."


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Dec 13, 2013
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Vescin saluted her commanders once they entered and would follow along quietly, listening to the talk. This was... Quite the test it would seem, but it made some sense. She had come to protect their world, and she wouldn't be scared off however. Even if the risk of being raped or worse was... Significant. She had to act to protect others from the same fate.

Once the commander left and the doctor took over, she listened raptly before speaking. "I will undertake the live simulator. It would not be a proper test if it was not the most realistic one.," says Vescin respectfully, "Do not hold back on my account. If I can't handle it, I have no need to be here after all. Hm. I suppose the question would be how long will this test be expected to last? Since it's live, and I imagine I can't eat a hologram, is this a timed exam? I suppose I also would like to know the objectives and marking criteria if possible. And uh... I suppose I should ask if this is going to be... censored at all for the markers given that there's a distinct chance my body will be... On display."