[VN] The Ass Frontier Discussion/Dev Thread

Jan 2, 2018

Hey all, just wanted to make this post to document and discuss a game I am working on.

Currently a team of two, myself and an artist (@SquatchArt on Twitter) are collaborating to create a sci-fi erotica experience with different gameplay elements and hopefully bring something fresh to the scene. The game is not released yet but is currently in heavy and strong development.

Right now I handle all the programming, UI/UX, BGs, gameplay design and writing, while Squatch does all the character art and CG scenes.

Also the name is subject to change as we're not entirely happy with it but it'll do for now.

Basic Plot Information:
The game is set pretty far off into the future, humanity has advanced technologies and has sufficient enough relationships with alien species to have an alliance with some. You were recently promoted to Captain after being the sole survivor of a terrible ambush on a foreign planet after being sent on a search and recover mission.

You play as the Captain (male) of a new crew that is pre-selected by the United Nations Space Alliance tasked with a special assignment. There are three female companions currently completed as well as another male, another female, and your ship's robot available for speaking with in the demo build.


This is you, the Captain of a prototype stealth reconnaissance ship. A seasoned veteran with heavy combat experience.

One of the first companions you'll encounter in the game, an inexperienced but humble pilot with exceptional combat skills.

Another crew mate, your team's doctor and field medic. She has combat experience and is a well seasoned doctor with experience working on many species across the galaxy.

Not much is known about this crew member, as she doesn't start off on your crew right away.

Also another military prototype like your ship, this AI is designed to be capable of heavy machine-learning skills to adapt to many situations. She is highly modular and has room for expansion.

A somewhat experienced pilot, but also the ship's mechanic and logistics manager. Cpl Devon Bauer will help you with any maintenance needs around the ship and other tasks such as acquiring special items across the galaxy's free market.

Your main contact with the Alliance, as the task your team is assigned to is highly classified. This is Colonel Vera Soto, a hardened war veteran and sole survivor of a terrible tragedy on Earth.

So far these are all of the available characters that I plan to include in my first demo build.

Gameplay Elements:
Aside from your standard visual novel features, the game will feature a management system for various parts of the game. This includes a currency based economy system for monetary gain and use to obtain items, information, and self-development. The game also includes a relationship system which is affected by choices made during dialogue.

Here is a picture of the current relationships page:

As you can see, NPCs have various attributes, personalities, and traits that set them apart and allow you to learn more about what they maybe into and what you can and cannot do.

Affection and relationships between different NPCs are affected mostly by dialogue, but items and other tasks can be completed or given to increase their affection/relationship towards you.

Exploration of the game world is open-ended, you may make your own choices and your own path to get to different endings of the game.

Much like other games, there will be interactables placed throughout the world.

Upcoming Plans/Features
Not everything is set in stone, so if you have a suggestion or would like to see something in the game please let me know! I'd love to hear all of your ideas.

Right now we have these planned and are currently working on them.
  • Local and universal map navigation
  • Various mini-games
  • Multiple plot routes
  • Inventory system
Current Status:

If you are interested in following or supporting the project more closely, you can find me on Patreon as Glaive, along with the /weg/ threads on 4chan.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think of what we've got so far!