Well that was fun


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Jul 21, 2015
if this forum does go down again, wouldn't here be a emergency forum to keep up with status of the forum?
a general forum basically.. ?

Antithetical Inquiry

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Dec 2, 2008
late reply..
one reason: because i think Aika wouldn't be ok with letting a forum designer with years of designing forums on her belt fix entire ULMF in less than ten days. plus, i have experience with Vbulletin message boards before. it would take only few setups to fix the ULMF as well to reinstate the original theme look on updated V5 Message Board. and none of you guys don't know me that well so i understand that you would be skeptical about it.

in short, i really don't want to be the "fuckup" for ULMF and be ridiculed. never in my years have i broke a forum before.. especially a forum full of people who call this home. yeah, i'm afraid and wouldn't feel welcome being part of team.
None of what you just said made any sense... If anything it seems like humble bragging, but it's your decision to refrain from helping...


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Aug 29, 2016
It made some sense, at least way more than what I've seen in 1725036, don't want to be that person (yeah, right) but sounds quite delusional to me.
Anyway, so far seems like everything is going fine, good job guys/girls :D


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Apr 4, 2012
Discord is absolutely a forum killer. And after the forum dries up, so does the discord. Making a forum discord is closer to a murder suicide pact.


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Nov 17, 2010
Haha, yeah I'd be pissed if a member of two years was given admin powers. NO NEWFAGS ALLOEWD!

Also mind: Korra lacks a certain amount of common sense. This doesn't make them a bad person per say but, ya know.
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Mar 27, 2014
btw. i know this isn't the place to ask but i gotta ask. how do you search any thread? in old forum there was a search bar in the top right. there is none as far as i can see on the homepage.
Dec 14, 2014
It took a HELL of a long time to find out how to login with the new site style.

I got on a week or so ago and saw that the site changed, but I thought it was a fake, that the real one shut down. I didn't do much digging to find out what happened until tonight. Got on again, came here, saw this post, and struggled for about 20 minutes to find out how to login.

And I may possibly share my folder of saves for various games. Most are complete. 50+ games.

But yeah, glad to know things are back up and running :)


Sep 23, 2009
I miss profile pages, visitor messages, and galleries. Apparently I also have a bunch of notifications, presumably because something is flagged and I'm ???possibly an admin somewhere??? so it expects me to do stuff about it, but when I click into that it errors out.

Is work actually happening with the forum? As far as I've understood, for the past several years Aika basically left it to its own devices until this sudden Linux/VBulletin update in favor of doing TrapQuest. Do other people have access to do development and maintenance for forumstuff or are we in 'Good enough for government work' mode and this is it?


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Aug 29, 2016
From what I know, as long as I am not wrong, there is some work going on behind the scenes, depending on what it is, it may take a lot of time to do, patience is good.


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Oct 31, 2014
I'm guessing you're a mod somewhere, or got elevated to admin-hood :O. Seems all the non-mods just have the Moderation button, but doesn't have anything in it.

And with you on missing stuff, hopefully all is going well fixing stuff :/


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Nov 17, 2010
It's pretty easy to tell that the forum's code is getting better for the people who've logged in semi-regularly since the update. 2-3 weeks? ago many pages wouldn't load, posts wouldn't post, edits wouldn't edit, and even when everything DID work it'd go slow as molasses. Still too fucking bright tho...


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Jul 30, 2011
I'm glad to see the website is back up and running since I've been trying to get back on to the site for some time now.